Bilstein 4600 vs. 5100 Shock Absorber [Quick Explanation]

Bilstein 4600 and 5100 work in different ways, despite their similarities. If you use your automobile on a regular or routine basis, the Bilstein 4600 series is superior to the 5100 series.

The 5100 series, on the other hand, has a huge advantage and provides much superior contact when driving on and off-road.

As a result, make sure to exercise caution while purchasing shock absorbers for your vehicle. While driving your car daily, the 4600 is preferable. They are comparable in some circumstances and opposed in others. 


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The standard height and valving are the same. In other terms, their inner engineering and construction are nearly identical. 

Another significant resemblance would be that the tension is the same. They both feature 360 psi nitrogen, which makes them damage resilient. You’ll notice that they both have a similar appearance from the outside. 

From within, both the 5100 series and the Heavy Duty shocks employ the same technology. Both have the same internal valving, and they will sit the same at stock height.

To minimize shock fading and shock oil frothing, both absorbers are compressed with 360 psi nitrogen. 

Both shocks have the same outside structure, with an extrusion metal body for optimum strength and top-of-the-line sealing. 

Both the 5100 and Heavy Duty 4600 shocks are protected by Bilstein’s limited life span guarantee, which covers any manufacturing faults for the lifespan of the shocks.

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The appearance of the two is noticeable. The base of the heavy-duty shocks is yellow. Blue is the color of the dust boot. The body of the 5100 series is made of metal. 

The objective, though, is the most significant distinction. If you’re going to use the shocks on a stock height truck, you’ll need the 4600 shocks. The 5100 series is the way to go if you have elevated vehicles.

This, however, is not the standard. The 4600 shocks are particularly intended to assist customers with stock height trucks. 

As a result, purchasing its equivalent is pointless. Bilstein 4600 shocks are also less expensive and admirable for offboarding, towing, and everyday driving.

When it comes to standard height vehicles, you have an option, but you don’t when it comes to raised trucks. The 5100 shocks are the only way to go. If you attempt using 4600 in this example, you won’t get the same outcomes.

Bad Shocks: How To Spot Them

YouTube video

This video will explain the distinction between good and bad shocks. If you are aware of this, you will be able to determine whether or not your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency. It should also offer you the drive to correct it or not.

Bad Shock

A bad shock doesn’t hold the tires in their designated position whenever it comes across bumps or potholes. This is commonly the first sign that the shock is depleting or failing. 

If you have a bad shock, you may see leakage of oil and sediment buildup. When the leaking and sediment buildup becomes visible, it is time to replace it.


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What Is The Bilstein Shock Guarantee?

Either the 5100 and Heavy Duty 4600 shocks are protected by Bilstein’s short life span guarantee, which covers any manufacturing faults for the lifespan of the shock. 

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Is the Bilstein 4600 A Decent Shock?

The Bilstein 4600 series shocks may fit your vehicles if you’re a vacation warrior, everyday driver, or race car fanatic. These high mechanical absorbers consistently deliver a secure and pleasant drive. 

Where are Bilstein’s 5100 and 4600 Manufactured?

Each series is made in Germany and the United States, respectively. The 5100 series is equally produced in both nations (50/50). This holds for the 4600 series as well. 

What Makes Bilstein B6 4600 Shocks So Popular?

Shocks are meant to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and longevity by soaking shocks from irregularities in the roadway and maintaining steady inflation pressure. 

Because they give a high degree of influence over rolling resistance with a linear spring constant, the B6 4600 Shocks have proved to be among their finest effective models.

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