Can A Dealer Sell A Car With Bald Tires? (Here’s Why!)

When you go to buy a car from a dealer, chances are you will be informed that you are buying the car on an “as it is” basis. This means that even if the car has bald tires, you accept the condition of the car and now it is your responsibility to have the tires changed. 

Most dealers are looking to make a quick buck on the cars, so telling them to change the tires at no extra cost might not work for them. It is then advisable to do a complete check of the car ensuring you are only comfortable buying the car as it is. 

Bald tires are not something you can miss when looking for a car to buy. Keep in mind that the minimum legal tread depth of your state is also important. Most states have 2/32 of an inch as the minimum. It is only Idaho and California that require the minimum to be 1/32 of an inch. 

Dangers of Driving on Bald Tires

Bald tires are not the safest to have on your car. That is why you may be advised to have them replaced as soon as possible. Here are reasons why driving on worn-out tires may be dangerous. 

1. Leads to heat build-up

Treads are not just for grip, they also help with cooling the tires. That is why if you drive fast on bald tires, there is an increased chance of building up the heat on the tires. Heat build-up can potentially lead to blowouts when you least expect it. So, consider having the tires changed so that the car is safe to drive. 

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2. Potential risk of hydroplaning 

Having deep treads is also a nice way of avoiding hydroplaning. This is because the deep grooves on the tires would channel the water away from the tires. This in turn leads to having a firm grip while driving in wet conditions. 

When the grooves are shallower, then it can increase the risk of hydroplaning which is dangerous for driving. 

3. No grip on snow or ice

As much as there are snow tires you have to fit on the car, having enough tread can also give you a fighting chance. Many people who live in areas that snow more often understand the importance of having enough tread. It will always help you maintain traction and handle the car better. 

4. Easily lose tire pressure 

Treads are also important to avoid losing pressure. This is because bald tires are prone to punctures most of the time. No one wants to be stranded on the road more often simply because they are using bald tires. 

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How can you tell your tires are bald?

A visual inspection of the tires should easily tell you if the tires are bald. Take note of the tread depth to avoid violating the law. 

What can lead to tire damage?

When you are always driving through potholes or sharp objects, then expect damage to the tires. 

Are tire bulges and bubbles dangerous?

Yes. You should definitely consider replacing a tire with a bulge. This is because it may easily lead to blowouts when least expected.

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