Can Bad Spark Plugs Cause Transmission Problems [Mechanic Talk]

No, defective spark plugs do not immediately cause transmission troubles. But, if the spark plugs are not excellent, they may misfire and offer reduced torque to the gearbox. 

This hinders the gearbox from changing gears which might cause your automobile to operate roughly with less power.

Spark plugs and transmission are not linked at all! The spark plugs are attached to the engine, while the gearbox is connected to the wheels. 

If your car has gearbox troubles, it’s probably not defective spark plugs! If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle, it’s good to find out what’s causing them.

If your gearbox isn’t working correctly, the most probable culprit is a wrong electrical harness.

If your car’s spark plugs are faulty, we highly advise you to replace them with better-quality ones.

Iridium spark plugs are said to last twice as long as normal ones, but most people can’t afford to upgrade at the current price.

Transmission Problem Code

P0700 is the error code that indicates a problem with the transmission control system. The TCM is in charge of sending problem codes that cause the check engine light to illuminate the vehicle’s dashboard. 

The P0700 code means an issue with the TCM that stops the light from turning on. Those driving automobiles equipped with an automatic gearbox generate this code.

Signs Your Car Has a Bad Transmission

YouTube video

This video will briefly explain the use of your car’s transmission and its location. Aside from this, you will also know the symptoms you should look out for if it’s starting to fail. This includes: 

  • Transmission slip
  • Shaking during shifts
  • Check engine light is on
  • No Shifting Response
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To know more about these symptoms, you can watch this video.


What Can Cause Bad Spark Plugs?

Carbon fouling is the most common cause of a faulty spark plug. Wires in your car’s engine are exposed to many pollutants when the insulation covering them is removed. 

They are subjected to engine heat, which wears them down and impairs their performance.

When the plugs and wires are near, the engine is forced to work harder. You may think this is obvious, but you can see your plugs get black from carbon fouling.

Overheating is another typical cause of defective spark plugs. When spark plugs overheat, the electrodes are broken more quickly.

 Because of this misalignment, electricity cannot flow freely through the plugs. Low-quality spark plugs might cause engine harm if installed in your vehicle.

What Happens If A Spark Plug Fails?

Using Faulty Spark Plugs While Driving is a serious offense. Misfires, hard starts, poor gas economy, a rough idle, underwhelming acceleration, and difficulty getting up to speed are just a few signs of a broken spark plug

Driving will be difficult with a defective spark plug since the engine may not function properly.

Can Transmission Error Jerk A Car?

Since the transmission control module regulates the shifting as your speed, you may notice delays in shifting, which might cause your vehicle to jerk. 

While this is not as prevalent a problem as others on our list, it may be the cause of your automobile jerking as it is moving.

Can A Misfire Lead To Shifting Problems?

As if an engine misfire had occurred, it is conceivable that your vehicle’s transmission is unable to shift up or down as smoothly. It’s more obvious when you’re going faster than when you’re not. 

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It’s a serious problem, much like a misfire, and you should have it treated as quickly as possible to prevent more harm.

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