Briggs & Stratton vs Honda Portable Inverter Generator

Briggs &Stratton brand is all about durability, reliability, quality, and more. That is what you get also with Honda. It is why it might not be the easiest decision to make when buying two almost similar generators from these two brands.

All you need is a detailed guide that can help you decide which of the generators would be great for your application. We will consider the Briggs & Stratton P2200 generator and the Honda EU3000iS generators to see which one would be good for you.

First, let us see some of the important features you need to keep in mind when choosing a generator.

What to Look For

The Power Output

The power output has always been a big deal for most people who want to choose a generator.

If the power output cannot meet their electrical load needs, then there is no point of getting such a generator.

There are two things you need to focus on when choosing the generator. Consider the peak power and the rated power.

Each manufacturer will point out the peak power and rated power to help you choose the right one for the money.

Remember to focus more on the rated power. This is what the generator can provide when the generator is running continuously. It is easy to see that this is the type of power you would want.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism is crucial to help you understand if the generator will be easy to use or not. A good generator should be easy to start.

The most common starting mechanisms include the recoil and electric starters. There are some models that will have key fobs to make the starting mechanism a lot easier.

The electric start mechanism is often loved because it makes your job easy. The generator will be up and running with just a push of a button. Most generators with this type of start will have a battery to start the generator.

The recoil system might need some manual pulling of a cord, but it is not a big deal. Most models would start easily with just one or two pulls.

Run Time

The run time is always going to be an important consideration if you have to buy the best generator.

A generator run time is determined by its fuel efficiency, load capacity, and the fuel tank size.

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Different manufacturers will highlight the type of fuel efficiency and runtime you get on a single tank of gas. It is from such a figure you would know if the generator is fuel efficient or not.

Most of the mentioned runtimes will be based on when the generator is running at 25% load capacity. Compare the runtimes to end up with a generator that gives more fuel efficiency just in case you need it to run for long before refueling.

Build Quality

The build quality will vary from one model to another. There are some that might be well-built while others might not have the best construction. It will come down to the brand and the materials the manufacturer uses to make the generator.

If you can buy from top brands, then you will be assured of the best performance and build quality all at the same time. It might be the reason you get a lot more people going for generators from top brands since they know the reliability and build quality will not be an issue.

Maintenance Needs

You are likely to get that the maintenance needs vary a lot from one generator to another. You have to make sure that you get yourself the best generator that does not break down all the time.

No one wants to keep the generator at the repair shop all the time. It is why you need to get yourself a model with less maintenance needs.

We also recommend that you always perform the necessary maintenance routines as stipulated by the manufacturer. This will help to prevent any further damage to the generator on overall.


You should always consider if the generator meets important emissions standards. There are several organizations that give the low emissions approvals. Such include EPA, CARB, and more depending on where you are located.

What you are looking for is a generator that does not pollute the environment so much that it becomes an issue. This is crucial to keep the generator from being a nuisance to the environment.

Ease of Using

If you are going to get the best generator, then it should also be easy to use. No one wants to end up with a generator that will be hard to operate.

The last thing you want is to keep referring to the manual just to do anything. Luckily, most models will come with clearly labelled controls so that you have an easier time operating the generator.

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You can never underestimate the reviews about a generator. The reviews give you an idea of what the generator is all about in general and what makes it even better.

Sometimes after going through the reviews, you understand more about the generator. The last thing you want is to spend money on a generator that is not worth it at all.

The reviews can also give you alternatives to your desired generator so that you get better value for the money.

Let’s Compare

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton generators easily stand out as one of the best in terms of reliability and durability. It is easy to see that the P2200 model will give you more value for the money. For its size and performance, it is an ideal choice for camping and other portable applications.

Let us check out some of its features below to learn more.

The Power

Each generator will proudly show its power in the product description. Some manufacturers make it clear in the product name too.

Like for this P2200 model, its starting wattage is 2200 watts and the rated wattage is 1700 watts.

Such a model is good for those who might want to handle several light electronics and lights that do not consume a lot of power.

It is just amazing how it can generate all that power from its 110cc engine. There is no doubt you will like it for having more power for its engine displacement.

YouTube video

Run Time

Looking at the overall power output, then you would want to know more about its runtime.

Well, this generator comes with a run time of 8 hours when the generator is running at 25% load. For its size, giving you 8 hours of power is quite impressive.

If you increase the load on the generator, then you are likely to end up with less runtime.

The runtime is not bad considering it has a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon. Many buyers would wish for more fuel capacity, but keep in mind this generator is built for portability.


When it comes to portability, there is the need to consider things such as the size and weight.

This generator has dimensions 21 x 12.5 x 17.35 inches. It is easy to see that such dimensions leave you with a compact generator you can carry around with ease.

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As for the weight, the generator weighs 54 lbs. This kind of weight is great for anyone who would be looking to move the generator around more often. The integrated handle also makes your job easier.


Noise Level

If you like camping, then you know that the noise level needs to be as low as possible. The last thing you want is to end up irritating your camping buddies with a loud generator.

This generator has a noise level of 59 dBA. This noise level is the same as when you are having a conversation. It should even not be a bother when it is powering the campsite overnight.

The use of a Super Lo-Tone muffler is essential to help in minimizing the noise as much as possible.

The generator still comes with the Quiet Power Technology. This will automatically adjust the engine speed so that the noise level can be lower even further. The reduction in the engine noise also reduces fuel consumption and emissions.


To make the generator convenient to use more often, we find that it comes with a wide range of outlets.

The panel has three outlets. 2 AC outlets and 1 DC outlet. There is also a USB port to make the generator even better when it comes to powering a wide range of electronics and appliances.

This generator is safe for sensitive electronics. The inverter technology helps in providing smooth power for the different types of electronics. Such include phones, gaming systems, and phones.

Honda EU3000iS Portable Inverter Generator

YouTube video

There is no doubt Honda’s reputation will make it easy for you to consider the EU3000iS generator. You will buy the generator knowing it is one of the best for the money. Well, it is not the cheapest, but it lives up to the price. Here is why.

The Power

The Honda EU3000iS generator comes with a 196cc engine. It is larger than what you get with the P2200 model above.

For this more engine displacement, you get more power. The generator offers 3000 watts peak power and 2800 watts rated power. It is easy to see that you can power more electronics and appliances with this model.

Since it is parallel capable, the generator can be connected to another similar generator to double the power. As such, you will always have more power that you need to handle the various applications.

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Run Time

It would not be great to have all that power, but you cannot use it because of the fuel efficiency.

That is not an issue as the EU3000iS is a highly fuel-efficient generator that you can get for yourself right now. It comes with an impressive runtime of 20 hours on its 3.4-gallon fuel tank. There is no doubt you will have a great time using such a generator for long before refueling.

The Noise

The noise level of this generator is not a big deal as its operating noise is 50 dBA at 23 feet. This kind of noise is the same as what you would hear when having a normal conversation.

It is easy to see that it would be a great generator for running quietly in the background. Still, the generator would be great to keep your neighbors from complaining all the time.

Clean Stable Power

Honda as a brand has been making impressive generators for decades. This comes down to the inverter technology they use in this model.

Thanks to the best inverter technology, you will end up with clean stable power all the time. Such type of power is crucial for powering the sensitive electronics. You will not have any problem powering laptops, gaming systems, phones, and more.

Starting Mechanism

For the price, it is good to know that this generator comes with an electric start. The battery is also included in the generator so that starting the generator is easier.

You will have the generator up and running in no time. When you press the start button, it should be good to start.

The generator still has a recoil start to use as a backup in case the battery is low. This ensures that you can easily start the generator at any time.

Other Features

The generator has the Oil Alert feature from Honda. This feature is essential for shutting down the generator in case there is low oil in the generator. This is to prevent it from damaging the engine because of low lubrication.

The generator also has a circuit breaker. The breaker works as an overload protection to keep the generator from being overloaded. You can now have peace of mind when using it.


Is the Honda EU3000iS a portable generator?

Yes. The generator is lightweight and it comes with wheels and a folding handle. This will make it easier to move it from one place to another.

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Is the Honda EU3000iS noisy?

The generator comes with a noise level of 50dBA. For many people, this is a silent generator. You would be able to have a conversation around the generator.

Is it easy to use the Briggs & Stratton P2200 generator?

Looking at its controls, we find it to be an easy-to-use generator overall. Even if you are new to using generators, it is going to be an easy model to use. It also comes with a clear and comprehensive guide to give you all the information that you need to operate it.

What is the runtime of the P2200 generator?

This generator has impressive fuel efficiency. This is because it can run for 8 hours on a single tank of fuel. You should get it knowing that it will stand out for its impressive fuel efficiency.

Are Briggs & Stratton generators worth the money?

Looking at the various reviews about the brand and its generators, it is easy to conclude that you would be buying a great product when you choose such generators.

They are built with durability and reliability in the mind. You will find that many years down the line, you still enjoy using your generator.


From the various features of the generators above, we find that both the P2200 and the EU3000iS models are portable, good on power, and reliable. Even if you have sensitive electronics, it is easy to see that these two generators will handle them without much of a problem.

Choosing between the two is likely to be based on power and price. If you want more power and you have the money for it, then go for the EU3000iS model. For those that might be on a budget, then the P2200 will still give you clean stable power for your electronics and appliances.

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