Can A Tire Be Patched On The Side

Can A Tire Be Patched On The Side

It is possible to only patch the sidewall if it is a small hole. When you end up with a huge hole in the sidewall, it is best to dispose of the tire rather than repairing it. This is even if the tire is still new.

As much as with a plug kit and some rubber cement, you can patch the hole, experts in the field often recommend against repairing the tire’s sidewall. This is because of the potential safety reasons for repairing a sidewall. 

Causes of Holes in the Tire’s Sidewall

Before we can look at how you can patch the side of a tire, we first need to know how the tire can get damaged in the first place. Here are some ideas;

  • So long as the tire is pressed against something sharp such as a nail, screw, or broken glass, you may end up with a hole in the sidewall. 
  • Potholes in the rod can also lead to damage to your tire. It is always advisable to watch out for the potholes or slow down in areas known for having potholes. Other than damaging your tires, the same can also bend your rim. 
  • Vandalism is another possible cause of damage to your sidewall. If you park in a neighborhood known for vandalism, you may find the tires damaged. 
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Those are just but a few causes. What is important is that you are always careful when driving and also where you park. 

Fixing a Hole on the Tire’s Sidewall

Remember that we pointed out that you can only patch such a hole if it is small. We are talking of no more than a ¼ -inch hole. Anything bigger, then you should replace the tire. 

The most popular method of fixing such a hole would be using rubber cement. This is an adhesive that can be found in most auto shops, and it is still affordable. 

With your plug kit ready, locate the puncture on the side of the tire. If it is a nail, remove it and start working on the patch. You will have to work fast because the tire will also lose air. 

Each tire plug kit will have instructions to follow. Check them out before starting the process to repair the sidewall fast and correctly.

This will include applying the rubber cement to the hole to plug it. Here is a detailed video to help you understand more about the process. 


How close to the edge can you repair a tire sidewall?

It is only safe to patch a sidewall if the puncture is ½ inch or more away from the tire tread edge where the internal steel belt would begin. 

Why should you not patch a tire on the side?

Sidewalls tend to flex a lot while you are using the vehicle. This means they are not as robust as the part having treads. Also, the car’s weight might lead to the bursting of the tire if the sidewall is not strong enough. 

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How thick is a sidewall of a normal tire?

The sidewall thickness will vary depending on the tire. Expect most tires to have a sidewall of 6 to 15mm thick.