Cordless Drill Battery Charger & Charging Station [Ultimate Guide]

Lithium batteries are powerful and reliable but their usefulness is extremely limited if you don’t have an appropriate charger for them.

Most manufacturers focus on powerful features without delivering a matching charger which totally reduces the value of your cordless drill or any power tool you use your batteries on.

However, once you have a powerful tool, it is unlikely that you will leave it for another brand because of the charger but you can still get a great universal charging station or a better charger from the same brand to get the best from your power tool.

Charging stations come in handy when you need to charge multiple batteries at a time. The best chargers in the market have fans that pass air through the battery to speed up the charging process.

If the packed charger for your tool is not working well for you, you can go into the market for any of our recommended chargers and charging stations that fit your brand.

We selected the latest chargers from the most famous tool manufacturers in the market and evaluated their performance. Our reviews helped us rank the best chargers in the market across the brands for speed and safety.

We were focused on establishing the chargers in the market that allow you to spend less time charging and more time working without interfering with battery life and here is a look at our top picks.

Top 10 Best Cordless battery Charging Stations review

1. DEWALT DCB118 20V Flexvolt Charger

DEWALT has a wide range of power tools with the advantage of using similar batteries which saves you the cost of buying more batteries every time you get a new tool. Getting this fast charger is a great way to get the most of your DEWALT batteries.

It is designed to charge 20V-60V DEWALT batteries within 1 hour. It doesn’t have a wall mount but it is very light coming with a 6-inch cord that you can lift and charge comfortably on heights.

Its greatest deal breaker is the quick cooling fan that allows the battery to start recharging as soon as possible.

Many customers, however, complained about its limit to one battery at a time and lack of USB charging despite being pricey.

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  • It can charge both 20V Max and 60V Max batteries
  • Charges all batteries models within 60 minutes
  • A quick cooling system keeps the charging process safe
  • Onboard indicator for a full charge


  • Limited to one battery at a time
  • No USB charging

2. Milwaukee M18 and M12 Rapid Charging Station

These are famously called the Milwaukee charging tank because of its robust built and quick recharge speed.

It features fans on each charger for a quick cooling operation that ensures the batteries start charging soon after being placed on the charging station.

It is compatible with m12 and m18 batteries, the widest battery variety for Milwaukee tools in the market which makes it the most popular charger for Milwaukee customers.

It has an easy to grab handle that makes it easy to carry around. The greatest concern is its large size that makes it hard to pack. It also features onboard lights that tell you which batteries are full.

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  • It can carry up to 6 batteries at a go
  • It can be wall mounted for easy access for charging
  • It charges quickly and cools fast
  • It is made of tough material keeping it scratch and crash-resistant


  • It is very bulky
  • It is pricier than most regular 12V and 18V chargers

3. DEWALT DCB102 12V Charging station

This is the most popular DEWALT charger for DIY homeowners and professionals because it charges both 12V and 20V DEWALT batteries.

It lies low and it is very tough, durable, and easy to carry around. This charger also supports USB charging allowing you to charge your phones and tablets alongside your power tool batteries.

It charges 3ah to 6ah batteries faster (within 60 minutes) and 2ah batteries within 15 minutes.

It is slower than the Dewalt 60V charger but definitely more versatile and suitable for a wider range of power tools.

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  • It supports USB charging
  • It is tough and durable
  • It has an onboard charge indicator
  • It can charge 2 batteries simultaneously


  • It is slow, takes over 1hr to charge 2ah batteries

4. Craftsman C3 19.2V battery NI-Cad charger

Craftsman still distributes the largest number NI-Cad battery-based power tools in the market and it would be a great idea to get their fastest charger in your package for more runtime.

It is universal for all Craftsman 12V and 19.2V batteries charging faster than most of the older Craftsman models.

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It is a single battery charger, light and easy to move around.  It also comes with a long cord that allows you to charge closer to your working station.

Its versatility is further supported by the LED indicator for every stage of charging and power save mode indicator.

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  • It has a powerful fan that charges without heating up
  • Onboard indicator for charge levels
  • It has a long cord
  • It charges batteries within 1 hour
  • It comes at a very friendly price


  • NI-Cad batteries and charges huge pollutants
  • It has no USB support
  • It is limited to one battery at a time

5. Black+Decker BDCAC202B 20V Max Lithium Battery Charger

BLACK+DECKER 20V batteries are universal across all their tools which makes this a universal charger for anyone with a Black+Decker.

Its greatest advantage is the fast charge speeds that recharge your battery within 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the amperage. It is a small wall mountable charger that cools batteries quickly after long hours of heavy-duty projects.

Its interface also tells you every level of charge your battery has achieved and its temperature.

It comes cheap, just like Black+Decker tools and releases a stable 2-ampere output that recharges both 12V and 20V batteries.

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  • It is small, light and it comes with a wall mount
  • It has a powerful fan for quick cooling
  • It charges batteries within 45 minutes


  • Doesn`t have USB charging

6. Porter-Cable PCXMVC Multi-Chemistry Slide pack charger

Porter Cable still stocks a wide range of NI-Cad as well as Lithium-ion battery tools which is why this charger is the most suitable choice for all their power tools.

It charges NI-Cad within 45 minutes and takes even a shorter time to charge Lithium although older batteries may take up to 1 hr.

It also has an onboard indicator for charging, full battery, and defective batteries. Its greatest advantage is the heat safety design that prevents it from charging at high temperatures preventing swelling.

You have to stick to the battery packs named by the manufacturer which actually include all popular Porter cable packaged batteries. It can also be mounted on the wall for easy access.


  • It has advanced thermal protection for safety
  • It can charge both NI-Cad and Lithium batteries
  • It charges all batteries within 45 minutes
  • It can be mounted on the wall for convenience
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  • It can only charge one battery at a time
  • It has no USB charging

7. Bosch BC660 18V Lithium-Ion Battery

This is a quick safe charger from Bosch for all their 18V power tools accommodating both old and the most recent batteries.

This is the most popular second charger for Bosh lovers because of its quick action on the powerful Bosh batteries. It also has a long cord for set up convenience.

It features a tough design with quick heat dispersion located on both sides to cool the battery fast enough for a quick recharge.

It works best on 3ah to 6ah batteries but you can still charge your 2ah battery packs without faults.


  • It has a tough superior build
  • It accepts all a wide range of Bosch batteries
  • Quick cooling system and recharge
  • Long Cord


  • It has a bright irritating light

8. Makita DC18RC 18V Lithium Rapid Charger

Makita has some of the toughest power tools in the market and this charger is no exception. It has one of the shortest recharge times in the market recharging Makita compact batteries in just 15 minutes.

It can charge a wide range of Makitas including their LXT battery models. It is also small and easy to mount keeping it out of your way as you charge.

It charges one battery at a time but it has a quick cooling system that prevents overheating when you are charging multiple batteries in a day.

Its wide array of control monitors will show you if your battery is rechargeable and indicated its Voltage, charge, and temperature.

It is slower on LXT batteries charging them in 30 minutes for 2ah and 3ah, and 45minutes to 1 hour for 4ah and higher.

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  • It has a super quick recharge time
  • It uses a powerful fan for quick heat dispersion
  • It is light and maneuverable for comfort at the work site


  • It doesn’t support USB charge
  • It is limited to one battery

9. HITACHI UC18YSL3 18V Rapid Charger


This is one of the most recent chargers in the market build with everything a modern DIYer needs.

It has a USB charging port for electronics able to charge your phone and tablets even when the charger is unplugged.

Its Power tool battery charging speed is also excellent. It charges a wide range of Hitachi 18 Volters in any amperage range within a short time including 6ah batteries in just 45 minutes.

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The charger can be easily mounted on the wall. It weighs just 1lb allowing you to pack and carry it around with ease.

It also features one of the most advanced cooling systems with overcharge protection that gives your batteries the longest life possible.


  • It can charge when unplugged
  • It has a USB port
  • It is light and compact for easy transport
  • Compatible with all Hitachi 18V batteries


  • It can only charge one battery at a time

10. Ridgid R86091 NiCad/Lithium battery Charger

RIDGID also supplies both NiCad and Lithium based batteries which is why this charger is a real life-saver for Ridgid tool owners.

It is very versatile, suitable for all 18V RIDGID batteries and charging them within 1 hour including the earlier X3 AND X4 batteries.

Its quick heat dispersion is a great plus especially for Ni-Cad batteries which tend to heat up fast.

It is a simple package but still gets the job done coming with a long cord for easy access when charging at heights. It has no USB charging port and has only 2 indicators for charging and charged.


  • Accommodates all RIDGID 18V batteries
  • It has a long cord can be mounted on the wall
  • Charges both Lithium and Ni-Cad batteries


  • It doesn`t indicate high temperatures and damaged batteries

What makes a good charging station for cordless tool batteries?


This is the main focus for most tool owners because everyone wants to take less time charging and more time working which is why many chargers disappoint.

Lithium battery chargers are can charge your battery between 15 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of juice your battery can carry. 2ah and 3ah batteries are always the fastest to charge.

The charger should have the recharge time stated on the manual. If your batteries take more than 2 hours to recharge, the charger may be bad or the batteries spoilt which is why a damaged battery indicator is a very important component.

Rapid cooling

The charger`s cooling speed is almost equivalent to its recharge speed. When you put your batteries on the charger immediately after work, they may be too hot and may not start charging immediately until they cool.

Most modern chargers are fitted with a fan that passes air through your battery cooling it as soon as possible.

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This may be hard to notice unless you test the charger which is why we tested each charger in the guide for thermal safety.

Wall Mounting

This may not seem important but being able to keep your batteries off the ground keeps the charger and batteries safe from dust and spills especially when charging on site. Wall mounting also makes it easy to load and offload your batteries while charging.


When you are buying a battery charger, chances are your package charger is not working or you got extra batteries that it cannot handle.

This is why you need the best charger for your battery brand that accommodates as many battery varieties as you have.

Most chargers will charge only their brand batteries which is why it is important to check that your batteries are part of the manufacturer’s named compatible batteries.

Number of batteries charged simultaneously

This is a major concern for construction workers and even DIY enthusiasts that need to use more than one tool at a time say a 12V and a 20V.

Getting a charging station that takes carries all the batteries you need on-site can make your life easier.


Power tools are a great investment but their service depends on power which is why we decided to evaluate how well each brand’s charger can work for you.

It may be too expensive to shift to another brand just because of a poor charger but you can definitely improve on your package charger and battery.

Getting a quick charger or charging station that works for you, despite being an extra cost may allow you to charge your batteries faster and safely lengthening their life and saving you a lot of money.

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