Black and Decker VS. Worx Cordless Drill [Before Deciding]

Cordless drills are one of the essential power tools that one should have if you plan on doing your own home repair and maintenance.

Two of the most popular brands when it comes to cordless drills are Black and Decker VS. Worx.

They have been in the industry for years and are also known to supply some of the best power tools for decades.

But if you’re just going to buy a cordless drill for residential use, then there’s no point in purchasing cordless drills from both brands.

So I’ve reviewed two cordless drills from both Black and Decker and Worx below to help you decide which brand to get for yourself.

Black and Decker VS. Worx Cordless Drill

1. Black+Decker LDX120C 20V Max Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Black+Decker LDX120C Drill/Driver is designed to provide convenience to its users. It is a cordless and power drill, which will surely help you with your tasks.

This drill has the power to work on different tasks without worrying about its cords and cables. With its lithium battery, it will be given an additional runtime.

One of the best things about Black+Decker LDX120C Drill/Driver is that it is compact and lightweight, which will help you carry it wherever you want. Also, it has an ergonomic design, which will prevent fatigue on your wrist and should.

Of course, the soft and anti-slip material will let you grip the drill comfortably and securely.

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Another good thing about Black+Decker LDX120C Drill/Driver is that it has LED work lights. This means that it will illuminate all the areas that you’re going to work in.


  • Power capacity is dependable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LED work lights
  • Soft and comfortable grip


  • Tightening the chuck is challenging

2. Worx WX178L 20V Max Advanced Intelligence Lithium-Ion Cordless LED Ai Drill

Worx WX178L Cordless Drill is known as one of the first-ever drills to be equipped with Advanced Intelligence Technology.

It has the power to work on different materials. With his pulse assist and safe drive, you can instantly tighten the bits and the screw.

One of the best things about the Worx WX178L Cordless Drill is that it has an automated Block, which will let you to operate it using just one hand.

It has 30% more holding force than the traditional manual chuck. The safe drive is used to stop driving the screw flush with the work surface. This will prevent damage to the screw and the surface.


  • Auto-chuck to help tighten or loosen the screw or bolt
  • Can be used almost in any surface
  • Lightweight
  • Uses 20V Lithium-Ion to provide plenty of charges


  • Issues with the Advanced Intelligence Torque Control

Is There A Difference Between Black and Decker VS. Worx Cordless Drill

With the reviews above, you may be wondering if there is any difference between Black and Decker VS. Worx cordless drill.

The simple answer to this is yes, there are little differences, but both can get the job done accurately. Both of their power capacity depends on the lithium-ion battery that’s being used.

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So make sure to use a high voltage lithium-ion battery for your cordless drill to become powerful.

Different Handy Uses Of A Cordless Drill

Drilling A Small Hole

A cordless drill is used to drilling a small hole, or more popularly known as countersink holes and pilot holes. This is ideal if you want to get an excellent finish with the holes that you are drilling.

There are specific bits for drilling small holes and they can be found in hardware stores. The bit is specifically designed to drill in a low-speed drill press for metals.

Drilling A Big Hole

Of course, you can also use your cordless drill to drill big holes. Of course, you need a particular bit for this, and this will provide a round cut compared to a keyhole jigsaw or saw.

Typically big holes are perfect for creating outdoor showers, countertops, and even cabinets.

Driving Everything

You can also use to drive everything using a cordless drill using a Phillips driver bit or a standard flat. Both of these are used to drive bolts and screws into materials.

You can add hex drivers to your tools so you can assemble furniture fast and easily. This will surely be perfect for home repair and maintenance.

Mixing Paints

You can also mix paints, cement, and every grout using your cordless drill. A mixing bit can be used for mixing different paints and such to make things easier for you.

Some people tend to mix these manually, but this can cause an uneven mixture. So having the right mixing bit will be better so you can evenly distribute your mixes.

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Grinding Metal and Removal Of Rust

You can also use your cordless drill to grind in metal and remove rust for household items, steel tools, and iron. You can purchase a chuck and attach it to your drill. This will surely help grind metal and remove rust.

What Voltage Of Cordless Drill To Buy

Depending on the task that you have, the voltage will depend on those entirely. If you are just going to use your drill for light-duty purposes, then a voltage of 4 to 8 volts would be best.

But there are also 12 to 18 volts which are perfect for homeowners whose purpose of purchasing is for home repair and maintenance.

Of course, there is 20 voltage and up with is ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Buying Guide: Things To Look For When Purchasing Cordless Drill

Enough Power

A cordless drill should have enough power to work on your tasks. If you are a professional, cordless drill with 18 volts and higher can provide more torque and speed.

Of course, if you’re going to work on light duty tasks, then you can consider a smaller voltage. They are usually lightweight and are more affordable.

Fast Recharging

Gone are the days wherein it will take at least 5 hours to recharge a battery. But in today’s day and age, smart charges are now available.

This means that it can help you charge your lithium-ion battery in as little as 15 minutes.

There are even units wherein it has the power to charge two or even more batteries all at the same time.

Long Running Time

It can be frustrating when your drill starts getting out of power while you’re in the middle of a task. You can avoid this kind of frustration by choosing lithium-ion batteries and ones that are lightweight.

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This will surely stay longer, which means that you will be able to continue working until you’re done.

Adjustable Speed

You also need a cordless drill where you can adjust the speed. Always put in mind that speed is still more important compared to power.

But if you are going to work on driving screws, this means that you will need more torque.

Worry not because there is a drill that can do both and that is by looking for cordless drills that consist of two speeds.

Comfortable Handle

You need a cordless drill that you can easily handle so you can work long enough without your hand or shoulder aching.

Your cordless drill needs to be lightweight and has an ergonomic design. This will make sure that your drill will help prevent fatigue and stress to your hand and shoulder.

Convenient Features

With the innovation in technology nowadays, cordless drills have convenient features as well. From LED lights to battery life gauges, these features will make things easier for you.

For instance, the LED light will help illuminate the area that you’re working in. The battery life gauge will help you know if you need to change or charge the battery so you can continue working.

Know What Tasks You’re Working On

Of course, you also need to know the tasks that you’re going to work on. This will help you know the bits that you will need.

There are different types of bits, and you need to know which ones you want. With the number of bits, you will surely be able to do more work than expected.

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Every product today has warranties, but you need to choose a warranty that’s decent enough to take care of your cordless drill — a standard warranty range from a year to three years.

But there are also five-year warranties, and there are even lifetime warranties. Having a warranty for your cordless drill will ensure that the services and such will surely take good care of your warranty.


With the reviews on Black and Decker VS. Worx cordless drill above, I hope that you have already decided which drill to get.

The brands may be different, but they both can finish the job easily and more accurately. Just take note of the tips above on how you can find the right cordless drill for you and for your tasks.

In this way, you will be assured that your cordless drill will be worth it.

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