Black Decker LHT2240CFF vs LHT2436 Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are devices that can help make your garden and front yard tidy and clean.

They are relatively affordable and offer great value in return as you use them over the years. If you don’t have one yet, it’s about time that you start considering buying one since they can make your home cleaner and more presentable.

Yes, garden tools such as shears can also help you do it, but you’ll need to give a lot more patience, hard work, and it’s so time-consuming. With hedge trimmers, you can trim your hedges in a short time, and you don’t have to work as hard.

If it’s your first time buying a hedge trimmer, then it’s good that you’re here. We can let you know of the things you need to know and consider.

In this comparison between the Black & Decker LHT2240CFF and LHT2436, you’ll see how most hedge trimmers are capable of doing the job. But, some products have that next level with better additional features that can make your life easier, which is the point of hedge trimmers in the first place, right?

What to Consider

Power source

There are three types of hedge trimmers according to how they are powered:

  • Electric – electric hedge trimmers are run by plugging a cord into a power source. This type of device is very affordable and lightweight. Since it has no battery, you can use it for as long as you want without worrying about not finishing the job due to a drained battery. However, the cord can be a disadvantage as it takes space and can tangle with your feet or the blades, making maneuvering difficult.
  • Battery-powered– they are powered by a battery. This type of hedge trimmer is user-friendly since you can carry it around anywhere, and they don’t have cords, which can be a bit of a hassle. The downside to a battery-powered trimmer is that your work is limited to the runtime that the battery is capable of doing.
  • Gas– they are powered with gasoline. They have very strong power and are suitable even for the most demanding applications. Due to this power, they are also harder to handle. Since they use gas, they also produce fumes that are bad when inhaled and bad for the air.


With a longer trimmer, you can get to trim more in the same amount of time. This can increase your productivity.

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However, it can also be a disadvantage as they are tricky to use within small spaces. Long hedge trimmers can even injure you if you’re not careful enough.


More powerful hedge trimmers can work with thicker hedges, bushes, and shrubs. They can also avoid jams since they are strong enough to cut through thick branches. However, powerful trimmers are unstable to hold because they produce more vibration and feedback.

Pick a trimmer that has the perfect balance of the amount of power that you can handle and the amount you need to cut your hedges.

Comfort and ease-of-use

While hedge trimmers are relatively safe, they are still powerful enough to cause injuries. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re comfortable using it so you can avoid making mistakes.

Most devices are easy to use, but some come with extra features that can make you in control and comfortable with it.


Hedge trimmers work with blades, and while they have safety precautions, you can still get injured if things go wrong.

Check if the model you want has a design flaw or if it lacks safety features. They can cause harm, which is why you want a product that’s safe as possible with added safety features and precautions.

Also, check the owner’s manual to see how to use your trimmer properly. Bad design can cause accidents, but misuse can also be dangerous, which is why you need to know everything about your device.

Let’s Compare

Black & Decker LHT2240CFF

The LHT2240CFF hedge trimmers are produced by American power tools company Black & Decker.

This model comes with a 40V MAX battery with 40V starting voltage and 36V nominal voltage, and a 22″ dual-action blade, wraparound auxiliary handle, and battery charge level indicator. It also comes with an additional full-length trigger and soft grip.

22″ dual-action blade for more productivity

The Black & Decker LHT2240CFF comes with a long 22″ dual-action blade, which helps you do more. Because it’s long, that means you’ll get to trim more with every move, increasing your productivity and reducing the time needed for the job.

However, since it’s longer, you need to take care when you use it in tight spaces since its length can also be a disadvantage in such cases. It’s long but not that long at 22″, so you won’t have to worry about it that much, but it’s still worth knowing.

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It’s also a dual-action blade, which means it will get through your hedges quicker since it cuts with two sides. It also has reduced vibration, which can give you more comfort and control with the trimmer, and it’s helpful for long trimming sessions that require a lot of stability from the hands.

With the 22″ dual-action blade, this model is a wise option to increase productivity.

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Increased power

This model is a part of the Black & Decker MAX product line, with a 40V MAX battery that’s capable of producing 40 starting volts and 36 nominal volts.

With these figures, the LHT2240CFF is a powerful hedge trimmer that will be more than capable of dealing with tougher trimming jobs.

If it’s your first time buying a hedge trimmer, you need to be careful with this one. Yes, it’s more powerful, but powerful devices are also tough to handle. With it being harder to use, you need to be careful because it can cause more injuries with increased power.

Cuts Through Branches

According to Black & Decker, the LHT2240CFF can cut through branches up to 3/4″ thick.

Branches cause jams by being stuck in the blade, so it’s nice to know that your trimmer is strong enough to cut through them. In case there’s a jam, this trimmer is powerful enough to remove it by force.

Additional features

The Black & Decker LHT2240CFF comes with some features that can make your job easier.

Unlike most battery-powered hedge trimmers, which you’re not sure if it still has power, this model has a battery charge level indicator that lets you know how much battery you have left.

Also, it has a wraparound auxiliary handle designed to aid users in both horizontal and vertical usage. It also comes with a full-length trigger and soft grip that can increase user comfort.

Since it’s a high-powered hedge trimmer, these features help you be more comfortable as you use it to trim your garden hedges.

Black & Decker LHT2436

American power tools company Black & Decker also produces the LHT2436.

This model has a 40V MAX battery that can produce 40V starting voltage and 36V nominal voltage. It comes with a 24″ dual-action blade, wrap-around front handle, full-length trigger with a soft grip handle, battery charge level indicator, and a one-hour charger.

High-powered and long-lasting

The Black & Decker LHT2436 comes with a 40V MAX battery that produces 40V starting volts and 36 nominal volts.

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With this sort of power, you don’t need to worry about your trimmer not being able to handle thick hedges and branches, because it can. It’s powerful, which is why you need to be more careful with it. You don’t want this model to touch any part of your clothes or skin.

Besides being powerful, it’s also long-lasting. According to Black & Decker, the LHT2436 can trim hedges of up to 6,000sq ft. with just a single fully-charged battery. Since you’re not always going to do that, this model should be good enough to last a few trimming sessions before using up all its battery capacity.

While most battery-powered trimmers sacrifice in power, this one has the perfect balance of runtime and power. It’s a trimmer that can offer the best performance for long periods, and one that you can rely on for different applications.

Also, recharging it is easy because of the one-hour charger that comes with it upon purchase.

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24″ dual-action blade

This model has a long 24″ dual-action blade that can help you do more with less since it can reach more hedges with one move. However, you have to be more careful with it in tight spots, since it’s harder to maneuver with a long blade.

Furthermore, because it’s a dual-action blade, it cuts on both sides. It helps you do more since it cuts with two sides. According to Black & Decker, the dual-action blade also has reduced vibrations compared to single-action ones. Since it’s a powerful tool, reduced vibrations help a lot to reduce strain on your hands.

If you want to do more with the same effort as with most hedge trimmers, you should consider the Black & Decker LHT2436.

Cuts Through Branches

Just like the previous model, the Black & Decker LHT2436 can cut branches up to 3/4″ thick.

Weaker hedge trimmers can cost you a lot of time because they can’t handle branches, but this model is powerful enough to save you from that.

Additional features

The Black & Decker LHT2436 has a wrap-around front handle that can help you hold it for a more even trimming job. Whether it’s horizontal or vertical trimming, the handle is a feature that lets you do better.

If that kind of added comfort and control isn’t enough, it also includes a full-length trigger with a soft grip handle that can give you better comfort and control, which you need with this kind of high-powered hedge trimmer.

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It also comes with a battery charge level indicator that lets you know of the battery’s current state. It’s a small feature that can have a good effect on how you use the device.


How can I clean my hedge trimmer?

First, make sure that the device is turned off and that it’s separated from the power source to avoid having accidents. Clean each blade carefully with a damp cloth and a cleaning solution. When everything’s settled and back in their right place, you can now connect it to the power source again.

This may vary per model. If you’re not sure, you can contact the manufacturer for cleaning procedures.

How should I store my device?

To make sure that it’s safe, don’t forget to turn it off before storing it away. Store it in a dry, dust-free place.

Install the blade covers, and make sure to lubricate the trimmer. Also, place it in a cool place since the heat can destroy components, especially with battery-powered hedge trimmers.

My trimmer cuts unevenly, what should I do?

Check if the blades are loose or blunt. If they are, check the owner’s manual to see what to do in such cases. You should also make sure that the hedge or bush isn’t too thick for your device.

When checking, please remember to wear gloves since the blades can cut your skin.

What does the warranty cover?

Each manufacturer has different warranty coverage, but most of the time, the warranty only covers labor and the replacement of broken parts, excluding damages caused by improper maintenance, misuse, or the use of third-party accessories.


The Black & Decker LHT2240CFF and LHT2436 are highly-similar products made by the same manufacturer. They’re similar, but they’re also both good hedge trimmers, and you can’t go wrong with either one.

In terms of power and battery capacity, both models are powered by the same 40V MAX lithium-ion battery that produces 40V starting voltage and 36V nominal voltage. This trimmer is powerful enough for most applications, may it be basic trimming or more difficult applications with thicker bushes and shrubs.

Also, while both models don’t have the powercut feature, they can still make easy work of branches. According to Black & Decker, both models can cut through branches up to 3/4″ thick.

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If you’re looking for a hedge trimmer that has great potential along with battery life, both the LHT2240CFF and LHT2436 are good options. Both models are very reliable and can for applications with varying requirements.

While both models have dual-action blades, the LHT2436 has an edge with a 24″ blade compared to the LHT2240CFF 22″ blade. With a longer blade, you can do slightly more with the LHT2436. However, it’s not that big of a difference.

It can also be a disadvantage if you’re going to use it in a small area since its size can make it tricky to maneuver. If you’re going to trim in a big area, then you’re better off with the Black & Decker LHT2436. With its longer blade, it will help you finish the job faster.

Both devices offer less vibration compared to single-action bladed models. Since both models have high voltages, fewer vibrations help you handle and maneuver the hedge trimmer to make quality and even trims, especially when you’re trimming to get your desired shape.

When it comes to additional features, the Black & Decker LHT2436 has the edge again. Both models come with a wrap-around front handle and a full-length trigger with a soft-grip handle, but the LHT2436 has a battery charge level indicator that helps you know how much power you have left. It’s not a big feature, but it makes a big difference.

With both models being very similar in many areas, we have to look at the little things to see which one’s better. When it comes to these little advantages, we think the edge with a longer 24″ dual-action blade and battery charge level indicator are enough to say that the Black & Decker LHT2436 is better than the Black & Decker LHT2240CFF.

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