29 9/64 Inches Drill Bit Size: : Actual Diameter in Different Measurement Systems

Drills and drill bits are essential tools for industrial applications involving metals, plastics, wood, and other materials. They are often used in the construction industry, crafts, and other special applications. But what does a 29 drill bit size mean?

Drill bits are numbered from 80 to 1, where 80 is the smallest and 1 is the largest. That means the 29 drill bit is near the middle of the size chart. The drill bit’s diameter is 9/64 inches, which converts to 0.1360 inches or 3.4544 millimeters.

This article focuses on the 29 drill bit size and its applications. It will also outline other drill bit sizes for reference. So, let’s dive in for detailed information.

What is the 29 Drill Bit?

You can locate a 29 drill bit in the middle of the drill bit set. As mentioned, its size falls midways between the two extreme ends (between 80 and 1).

The 29 drill bit size is one of the most common drill bits for various projects. Drill bits of this size are often used by professionals in the construction industry. But you can also use them at home doing simple home repairs. But what is the actual size of a #29 drill bits?

The number 29 shows the drill bit size. This numbering system is commonly used in the United States, as discussed later in this post.

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The 29 drill bit has a diameter of 0.1360 inches, which is equivalent to 17/25 when expressed as a fraction. This is the same as 3.4544 millimeters.

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What Do Different Drill Bit Sizes Mean?

29 Drill Bit Size

So far, the numbers and figures we have provided to describe what a #29 drill bits might sound like jargon. To be on the same page, we will explore different systems used to describe drill bit sizes.

Drill bits are available in different sizes, and choosing the right one marks the beginning of professional work. This can be confusing for the newbies. Let’s mention the basics to avoid getting it wrong the next time you pick a drill bit for your project.

Measurement Systems

You will be surprised that different countries use varying measuring systems for drill bits. The most common ones are the wire gauge and fractional-inch systems, but you can get others. So, what is the difference between the two?

The Wire Gauge (WG) System is widely used in the United States and other North American countries. A number is often used preceded by a # symbol. Instead of writing just 29 drill bit size, this is represented as #29 drill bits. The numbering ranges from #80 (the smallest) to #1 (the largest).

On the other hand, the Fractional Inch System is just what its name states. It is also used in the United States, and the figures are represented as fractions of an inch. These can be 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, etc. For example, a #29 drill bit size is represented as 17/25”.

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Decimal and Metric Systems

Drill bit sizes may also be converted into their relative decimal equivalent or Metric System. As stated, a #29 drill bit size is the same as 0.1360 inches in decimal. This applies to all other drill bit sizes.

The Metric System is commonly used in Europe and other parts of Asia and Africa. As the name implies, the drill bit sizes are expressed in metrics, typically millimeters (mm). Fortunately, you can always use the drill bit conversation table to fasten this process.

Letter System

Some countries use letter systems. Different drill bit sizes are designated from A (the smallest) to Z (the largest). Converted into the metric system, the letter A is 5.94mm, and Z equals 10.49mm.

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Most Common Applications of 29 Drill Bit

We have already mentioned that these drill bits are often used in construction and other projects. But what are the specific uses in these industries? Let’s talk about just a few of the use cases.

Pilot Holes Drilling

Pilot holes are pre-drilled holes on delicate materials that guide other large-sized drill bits from veering off course. 29 drill bit size is the best if you want to precisely drill pilot holes before you drive large-sized drill bits or screws with larger diameters into the material.

Drilling pilot holes ensure high accuracy and prevent possible damage to materials. Woods and other brittle materials are prone to splitting or cracking when made using larger drill bits.

Electronic Projects

Anchor holes are often drilled on the electronic circuit board to secure them on the case or cover. This usually requires 29 drill bit sizes to get the appropriate hole size for accurate holes needed for proper alignment and reliable connections.

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Jewelry Making

29 drill bit sizes are commonly used by artisans when making jewelry. These drill bits allow them to accurately drill sizable holes needed to assemble delicate jewelry pieces.

Model Making or Prototyping

Most large-scale projects begin by creating a miniature model. This process is referred to as prototyping and requires an unmatched level of accuracy because of the small pieces involved. The 29 drill bit size is the most appropriate when drilling holes if you are an enthusiast making model airplanes or any other device.


How many drill bit sizes are there?

This is a trivial question because of the infinite number of different hole sizes. As a result, drill bits come in standard sizes ranging from #80 to #1. You can choose the most appropriate drill bit size for your project from these standard sizes.

How do you know what size drill bits you need?

The first method is to make a near-perfect guess depending on the project you are handling. But you might need a plastic drill chart sheet with clearly marked round holes for a more professional decision. You can also refer to a screw sizing chart online for more information.

What is the diameter of a 29 drill bit?

A 29 drill bit size has a diameter of 9/64 inches, also expressed as 0.1360 inches or 3.4544 millimeters. It is ideal for applications that require accurate drilling of small-sized holes on different materials.

Final Thoughts

A 29 drill bit size is most commonly used in different industries. Its diameter is 9/64 inches or.1360 inches, presented in a metric system as 3.4544 millimeters. You can use it in drilling pilot holes or applications such as prototyping, electronics, and jewelry making.

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Understanding the drill bit sizes is crucial when choosing what to use in your project. But first, you should know the numbering system used in your country as the industry standard. This makes it easy to get the right drill bit size.