Duracell Car Battery Review: Are Duracell Car Batteries Any Good?

You may need a new battery if your car does not start or requires frequent jumpstarting. After it becomes weak, it cannot provide the current needed to drive the motor.

Now that you know you need a new car battery, which brand should you go for? Are Duracell car batteries good?

Different car battery brands exist, but Duracell checks all the boxes. This brand is well known for its performance, longevity, power, and innovation. Yes, Duracell car batteries are an ideal choice.

Duracell car batteries come in different types for different applications. They range from starters to professional batteries for heavy-duty trucks. However, many car owners don’t know what they are, and that is what this post is all about.

Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries?

Duracell is a well-known brand for making household batteries, but that has not prevented the company from venturing into automotive battery manufacturing.

The Duracell car battery lineup was created by Philip Rogers Mallory and Samuel Ruben. Through their partnership, they made a brand called Duracell International. This is an industry leader in manufacturing mercury cells and alkaline manganese batteries.

However, Duracell does not manufacture car batteries. Instead, the company has subcontracted to the East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc., which has been making Duracell car batteries since 2009.

East Penn is an American-based company that has been a leader for over six decades. It is located in Pennsylvania, United States. The company owns and operates a wire, cable, and battery accessory manufacturing plant.

Types of Duracell Car Batteries

One main advantage of Duracell car batteries is the wide range of choices. You can find a car battery for every application. Whether you need a battery for a compact car or heavy-duty truck, Duracell got you covered.

The following are the available types of Duracell car battery types to choose from:

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1. Duracell Starter Car Battery

how good are duracell car batteries

The Duracell starter is the best option if you are looking for an entry-level car battery. This cost-effective car battery has reliable performance.

Duracell starter car battery provides a short boost to drive the starter motor. Some people can view that as a drawback, but the battery compensates for it with a technologically advanced charging system. The system re-energizes the battery to replace the drawn current.

The battery features innovative calcium technology, making it maintenance-free. That takes the load off your shoulder as you can drive your car worry-free.

Lastly, the battery has four-chamber protection, which keeps off vibrations and prevents leakage. You can also choose from a range of capacity options, from 44Ah to 95Ah.


  • No leakage
  • Maintenance-free
  • Affordable
  • Can withstand extreme vibrations


  • Les powerful compared with other Duracell car battery types
  • High temperatures can hasten corrosion

2. Duracell Advanced Car Battery

duracell auto battery review

Duracell advanced car battery is available in 24 different models with varying capacities from 40Ah to 110Ah. It is the second choice after the starter models designed to meet the increasing demand for new cars.

Like the starter option, the Duracell advance has excellent vibration resistance. That improves its performance and reliability. It can also last longer and remain stable under different conditions.

Duracell advance is leak-proof. The acid won’t spill out to corrode your car or cause any damage. It is your least of worries when you choose this type.

It is used in most cars and delivers excellent performance during cold cranking. It is dependable during low temperatures because it can turn your engine on.


  • Ideal for cold cranking
  • Available in many different models
  • Excellent vibration resistance and leakage protection


  • Causes chemical burn or corrosion if the acid ever spills.

3. Duracell Extreme Battery

Duracell extreme is another class of car batteries from the same manufacturer. They are further divided into extreme EFB and extreme AGM.

Duracell Extreme EFB

duracell car battery reviews

Duracell extreme enhanced flooded battery (EFB) has more innovative features for performance in different environmental conditions. It stands out because of its good cycle resistance, which is twice as good as conventional car batteries.

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The Duracell EFB is more durable and has shorter charging times. It is carbon-loaded, which boosts the battery’s capacity and reduces the recharge frequency.

This battery type is available in 8 different models with capacities ranging from 38Ah to 80Ah. It is the best choice for small and medium-sized vehicles.


  • High cycle resistance
  • Durable and reliable
  • Takes less time to charge
  • Leak-proof


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cars

Extreme AGM Car Battery

are duracell automotive batteries any good

The second subcategory of Duracell extreme is the AGM version. Unlike their flooded counterparts, AGM batteries do not use acid. So, you can be worry-free about maintenance or spillage.

The Duracell extreme AGM battery delivers excellent energy for powering many car types and sizes. It offers one of the best start-stop functions and supplies enough energy demanded by car electricals and electronics.

This battery is long-lasting and handles extreme vibrations pretty well. And since it’s not flooded, it can be mounted at different angles. It can still deliver maximum performance when inclined at 90 degrees.

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Additionally, the Duracell extreme AGM is available in different models, ranging from 60Ah to 105Ah.


  • Maintenance-free
  • High Capacity
  • Durable grid design
  • Minimal gassing


  • Expensive
  • Limited models to choose from

4. Duracell Professional Car Battery

who sells duracell car batteriesThis type is the best option if you need a car battery for a heavy-duty truck. It is ideal for trucks, buses, and agricultural and construction machinery.

This type of battery is available in heavy-duty and super-heavy-duty models that will reliably start your engine in every condition. It also supplies sufficient electrical energy to operate all onboard systems.

The construction of Duracell professional car batteries shows robustness. It includes safety features, such as central venting and safety plugs, and an integral flame arrester.

The battery is available in 110Ah, 140Ah, 145Ah, 150Ah, 180Ah, 190Ah, 210Ah, 225Ah, 240Ah capacities. All are sealed to prevent electrolyte leakage.


  • Vibration resistant
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Short circuit protection and many other safety features


  • Heavy
  • expensive

5. Duracell Leisure Car Battery

duracell car batteries

This is a special type of Duracell cart battery that is still relatively new in the market. It debuted in 2016 and is already a talking point.

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The Duracell leisure car battery features a robust polypropylene case and carrying handles for portability. It delivers the best performance to meet the demand of your leisure crafts and modern life.

Duracell leisure also features calcium technology as the starter type but has a higher power capacity. It can provide electrical power for starting and running onboard electronics and electricals.

The Duracell leisure is available in two models: 105Ah and 115Ah capacities.


  • Durable and reliable
  • High power capacity


  • Relatively expensive

duracell automotive batteriesDuracell CR1632 1632 Car remote batteries can be used for a range of applications. The 3V lithium batteries are ideal for car remotes, key fobs, keyless entry, watches, computer motherboards, calculators, PDAs, and electronic organizers.

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Advantages of Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell car batteries have advantages that make them the best option. The benefits vary according to the application. But if you put the Duracell to the correct use, you will get the best performance.

1. Wide Selection

Duracell car batteries are available in different types and capacities to choose from. Whether you have a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, you will find the model designed and manufactured for your car type.

2. Good Warranty Length

Duracell car batteries have the best warranty compared to many other options available. The company stands behind its products for two or more years, proving the quality of the batteries.

3. Reasonable Costs

These batteries are some of the most affordable in the market. You can get them at the best prices for the intended use, which depends on the battery capacity and type.

Problems of Duracell Car Batteries

Users have reported some issues with Duracell car batteries. Fortunately, they are not deal breakers. Let’s quickly discuss them.

1. Charging Problems

Charging issues have been reported with Duracell batteries. But that can be due to a bad alternator or any other reason. Before you conclude your battery is not charging or overcharging, check your car’s charging system.

2. Deep Battery Discharge

Overtraining the Duracell car batteries shortens their lifespan, but that can happen to any battery. Avoid deep discharge if you want your car battery to serve you longer. It is better to stick to the minimum charge recommended by the manufacturer.

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3. Strong Cyclization

Crystallization happens when you over-drain the battery and many charging cycles. That reduces the battery’s performance and storage capability. You can avoid this problem by using the correct battery size suited for the purpose.

Duracell Car Batteries Maintenance Tips

Like all other car batteries, maintaining your Duracell battery helps increase its lifespan. You only don’t have to worry about this if you buy Duracell extreme AGM. But even with that, you should avoid overcharging.

Use the following maintenance tips to enhance the longevity of your Duracell car battery:

  • Install the battery correctly following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Monitor the battery electrolyte and top it up with battery water when necessary.
  • Clean your battery regularly to remove dirt, debris, and corrosion from the battery cover.
  • Turn off the engine before disconnecting the battery from your car.
  • Store the Duracell car battery in cool and dry conditions if it is not in your car.
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What is the Cost of Duracell Car Batteries?

Duracell car batteries are relatively affordable and offer the best value for money. However, the cost varies depending on the type and the store that sells them.

A Duracell car battery can be priced within the $53-$120 range. But as mentioned, it can be a little bit different in the store where you will buy it.

How Duracell Car Battery Compares with Other Battery Brands

Duracell car batteries compete favorably with other brands in the market. The table below summarizes the durability and warranty offered by manufacturers of different brands.

Brand Name Manufacturer Warranty Battery Life
Duracell Batteries 24-60 months 4-5 years
Napa Batteries 18-36 Months 3-5 years
Bosch Batteries 24-36 months 8-9 years
Interstate 24-75 months 4-6 years
EverStart 12-36 months 2-5 years
Duralast 24-48 months 3-5 years


Where are Duracell car batteries manufactured?

Duracell car batteries are manufactured in the United States by East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. The company is located in Pennsylvania, US, and has been a leading manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for many years.

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How long do Duracell car batteries last?

The lifespan of Duracell car batteries is about 4-5 years, but only if well maintained and used correctly. The service life reduces with poor maintenance and improper use.

Where is the date code on a Duracell car battery?

The date code for Duracell batteries is often printed on the top cover as a six-character code. It represents the year, day, and month of production, which tells you the age of the battery.

Can I Swap Duracell Batteries?

Yes. You can swap the Duracell car battery with another that meets the same standard or higher. There is no problem if you upgrade your battery, but don’t downgrade without the manufacturer or expert recommendations.

What Is the Warranty of Duracell Car Batteries?

Duracell car batteries have a warranty of between two and 5 years, depending on the battery type. The company should exchange the battery if it fails within the warranty period.

Final Remarks

Duracell car batteries are durable and reliable. They are high-performing car batteries with excellent cold-start amps. Additionally, they come in different sizes and types for various applications.

You can choose a Duracell car battery for a compact car or heavy-duty truck, provided you size it appropriately. These batteries offer the best return on investments, able to power your car for 4-5 years if maintained well.

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