Can I Replace Just One Tire On My Car

When you have a puncture, you can take the car to the nearest tire shop and have it repaired. The good thing is that most punctures are repairable and you should be on your way. 

However, what if the puncture is on the sidewall or shoulder of the tire? This might mean you have to replace the tire. The worst part is when the tire is still new. The other question would be if you can only replace one tire and why you may not want to do it. 

We look at scenarios where replacing one tire might be warranted below. 

When You May Only Replace One Tire

The biggest reason a person might replace only one tire is because of a low tire tread depth. Like in the state of Virginia, the police deem the tire to be unsafe if the tire tread depth is below 2/32”. The vehicle will fail the Virginia state safety inspection. 

You should definitely consider replacing tires even if it is one tire so long as it gets below 4/32” just for safety. Such a tire might not be the best for wet conditions. This is because it does not have enough tread to maintain traction. 

Another reason might be that you have not rotated your tires in a while. This would mean the car’s front tires are being worn faster. So, at some point, you may be required to replace one tire or two front tires. 

There is a chance your tires commonly have a pressure leak. Depending on the tire injury, you may have to consider simply replacing the whole tire. This is especially if the damage is to the sidewall or shoulder of the tire. 

When the tires get older, they also become unsafe to use. This is even when the tread depth is still good but the tire is too old. Most tire manufacturers recommended you replace the tires every 5 to 10 years. You should take this seriously. 

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What To Keep In Mind Before Replacing A Single Tire

Keep the following in mind before replacing a single tire

If the other tires are still relatively new, then consider replacing just one tire. However, if the tread depth on the other remaining tires is also worn out, then replace them in pairs or all of them.

You should ensure the tread patterns are similar. That is why you should get all the tires from one brand. 

If you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, consider replacing all the tires at once to ensure the vehicle performs as it should be.


How can you care for new tires?

Ensure that you rotate the tires based on the manufacturer’s manual, keep them at the right air pressure, and repair your flat tires safely to prevent unnecessary damage.

Should all the tires on my car come from the same brand?

If it is only one tire you are replacing, then consider having it from the same brand. The tread pattern should also be the same as the others on the car already. 

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Should you replace the tires in pairs?

You may find that most tire and car manufacturers recommend that you replace the tires in pairs. The AWD vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing all four tires at once.

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