Bryant Furnace Runs For A While Then Dies [6 Reasons]

It could be that it is winter and you just need to feel warm in your house. However, the Bryant furnace you have installed is not cooperating. It turns on, runs for a while, and then dies.

So, what could be the problem with such a furnace?

Several things can go wrong when using such a type of furnace. Below, we discuss these potential reasons and how they can be resolved to leave you with a working furnace.

Bryant Furnace Runs For A While Then Dies

1. Faulty flame sensor

The flame sensor is a vital part of the furnace operation. Its work is to monitor the furnace and detect if there is a flame or not. In case the sensor becomes faulty, it is now unable to detect the flame.

Each time the flame is undetected, then the control board of the furnace turns off the voltage needed by the gas to keep the furnace heating.

Rather than rushing to buy a new flame sensor right away, look to see if it has dirt on it or not. Sometimes it could be dirty and only needs wiping to get it working again.

Use a fine abrasive pad to clean the sensor and test the furnace again. If it shuts down after a while, simply replace the flame sensor with a new OEM part.

2. Defective control board

As the name suggests, the control board plays an important role in controlling the power supply to the different parts of the furnace. If the control board is faulty, the various parts, including the ignition system, will not get power.

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If the ignition system is starved of power, the furnace will easily shut down after running for a few minutes.

Have a certified shop establish that the control board has a problem. If that is the case, you just have to replace it with a new part.

3. Draft inducer motor

It is also vital to look at the performance of the draft inducer motor. This vital part draws air into the furnace’s heat exchanger and then exhausts it via a flue.

The system also has a pressure switch crucial for sensing the pressure change and then signals the control board that there is proper airflow in the furnace.

Now, if the draft inducer motor is faulty, there can be a problem with closing the pressure switch. So, there will be a problem with the whole ignition process, thus making the furnace shut off only after a couple of minutes.

If the ignition process seems to stall more often, the draft inducer motor is faulty and needs replacing.

Below is a video on how a draft inducer motor works

YouTube video

4. Faulty pressure switch

We have mentioned the pressure switch in passing above. Its work is always to ensure there is proper airflow in the furnace.

However, if you have a pressure switch that is not working, there will be no consistent airflow. So, the ignition process tends to stall, making the furnace shut off.

Testing the pressure switch for continuity is advisable to establish whether it is the one with a problem or not. A multimeter should come in handy in this stage.

If the pressure switch has no continuity, have it replaced. No need to try and repair it.

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5. Check the flame rollout limit switch

Another part to watch out for is the flame rollout limit switch. Its work is to monitor the heat surrounding the furnace burners.

A good scenario is when the inducer fan motor fails to draw enough power. It then means that there is no proper venting.

As a result, the flame rollout limit switch will stall the ignition process and keep the furnace from running.

This is often temporary as the flame rollout switch monitors the situation. However, the furnace does not turn back on when it is faulty. Thus the reason you have to test for continuity of the switch.

A faulty switch should be replaced, or it will always turn off the furnace at any time.

6. There is an airflow problem

It is not just the Bryant furnace, but all furnaces need proper airflow if they are going to work great.

The furnace works by drawing enough air from its surroundings to help keep it running. So, if the air supply is limited, it becomes difficult for it to work.

That is why you should not keep the furnace in cramped storage space.

Also, check if there are any obstructions around the air inlet.

Once the furnace has enough air, you should find that it will not keep shutting down after working only for a few minutes.

Here is a video with additional reasons why the furnace is not working correctly

YouTube video


Why buy a Bryant 395cav furnace?

This is one of the most efficient furnaces from the brand. It can deliver good heating while at the same time keeping the energy bills low. Thus, you can find it many homes being used in winter.

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 Is it hard to install the 395cav Bryant furnace?

The model has the right guide to help you with the installation process. This includes the electrical and gas connections. Also, the manual gives you step-by-step instructions on operating it for the best results.

Is it expensive to repair the Bryant 395cav furnace?

It may depend on which part is broken. Some might be expensive, while others are affordable. Make sure to only get the replacement parts from trusted suppliers to end up with the best results.

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