Can A Dealer Sell A Car With Frame Damage? [Things to Know]

Even if you’re not a teen, you can be prone to car accidents. Accidents can cause the car to have frame damage.

Nowadays, dealers sell cars with frame damage. Is this acceptable?

Usually, dealers hide frame damage from buyers. Dealers cover up the accident because it is hard to spot the frame damage.

Should we buy a car that has frame damage? Is it legal to buy?

What is a Frame Damage?

Frame damage is damage to the structure of the car. Its beam becomes broken.

Frame damage can result from the following:

  • Speedy collisions
  • Potholes in the road
  • Speed bumps and other impediments
  • Traffic barrels and other unexpected obstacles

Types of Frame Damage Hidden by Dealers

There are indications to know if a car has been in an accident. Be informed of what you should know.

You can see the following when a dealer is not disclosing the damage to you:

  • Clam marks that are proof that a machine has repaired the car
  • Replaced hood, trunk, window, or door
  • The engine has an unusual noise
  • An uneven finish with the paint of the car
  • The hood, trunk, window, or doors are not closing properly
  • There are welding marks

Consequences for Undisclosed Frame Damage

Not disclosing the frame damage is a serious thing. A dealer can have a fraud charge for doing this thing.

You must know that it is illegal to sell cars without disclosing their damage. Disclose its damage to the buyers.

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A non-disclosure is worthy of fraud. Buyers can sue dealers for this.

To avoid having this problem, you must ask the dealer first about the car before buying. Ask if it ever has suffered an accident in the past.

Suing a Dealer for Frame Damage

Auto fraud attorneys are the ones who can help you with undisclosed frame damage. They provide free advice to those scammed by car dealers.

The attorney will settle the case to get the justice you deserve. You can surely get a refund.

You can cancel the car agreement with the help of the attorney. A lawyer can help you.

Dealership Life – Selling a vehicle with Damage

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Facts to Sell a Car with Frame Damage From Dealers

Selling a car with frame damage is legal. You just have to disclose the damage to be not sued for fraud.

If you want to sell your damaged car, you can have the following steps:

  • Fix the Car

Are you decided to sell the car? Know that you have to fix it first.

First, you should evaluate the damage. Assess the cost of the repair.

Bring the car to a mechanic. Find someone who can fix it at a low price.

Though sometimes, you must remember that it can cost you some money.

  • Have a Good Selling Method

Analyze how you can reach your potential audience. One way to do it is by posting the cars on a classified website.

Then, you can also opt for a dealership.  You can search for a valid dealer.

The dealer can help you. They will sell your car in no time.

  • Set a Price

One critical factor is setting a price for your car. Know that you cannot have the price that you want.

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You have to consider the damage to the car. Do not expect too much.

  • Wait for Some Time

There is a timeframe when you sell the car. You should wait for buyers who will be interested in your car.

  • Be Clear

When buyers find your car, disclose the damage to them. You must remember this.

Do not cover up for the damage. Be honest.

  • Avoid Scammers

Someone wants to buy your car. Do not be excited.

Be wise. Consider genuine buyers only.

Damaged Car Trade-In. Should You Fix Your Car Before You Trade It In?

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Should I Buy a Car with Frame Damage?

Because the damaged frame of a car can be replaced, buying a car with frame damage can be a good thing if you do not have enough budget. But you should know that it has safety risks.

How Does a Frame Damage Affect the Car Value?

The value will go down to about 10% to 15%. The value of the car will be reduced to half after three to five years.

Is Having a Car with Frame Damage Bad?

Having a car with frame damage can bring you some risks. It can be a cause of future accidents so if you have to buy a car without frame damage, it is better.

How Much Should I Spend to Fix a Frame Damage?

You can spend $600 to $1000 for the frame repair. The cost may depend on the severity of the damage and it may cost you to spend $10000, including paintwork.

Can You Trade a Car with Mechanical Issues?

Yes, there are dealerships on cars with different issues. But the dealer cannot get a good price for it, accepting any trade-in condition.

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What if You Have Bought a Car with a Damage?

If the dealer has sold a car to you without disclosing the damage, you have the right to report it to the state. You can even file a lawsuit if you want.

Is Frame Damage the Same as Structural Damage?

Structural damage which is the damage to the structure of the car is often referred to as frame damage. It refers to the Unibody on Frame structures.

Will You Lose a Car Through Frame Damage?

The severity of the damage can be the cause of the total loss. If it cannot be repaired, then you can lose your car.

How Does a Car Get Frame Damage?

Because the energy of a collision can be harmful, the frame absorbs the energy and causes it to be deformed. The tires will wear, causing a great suspension that can cause damage.

What is the Difference in Value Between a Car with Frame Damage and an Undamaged Model?

There is a great difference in cost. The cost of a car with frame damage is 30% to 70% lower.

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