Can You Drive Long Distance With A Patched Tire

Can You Drive Long Distance With A Patched Tire

If you patch a tire using a high-quality plug and patch kit, expect the repair to last as long as the tire’s lifetime.

This also means that you followed the instructions from the manufacturer to patch the tire correctly, or you had it done professionally at a tire shop. 

Considering just how important it is to have good tires, it is always best to use high-quality kits for tire repairs.

The last thing you need is a blowout or leaks again from the same tire after a few days of repair. 

A tire repair kit will likely cost you around $10 to $20 in a local retailer or online shop. This is not expensive; thus no need to take shortcuts with your tire repair. 

Here is a video on how to patch a tire

Does the Tire Patch Last Long?

As mentioned before, if you have the tire patched correctly, it should hold air pressure for the remaining lifetime of the punctured tire.

However, a few things might also affect the performance of the patch. Here is what you need to know. 

  • Modern tire manufacturers recommend that you can only patch the injury to the tire if it is within the tread face. In the past, you could get people patching holes on the sidewall, but that has changed a lot with these new tires. 
  • Take note of the size of the injury. You can only patch the tire puncture if it is a ¼ of an inch or less. Anything larger means that you have to replace the tire with a new one. 
  • Whenever possible, get your tire repair system or kit from the same manufacturer instead of mixing products from different brands. Each manufacturer would have a kit with all the vital tools you need to patch your tire. 
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Safety Risks of Patching a Tire

If the patch is installed correctly, you never have to worry about any safety risks. Whenever you are unsure of what to do, simply have the tire repaired at a shop where you have personnel with experience and expertise in doing it right. 

Chances are, some people might decide to patch a sidewall. That is not recommended because it does not have cords. The cords help give the tires enough strength to keep them on the road. 

You should know that a patched tire is susceptible to a blowout or bulging with time. So, it is best to avoid patching it in the first place.

Here is another video on repairing your punctured tire


How long will a tire patch take to dry?

It should take an average of 10 minutes to dry, and the tire is ready for use. Make sure to remove all the air bubbles to have it installed correctly. 

Should you drive at high speeds on a patched tire?

If the patching was done right, there is no problem driving fast on a patched tire. It should still work like any other normal tire. 

Is a tire patch strong?

Yes. The patch is stronger than a plug. That is why the tire repair kits will have both the plug and patch parts to ensure the repair can hold.