Can You Drive with a Nail in Your Tire? [Complete Guide]

Nails get into our tires sometimes. It is one of the unexpected things that can happen when we drive.

But when this happens, can you go on driving? Even with a nail in your tire?

The simple answer is yes. You can still drive with a nail in your tire.

Sometimes, we can go on driving without realizing that there is a nail in our tire. When a small nail is lodged in a tire, air does not escape and we never notice that it has gotten in our tire.

Nails are also difficult to see when they are in the tire. Sometimes, we will just know that they are there when we get a tire service or when we will replace our tires.

So, it is possible to drive with a nail in your tire. But if you have already discovered the nail in your tire, you should replace your tire.

Yes, you can drive short distances with a nail on your tire. But you should think about your safety.

Want to know how you can get a nail out of your tire? You can watch the following video:

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Consequences of Driving with a Nail in Your Tire

  • The tire will eventually lose air. It needs to be patched or replaced.
  • The tire will be flat. Having one flat tire is not safe.
  • The rim can be damaged.
  • You can experience a blowout.

How to Fix a Nail in Your Tire

1. Use the Spare Tire

If you have a spare tire, you can use it to replace your tire. Get your tools and replace the tire with a nail in it.

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2. Fix the Tire with a Self-Healing Glue

The self-healing glue is a good measure to repair your tire. Remove the nail in your tire.

After that, inject the glue.

3. Seal the Leak with a Patch

A good method is to patch your tire. You do not have to remove the tire.

Pull the nail and patch the tire with the plug kit.

Want to know how you can fix the tire with a plug kit? Watch the following video:

4. Use a Spray Foam Rubber

Pull the nail out of the tire. You can use a claw hammer.

After getting the nail out, spray the foam rubber. Plug the holes.


How Long Can You Drive with a Nail in Your Tire?

You can drive a few hundred yards before your tire becomes fully destroyed. You should drive slowly with a speed of only 20 mph.

What Should You Do If There is a Nail in Your Tire?

  • Immediately check the tire pressure.
  • Fix the tire
  • Get a new tire

Should I Get a New Tire After My Tire is Punctured with a Nail?

You can repair the tire but there is a limit. If the damage is more than ¼ inch in diameter, you should get a new tire.

If the nail is just small, you may not have to get a new tire. Usually, it will not get through the tire tread.

Can I Drive After Pulling the Nail in the Tire?

Yes, because it is better to pull the nail as soon as possible. You should drive with a nail in your tire.

Though you can drive short distances with a nail in your tire, it will not be safe to do it. It can cause danger even to other drivers on the road.

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Is It Bad to Drive with a Nail in Your Tire?

A nail in your tire can be a cause of a blowout. You should change your tire immediately.

Always drive with a good set of tires. It is for your safety.

Will a Tire Burst If There is a Nail in it?

When there is a nail in your tire, it can burn out and explode. Accidents will be possible because of the overloaded tire.

If a Nail Punctured My Tire, How Long Does It Take Before It Will Be Flat?

If the nail is big, it only takes a matter of seconds before your tire will be flat. So, you have to be watchful so that nails will not get in your tires.

What is the Cost to Get the Nail Out of My Tire?

If you go to an auto repair shop to have your punctured tire repaired, you can spend $10 to $20. The cost depends on the size of the puncture.

When Can a Nail in the Tire Be Repairable?

It can be repaired if the puncture is in the center of the tread area. If the damage is near the sidewall, it is irreparable.

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