Can You Add Heated Steering Wheel to Mercedes? [Cost & Install]

When snow is heavily pouring down the road, drivers may find it hard to drive because of the icy weather. The steering wheel feels so cold and it is hard to maneuver it.

Technology has a solution to this problem. The answer relies on having a heated steering wheel.

But what about a Mercedes car? Can you add a heated steering wheel to it?

Yes, you can. Just like any other car, you can add an aftermarket heated steering wheel to it.

Because heated steering wheels are integrated with electronics, the steering wheel may not be easy to convert. But it is possible.

You need to remove the whole steering column. Then replace it with a heated one.

If you want to learn more about a heated steering wheel in a Mercedes, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

What is a Heated Steering Wheel?

The heated steering wheel is a heating element that can be added to the steering wheel. It controls the temperature of the steering wheel.

It can keep your hands warm in icy weather. Thus, you can gain the convenience that you need.

What is the Mercedes Heating Steering Wheel?

The Mercedes Heated Steering Wheel is available in two ways.

  • Already a part of the car
  • Part of the Premium packages of the car

An electric heater can be already installed inside the wheel. Or you can add it anytime.

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The heated steering wheel is a system that is used in cool weather. In all situations, it can keep your hands warm.

The Cost of the Heated Steering Wheel

You can get a heated steering wheel from the factory or you can have an aftermarket heated steering wheel. These are the costs of heated steering wheels:

  1. From the Factory– less than $10
  2. From Aftermarket– hundreds of dollars up to thousands

Hard steering wheels from the aftermarket are usually more costly. They are good if you cannot afford a car with a heated steering wheel.

How to Install a Heated Steering Wheel

If you have taken the aftermarket route to have a heated steering wheel, then you have to fix it to the car yourself. Here are the steps on how you can do it.

1. Remove the Steering Wheel

Remove the dashboard to replace the existing steering wheel. Unscrew everything to do it.

2. Wire the New Steering Wheel

The heated steering wheel has wires. Plug it into the fuse box.

3. Check the Manual

Look at the manual to be sure that the heated steering wheel is wired properly.

To know more about installing a heated steering wheel, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

Do You Need a Heated Steering Wheel?

The heated steering wheel has good benefits. You will not drive with cold hands if you will have it.

It is expensive and you may not need it. But it is a good feature for your car.


Can a Heated Steering Wheel Be Added?

As part of the specification, you can have a heated steering wheel from the factory. Or you can get an aftermarket which can be placed in any vehicle.

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Can You Buy a Heated Steering Wheel?

Yes, if you want you can buy an aftermarket heated steering wheel.

How Do I Warm Up My Steering Wheel?

You can tuck a hand warmer into your palm. Or you can buy a heated steering wheel.

Are Heated Steering Wheel Covers Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. It even helps drivers with arthritic hands and fingers. It gives the need for power.

What Can a Heated Steering Wheel Do?

You can prevent potential safety issues by using a heated steering wheel. The steering wheel can be covered, keeping your hands warm which can make you drive with ease.

Can You Add a Heated Steering Wheel to a BMW?

You have to switch the steering wheel and do coding. Sometimes, you just have to add the switch.

Are Heated Steering Wheels Nice?

You can have four benefits from the heated steering wheel that makes it nice.

  • You can have comfort on cold days.
  • You will have an increased grip on the wheel.
  • It will protect your wheel from tearing.
  • It gives faster heat-up time.

What Was the First Car with a Heated Steering Wheel?

The first car with a heated steering wheel is the 1966 Cadillac de Ville. Today, many cars have been using heated steering wheels.

Do Subarus have a heated steering wheel?

Subarus have heated and ventilated front seats, with a heated steering wheel. It gives year-round comfort.

Are Steering Wheel Covers Good?

The steering wheel cover gives a good grip on the wheel. Your steering wheel will not also wear out easily because of the cover.

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