Can I Replace A 225 Tire With A 235 Tire [Main Differences]

When you are looking for tires for your car, the chances are you will come across various options in the market.

Such options include the 225 and 235 tires. These numbers simply show the size of the tire in terms of millimeters. So for the 225, it is 225mm wide and the 235 is 235mm wide.

So, would you be able to use the two interchangeably? It is not recommended to use one in place of the other because of their size differences.

The 225 tires would be the best option for small cars that are not for carrying heavy loads. As for the 235 tires, they would be the right fit for heavy cars.

This is because they offer more stability and weight performance than the 225.

The 225 Tires

As mentioned earlier, the 225 tires are 225mm wide and would generally be used for subcompact vehicles. Such cars include Caprice, Chevrolet Blazer, and many other small passenger cars.

Most companies selling the 225 tires would give you a good warranty. Some can go as high as 70,000 miles.

This shows that the tires are generally strong and durable for you to continue using on various car models.

Those driving cars with 225 tires end up experiencing less rolling resistance. With such a feature, drivers can now enjoy the best gas mileage.

Also, the 225s will not make a lot of road noise while driving. This can make it easier to enjoy the drive more often.

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Some might think just because they are smaller than the 235s, they will not be good for stability. However, that is not the case.

You will still find them good for stability because they can offer good stability for small cars.

The 225 tires are still available in other sizes other than the width. You also have the size of the sidewall and wheel radius to consider.

As always, you should still take more time to look into the available options to see which one works great for you.

For a tire labeled 225/60R16. In such a case, the tire has additional information such as R for radial, B for belated, and D for diagonal.

If you keep checking out such tires, you can easily find other markings important for you to choose the right tire for your application.

Brands such as Goodyear, BF Goodrich, and Continental are some of the brands that make these tires.

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The 235 Tires

Just like for the case of 225s, the 235 tires have a width of 235mm. This kind of tire often has a warranty of up to 60,000 miles. Many people find them stronger, more reliable, and more durable for sub-heavy vehicles.

The tires would be suitable for sub-heavy vehicles including Doge Charger, Honda Element, and more.

You may get that the 235s would be preferred over the 225s by professional stunt drivers.

They see that the 235s provide more stability and thus would be more reliable for their applications It is not just stability but also handling.

Anyone who has driven 235 tires can easily feel there is more smoothness and better control of your car mostly at high speeds.

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As much as the 235 tires would have many benefits, they tend to have a few downsides too. One of them is high rolling resistance.

This means that using such tires would lead to faster wear. This is why their warranties are lower compared to when using the 225s.

These tires are also easily available depending on the size of the rim and sidewall of the tire.

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225 vs. 235: Main Differences

One thing you will note about the 225 tires is that they have less rolling resistance. That is why they would often have better gas mileage.

Cars that can only handle lighter loads are advised to be paired with 225 tires. The 235 tires on the other hand will be better in terms of handling a higher load.

The 225 tires are narrower than the 235 tires. Being narrower can mean they are less stable than the 235 tires. However, they are still stable enough to work for compact cars.

The 225 tires do provide good performance in terms of handling especially for small cars. It is the same thing you will get for the 235 tires, which would be reliable and stable for bigger vehicles.

The 235 tires will generally have a higher top speed than the 225 tires. This can make a huge difference in highway speeds.

How to Choose New Tires

Looking at the size options above, you might also wonder what else would be important when you want to choose the tires for your car. Here are some additional factors to consider.

  • The brand is an important consideration that would determine if the tires are good or not. Always get the tires from reputable brands if you have hopes of getting quality tires. It is best to spend more but end up with high-quality tires.
  • Consider the weather conditions you would be driving in. That is why you will come across tires for different seasons. You will get options such as winter tires, summer tires, and all seasons tires.
  • The type of roads could also be important. That is why you can get tires for city driving, highway driving, and offroad tires. Each tire is made to maximize the conditions in terms of giving you more performance and helping you get the best driving experience.
  • How you drive is also crucial in determining the type of tires you would be buying. Some enjoy the comfortable drive which is just cruising on the highway. Others want to feel every corner on the road. These two have varying needs when it comes to tires. Choose the one that works for you best.
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Can you put 235 tires on a 225?

This is not recommended because of the differences in terms of tire size. As much as you can force it to fit, it will be visible that it is the wrong tire. As such, it is best to stick to the right tire size.

Will bigger tires help improve speed?

The bigger tires have nothing to do with improving speed. For this case, the 235s might have a higher top speed, but that is it. It does not mean the car is now faster for normal driving.

How do you know if the tires will fit the rims?

Start by looking at the diameter and width of the tires and rims to determine their compatibility. The good thing is that all that information is on the tire. Simply match the tire size to the rim.

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