Can You Drive A Car With A Broken Drive Shaft [What Happens]

A driveshaft is an essential part of your car. Its job is to transfer the torque from the car’s engine to the wheels or axle. That is how the car would now be able to move. 

When the drive shaft is broken, it means that the wheels do not get the power. As such, it becomes impossible to drive a car. With no power, the car would not even move. 

A drive shaft can fail over time mostly due to age. If your car has been around for a while, then it may be close to breaking. In the past, the drive shaft lacked protective coatings and hardening. That has changed right now that you easily find drive shafts that last longer. 

Another reason a driveshaft might fail is because of accidents. Depending on the impact, the driveshaft may break. Also, try not to hit curbs or potholes all the time as it may weaken the performance of the drive shaft. 

Here is how a driveshaft works

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What Happens When Your Drive Shaft Breaks While Driving?

This should not be something a person wishes for. Well, here are a few things that may possibly go wrong when the drive shaft breaks while driving.

Makes it hard to control the car

You may find it hard to control the car when the drive shaft breaks suddenly. The worst is when it breaks near the rear axle as your car’s rear becomes uncontrollable. 

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Another scenario is that your transmission may also be affected since it is connected to the drive shaft. If you are not quick to react, you can find yourself in an accident. 

Rolling over is possible 

A driver trying to take control of a car that has just lost its driveshaft can also easily roll the car. This is if the driver was at a high speed. It is best to always drive the car at a speed you can easily control in case of an emergency. 

Damage to other cars

People driving close to you may still be in danger. The broken bits of the drive shaft can be sent flying. That is how other cars can also get damaged. If someone was tailgating you, he or she might end up also in an accident that could have been avoided. 

How to Avoid Drive Shaft Damage

Sometimes prevention is the best way to go. Keep in mind that a drive shaft is like any other moving part of the vehicle. For this reason, it needs to be serviced just like other parts. 

Have it inspected more often each time you do your regular service. This can help in understanding the condition of the driveshaft and knowing when it is necessary to have it replaced. 

Watch out for the signs of a worn driveshaft such as those shown in this video. 

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Is it expensive to replace a driveshaft?

It may cost between $150 to $700 depending on the model of the car.

Can you repair a drive shaft?

It often depends on the extent of the damage. Most mechanics do not recommend having it repaired to be on the safe side. 

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Does a drive shaft need replacing more often?

No. It might even take up to 100,000 miles before you can replace it. Just have it inspected regularly to be sure.

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