Best Power Tool Brands You Can Trust [In America, Japan, Europe]

Let us say you want to work on a project in a workshop or garage, it is easy to notice the importance of having a power tool. Power tools are important to help accomplish tasks faster and more precisely.

As much as power tools come in handy, you do not want to end up with a tool that breaks down all the time.

It is why you would want to invest in the best power tool brand. With so many brands available right now, which one is the best?

The question about which is the best power tool brand has led us to come up with a comprehensive list.

It is from this list that you would have an idea about which brand to pick the next time you want a power tool.

We have tried to cover as many brands as possible so that you have the best clue about which is the right one for you. Let us check them out below.

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The 9 Most Trusted Power Tool Brands In America

America is home to most of the power tool brands in the market right now. We all know that when they say something is made in America, then its quality would be the best.

Below are the top brands to consider if you want to buy American power tools.

1. Milwaukee

The company has had quite a journey since its inception in 1924 in Wisconsin. Over the years, its ownership has changed hands and lately, it has been acquired by Techtronic Industries.

All these ownerships have aimed at keeping such an impressive brand afloat for it to keep making some of the best tools.

The company is loved for being innovative considering it was the first to make a lightweight one-handed drill. The drill had the ¼-inch chuck, making it quite versatile.

As much as other brands might have caught up, being a pioneer for a certain technology always makes the brand recognizable.

Right now, Milwaukee makes multiple power tools including construction tools and other important outdoor equipment.

The most notable should be its reciprocating saw that offers the best versatility and functionality.

Milwaukee is synonymous with making the best corded and gas tools. However, it has been introducing more cordless power tools over the years.

It just goes on to show that the brand is changing with time.

Some of the common cordless platforms that the company offers include the M12 System, M18 System, and MX Fuel System.

You will like its tools for being compatible with One-Key. This is a platform that helps make the maintenance of the tools better than before.

For its rugged construction, it is easy to find it common with contractors and professionals in other fields who need performance tools.

2. DeWalt

The company was founded in 1923, by Raymond E. DeWalt. DeWalt is credited for being the radial arm saw inventor.

Even in its early days, the company has been a pioneer in making the best power tools.

It is one of the oldest power tool brands that also boasts of having a wide reach around the world. But things were not always rosy.

In the 1960s, the company was struggling financially and Black & Decker acquired it. This led to a successful rebrand of the company to make it profitable as it is today.

The DeWalt brand right now stands out for having hundreds of power tools available under its portfolio.

They are now introducing more cordless tools to improve on portability and versatility. Still, it offers powerful wired power tools for the best power performance.

Some of the tools that the company makes include drills, impact drivers, saws, sanders, and more.

Other than the power tools, you can also find impressive DeWalt accessories. Such include toolboxes, stands for miter saws, and more.

You probably did not expect this, but DeWalt also offers yard equipment. Such include lawnmowers.

Being DeWalt, we can expect them to live up to the brand’s reputation. You can also check an interesting article comparing Milwaukee and Dewalt power tools.

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3. Black & Decker

Even if you are not a contractor, you must have heard about the Black & Decker brand. This is because it makes a lot more products other than power tools.

This company was founded in 1910, making it over 100 years right now. You do not survive in the same industry for over a century if you are not good at what you do.

The most notable moment of the company was in 1917 when it invented the first portable electric drill. Since then, the company has been in the forefront in coming up with innovative tools.

As we had mentioned above, it acquired DeWalt in 1960. It helped to turn DeWalt into a profitable company even when most saw it as a competitor to Black & Decker.

The company made the DeWalt brand focus more on making tools for professionals so that it can focus on the consumer side.

It is why you will find that most of the Black & Decker tools will be used mostly by homeowners. Such tools include sanders, screwdrivers, drills, and more.

The company is also good at making some of the best routers in the market. You will also like most of the specialized tools that the company makes.

Since Black & Decker is focused on the consumer-oriented model, we have seen it branch out further to produce some outdoor equipment that we all love to own.

Such include hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. You can also get vacuums, toasters, and slow cookers from the same brand.

4. Craftsman

Craftsman is another top power tool brand in America you can consider looking at now. The company was founded in 1927 by Sears, a retail company.

It was in 2017 when Black & Decker took over the ownership of the company. Even if it was now owned by a competitor, the company continued to make the best power tools under its name.

Sears was still given the option of using the existing suppliers to continue selling the Craftsman power tools for at least the next 15 years.

Just like many other top brands in the sector, Craftsman has quite a portfolio when it comes to power tools. It is known for making corded, cordless, and gas-powered tools.

The company also makes several notable outdoor types of equipment.

If you want a variety of hand tools, then you should consider checking out this brand. It also has the best Versa System. This is an important system for organizing your tools in the workshop.

Rather than targeting the professionals, this company is often going after homeowners with its tools. It is why you might find many DIYers and hobbyists mostly buying its tools.

5. Porter Cable

Porter-Cable was founded in 1906. With over 100 years of experience in making power tools, we expect it to deliver some of the best tools for you to enjoy using.

As of 1926, the company had already provided its users with a belt sander. Over the years, it introduced some of the best power tools we all love to use right now.

It started out as a professional brand, but that has changed recently. It is now competing with other companies such as Ryobi for the homeowners, DIYers, and hobbyist market.

It is why you would get many calling it the DeWalt’s cheaper sibling.

Just because it is focusing more on the consumer side, it does not mean its tools are not good.

Right now, you can pick a solid Porter Cable power tool and it will perform just as well, only cheaper. Who would not want to save some money on a power tool?

As for its lineup, you are likely to get several power tools available for you to try out right now. Some of its power tools include chop saws, circular saws, drills, combo kits, drill presses, and more.

From their official website, you can choose any of the models of power tools available to learn more.

6. Bostitch

Bostitch has its roots in Arlington, Massachusetts as the company was founded in 1896 in the same city.

The company at first was stitching books from a wire coil. It then started to manufacture other industry tools such as staplers important for industrial use.

Right now, the company is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker company. It might be a subsidiary, but it still makes power tools under its own brand name.

So, what type of power tools can you buy from this brand? Well, it is known for making mostly fastening tools.

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Such include staple guns, nailers, staplers, glue guns, and more. If you are in the market for such tools, then this is the brand to look at.

It is only until recently that the brand started selling other power tools. Such included pneumatic tools, mechanic hand tools, and other power tools.

It is easy to see that the brand has quite the inventory for you to choose from right now.

Because of the nature of the tools that the brand makes, it is common among construction workers.

They have the best nailers which should make the work of contractors easier when working on a project.

7. Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is one of the oldest American power tool brands. This is because it was founded in 1859, making it over a century old right now.

It is easy to see why it comes out as one of the best thanks to years of experience in making quality power tools.

The company specialized in making industrial equipment, technologies, and other related power tools.

This makes it one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to performance power tools.

Focusing on power tools, we find that it makes tools such as impact wrenches, ratchets, drivers, drills, hammers, and more.

The best part is that their tools are within the affordable range so that a lot more people can afford them.

The company has also taken strides toward coming up with cordless tools. With cordless tools, you will experience better versatility and portability.

You can take the tools to different sites, even those with no electrical connection yet.

Other than power tools, the brand also makes compressor systems and lifting machines.

There is no doubt many people will find it quite a versatile brand. It is why pros will often recommend it to those who want quality, but affordable tools.

8. Ridgid

Ridgid has quite an interesting past that we have to look into. The company was started in 1923 in Ohio. During its early years, the company focused on making tools for HVAC and plumbing industries. For this reason, its early portfolio had mostly pipe wrenches.

It is because of their early tools that it did not get the attention of most people in industries other than construction.

However, that has been changing over the years as more people are noticing its tools now.

We must point out that the Ridgid brand offers a limited selection of power tools. Some of its tools are drills, saws, and impact drivers.

Most of these power tools are produced under Techtronic Industries, which also owns Ryobi and Milwaukee brands.

Many people opt for Ridgid brand tools because they are often affordable. They are mostly basic tools, so we would recommend them to hobbyists and DIYers.

The most common problem with their tools should be the non-interchangeable batteries. You might have a hard time getting replacement parts if you ever need them.

Nevertheless, the company makes solid power tools that anyone would enjoy using.

9. Kobalt

Remember when we said that Craftsman was started by the retailer Sears, well the same applies to Kobalt too.

This time it is the hardware store Lowes that started Kobalt in 1998. It might not be as old as the other brands on its list, but it has managed to quickly capture the attention of most users in a few years.

The Kobalt brand products are often produced by other different companies and then sold under the Kobalt brand. Under this brand, you will get access to various corded and cordless power tools.

Most of their cordless power tools are powered by 24V batteries to make them good in terms of power.

Other than the power tools, the brand also has some hand tools such as screwdrivers. Most of the time, people use the brand to get important accessories for their households and workshops.

How about their price? It is a common thing that people would want to consider when buying a power tool.

Well, the brand’s tools have a cheaper price tag. This can be attractive for most homeowners and DIYers to try out the Kobalt products.

However, it is not the most common power tool with contractors and other professionals. Most of them are like the other brands mentioned above.

The 3 Most Trusted Power Tool Brands In Japan

Japanese brands can also be a nice option for someone looking for something different. It can be surprising how sometimes the Japanese brands can be fulfilling to use.

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Below are some of the top brands from Japan.

1. Makita

If you ask any professional about the best power tool brands, then the Makita brand will not miss the list. This is because it is rated as the best choice for those who want pro tools for various applications.

The company has its roots in Masoburo, Makita. It was started in 1915, but it took some time before they fully got into the power tool business.

It should have been in 1958 when it announced its first planner as its power tool.

After a few years, the company expanded its operations into other tools such as drills. Right now, it has every other power tool imaginable.

It is why any workshop or construction site is likely to have a Makita power tool.

Some of the other power tools that the brand makes include impact drivers, sanders, routers, circular saws, and reciprocating saws.

In addition, the brand also offers a wide range of yard equipment and pneumatic tools that most people would need.

Even if the company has now set up shop in many countries other than Japan, one thing is for sure and it is quality.

The company has managed to maintain its overall build quality since its inception decades ago.

Other than making power tools for construction sites, it also makes radios and fans. These can still be important tools at a construction site.

Its cordless power tools lineup is also looking impressive with the introduction of more tools recently.

2. Metabo HPT (Hitachi)

Hitachi before it rebranded to Metabo HPT was known to be a top-tier company. The company delivers several solutions in areas such as energy, IT, industry, smart life, and mobility.

Since its founding in 1910, the company has strived to be the best provider of various tools in different areas.

The company right now manufactures almost anything you can think of. This includes batteries, screens, construction machinery, and aircraft components.

We will focus on the power tools sector in this guide to help you learn more about the brand.

Even if it has rebranded to Metabo HPT, the quality of its products remains the same.

This company primarily excels in making power tools such as cut-off saws, heavy-duty cutting equipment, and angle grinders.

For daily use tools, the company has tools such as drills and impact drivers.

We must point out that the company does not have the cheapest power tools. They are often expensive just as you would get with DeWalt and Makita brands.

Nevertheless, the tools can stand up to your usability and needs. Anyone would get their power tools knowing that they last longer.

However, if you want a wide range of selections, then this is not the brand for you. This is because it only makes a few models for each class of power tools.

3. Ryobi

Ryobi is owned by Techtronic Industries. It is the same company that owns other brands on this list.

The company was founded in 1943, so it does have a fair amount of experience in making the best tools you might need for various applications at a site.

The company focuses on making components for electronics, automobiles, and telecommunication sectors other than making power tools.

The best part about Ryobi tools is that they are truly affordable. It is why millions of people often go for their products.

Even if they are affordable power tools, they are still designed to be of high quality. The company’s strategy is to target homeowners and DIYers who might have projects to handle occasionally. As such, they do not have to buy expensive power tools and they barely use them.

Their tools are easily identifiable by their bright green color.

These tools are often not liked by professionals. This is because they are not as sturdy and robust compared to DeWalt or Bosch power tools.

Nevertheless, they are still good for various applications and mostly simple tasks.

The tools are both corded and cordless depending on the category that you choose.

Many people are now going for cordless power tools because they are good for portability and the battery technology is better now.

Some of their power tools include circular saws and impact drivers.

The 4 Most Trusted Power Tool Brands In Europe

When we get to Europe, we all know that brands such as Bosch come to mind. Well, there are many other brands other than Bosch from the region that make some of the best power tools you could want.

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Such brands include Festool, SKIL, and Hilti. There might be others, but we find these four being at the top.

1. Bosch

The company was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. Right now, it is known worldwide as a top brand that makes the best tools both in engineering and technology.

Unlike other companies, the brand is still owned 90% by the Robert Bosch Stiftung charitable organization.

Each time you are in the market for a top-performance power tool, someone is likely to suggest going for Bosch.

This is because the brand over the decades has proven to be a top engineering firm.

Well, the company also makes tools in other fields too. Such include gardening tools and home appliances.

The company’s main targets are homeowners and DIYers. It is why most of their tools are easy to use with impressive durability.

The professionals also find their tools good for handling daily uses. When other tools might break down for being used more often, the Bosch tools can live up to your power and usability needs for years to come.

You should expect to pay a lot more for top performance. Yes, the company offers its tools at an expensive price compared to others such as Ryobi.

Checking out their official website gives you a chance to see what more the company makes. Right now, the company is rolling out more cordless tools to make it a great choice for those who want more versatility and portability.


Although SKIL started its life in New Orleans, America in 1926, right now it has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

This happened over time when it changed ownership. At some point, Bosch also owned the company. This makes SKIL get access to some of the best technologies that Bosch had to offer.

The brand right now is owned by Chevron, a Chinese company specializing in power tools manufacturing.

The company has had an impressive past considering it made some of the best tools that we now enjoy using.

Such tools include the Skilsaw 77 circular saw. This is the tool that made more professionals want to buy SKIL power tools in 1937.

Ever since the company has not failed to jump on any trend in power tools. It is why right now you should find different types of power tools under this brand.

It has a wide range of selection of power tools just as you would get with other brands such as DeWalt and Makita.

Right now, SKIL remains a top choice in the saw category. This is because it has perfected its saws for decades now.

3. Festool

In 1925, Festool opened its doors and started manufacturing some of the best power tools we use today. That is 95 years of being a top brand in the industry.

The company is in Germany, the same as Bosch. It seems the Germans are some of the best engineers we have in the world.

One of the monumental times of the company is when it made the world’s first portable chainsaw for firewood released into the market in 1927.

Right now, it has many powerful tools that it takes to help make your work easier at a job site.

Let us say you want to work on a project in a workshop or garage, it is easy to notice the importance of having a power tool like a circular saw.

Power tools are important to help accomplish tasks faster and more precisely.

Some of the notable power tools that the company makes include routers, saws, oscillators, drills, impact drivers, and more. As such, you are likely to come across a Festool product in most countries.

The company also makes dust extraction products. These will make your work easier if you have to clean your workshop after you are done working for the day.

4. Hilti

Hilti originates from Liechtenstein, which is a German-speaking state. This country is known to be a tax haven mostly for the financial community.

Well, other than offering tax incentives to investors, the country has Hilti, which is one of the best power tool brands in the industry right now.

The company was founded in 1941. It is easy to see that it should have quite the experience when it comes to making the best power tools in the industry.

The first tool the company ever introduced into the industry is the electro-pneumatic rotary hammer drill. It was the first company to introduce such a tool, which is now replicated all over the world.

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Today, you can easily come across various power tools made by this brand. Such include hammer drills, impact drivers and wrenches, hydraulic cutters, gas saws, dispensers, and many others.

They are known for having signature red boxes for ease of identification.

The company is also involved in other categories of tools you might need at a worksite. Such include cordless tools, modular support systems, fire protection, tool inserts, fasteners, and more.

Because of their heavy-duty power tools, they are loved by professionals. These are people who need a reliable power tool they can use easily all the time without breaking down when least expected.

Which Brand Has the Best Warranty?

The warranty period on power tools varies from one brand to another.

However, we have to point out that there are several brands that offer a lifetime warranty on their tools. With a lifetime warranty, it is easy to say that it would be the best warranty.

Some of the brands that offer lifetime warranties include Hilti, Craftsman, and DeWalt.

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Are Brushless Cordless Tools Worth the Money?

The use of brushless motors in cordless has been on the rise and for a good reason. The brushless motors are good in terms of power delivery.

Many who have used them agree that the power delivery feels smoother.

Another advantage is that brushless tools do not consume a lot of power. Considering they are cordless; you would want a power-efficient tool.

Luckily, when you get a brushless cordless tool, you should enjoy the best battery efficiency too.

See why you should go Brushless

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Still, the brushless motor will need little to no maintenance compared to the brushed motor.

What Tools Brands are the Best? German, American, or Japanese

It is always interesting to see how tools from these three companies compare against each other.

This time we have to settle for German-made tools. They are known to have better ergonomics, fit and finish. They are generally aesthetically pleasing.

It is also not just about looks, but rather performance. The German tools are known to be leaders in innovations in their respective categories.

The build quality is also more desirable than what you get from other brands.

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Are Japanese Tools Better?

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Does ‘Made in the USA’ Mean a Better-Made Tool?

The truth is that any product can be made to be high quality if the workforce is well-trained to deliver on quality tools. It does not have to be made in the USA to be great.

However, having the imprint stating Made in the USA is good for sales. This is because people believe such will be a high-quality product because of the U.S. standards.

Why We Buy Made In The USA

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The best power tool brands from the above list provide you with a wide range of options. Some got to know new power tool brands they did not know existed.

Even if some are new to you, they mostly have been around for over 50 years. As such, they have the best experience in making top-performance power tools.

Another thing you will like about these brands should be the variety of tools. It is easy for you to choose the right power tools that you might need for your job.

We recommend that you always compare the power tools from these brands to see who offers the best value for money.

It is amazing how sometimes you can end up with the best power tool at a bargain.

For brands such as Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita, easily stand out as the top favorites. You can never go wrong with a tool from these three brands.

Even if their tools can be slightly expensive, they live up to their features.

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