Bosch vs Hitachi Cordless Compact Drill [Things to Know]

Cordless drills are supposed to always offer you the best performance in a compact form. So, which brands make such cordless drills? We resolved to check out Bosch and Hitachi.

They are top brands with multiple cordless drills to choose from. For this guide, we will consider the Bosch GSR18V and the Hitachi DS18DGL units.

These two units are both highly rated among the professionals and DIYers alike. This is because they offer the best features for the money.

Which features are these we are talking about? Keep reading to learn more about these two cordless drills.

Quick Summary

The Bosch GSR18V model is for anyone who is looking for a compact, lightweight, and powerful cordless drill. It will then be common among pros and DIYers who need various jobs accomplished on time.

As for the Hitachi DS18DGL drill, it is common among professionals who want a better control over their tool. This is because it is designed to fit securely in your hand so that you can handle different applications better. It is also easy to make any settings on it.

The Comparison

Bosch GSR18V Compact Cordless Drill

Anyone who is in the market for a cordless drill would not mind getting a Bosch model. Even if that is the case, it is always good to know what kind of features you are getting with the unit. Below are some of the details you should know about this unit.

Impressive Torque Rating

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The model stands out for its kind of power delivery. For any drill, the amount of torque is important for performance. Well, this one delivers an impressive torque rating of 480 in. lbs.

With this kind of torque, you are looking at a model that will improve your productivity while at the same time remaining versatile. It might be the reason most workshops will have this drill.

The Design

It is good to know that this is a compact unit. Considering that it measures 78 inches in terms of length, carrying it around should not be a problem. Those who go for a cordless drill are always looking for something compact.

Being compact also means being lightweight in most cases. This one does not disappoint when it comes to weight. The drill weighs 2.8 lbs. only.

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Another good thing about owning this cordless drill should be its versatility. It has two-speed settings to choose from.

The high-speed mode goes up to 1,700RPM while the high-power mode goes up to 450RPM. You can choose the speed that you want depending on the application.

Having 20+1 clutch settings also make it versatile. The clutch settings are important to provide you with the best accuracy and reduce fastener damage.

The Bit Change

Another thing you will like about the unit should be how easy it is to change the bits. It has a keyless ratcheting ½ In. chuck with an auto-lock feature to make the process simple and fast.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle has an ergonomic grip zone important for promoting comfort while using the tool for longer sessions. The same is also important to provide you with a better grip and control over the tool.

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What We Like

  • It comes with LED lights for better visibility
  • The unit is lightweight and compact for portability
  • The multiple clutch settings improve accuracy

What We Don’t Like

  • Some feel that it could use more speed settings other than two

The Solution: As much as more speed settings would be ideal, the current two are still good for a wide range of applications. You will find it to be a versatile cordless drill.

Hitachi DS18DGL Cordless Compact Drill

This Hitachi model is a close competitor to the Bosch GSR18V model mentioned above. To pick the best between these two, we also have to look at what the Hitachi DS18DGL offers. Let us look at its features below.

The Torque

Just like the other model above, this one also has some good torque numbers. The model is rated at 400 in. lbs. in terms of torque. It should then be good enough even for tough applications in tight spaces.

Precision Driving

We have already looked at the torque figures above, but how does it utilize such impressive torque numbers? The unit comes with 22+1 clutch settings. This means you will have up to 22 torque settings for handling the various applications at a site.

These clutch settings are also good for precision driving. You can maintain better accuracy once you have the torque set just right.

Two Speed Settings

In addition to having multiple clutch settings, the model also features two-speed settings. The gear can be varied from 0 to 450 RPM or 0 to 1,250 RPM. This allows you to match the speed to the application you are handling at the moment.

LED Lights

You can never complain when a unit provides you with more light for handling applications in dark spaces. You never know when the LED lights might come in handy. Thus, it is good to know that the unit comes with them.

The Batteries

Being a cordless drill, you would want to know how the batteries perform. Well, you will be happy to know that Lithium Ion batteries deliver more run time and performance than traditional Ni-Cd batteries. You can use the drill for longer without worrying about replacing the batteries.

Since it comes with two batteries, you can switch between the batteries without waiting for a battery to recharge before continuing with work if it was just one battery.

What We Like

  • The unit comes with two batteries
  • It offers impressive torque performance
  • The unit is precise thanks to multiple clutch settings

What We Don’t Like

  • It is slightly heavier

The Solution: This should not be too much of a concern because it weighs 3.7 pounds. It might be heavier than the Bosch GSR18V above, but it is still good for portability.

Which is Better?

If we are going to choose the best, we also have to look at the common features between the two. You will notice that both have two speed settings, LED lights, multiple clutch settings, and two batteries. These are all features anyone would want in a new cordless drill.

We have to settle for the Bosch GSR18V drill as the better option. This is because it offers more torque output and a higher speed setting good for various applications. Also, it features slim batteries to keep the overall weight of the unit lower.

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Final Thoughts

The Bosch GSR18V easily comes out as the best considering it is cheaper than the Hitachi model and still has some of the best speed settings.

This does not mean that the Hitachi DS18DGL is not great. For those who want better control over their tool, then it will be a nice option.

It should still be worth buying either of the units mentioned above. This is because they both offer good value for money. You will also enjoy them for being compact and easily portable.

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