Can You Inflate a Car Tire with a Bike Pump?

If you have a car, you surely know that tires get flat sometimes. And sometimes, you can find yourself having a bike pump only to inflate the car tire.

Is this possible? Can a bike pump inflate a car tire?

Well, you should know that inflating a car tire with a bike pump happens. Though this may not be easy to do.

The weight of the car can give stress to the bike pump. You may have to use a car jack.

But after raising the car, you can inflate it with a bike pump. Use the pump to fill it with air.

Know more about inflating a car tire with a bike pump by watching the following video:

Inflate Your Car Tires With A Bike Pump! | Handy Hudsonite

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How to Inflate a Car Tire with a Bike Pump

Bike pumps were invented in or around 1887. It can pump tires with a pressure rating of 90-120 psi or 35-60 psi.

But how can you use a bike pump to inflate your car? You can learn from the following steps:

1. Make the Necessary Preparations

First, park the car on a flat surface. Be aware of the recommended PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch).

You can find it written in the tire rubber or the car’s manual. This can make you know how you can inflate your car tire properly.

2. Check the Tire Pressure

Get a pressure gauge. Go to the standard maintenance procedure.

You can remove grime or dirt first on the tire valve. This can make you get an accurate reading.

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If you want to know more about how to check the tire pressure, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

3. Prepping to Pump

Remove valve caps. Put it in a safe place so dirt cannot get in it.

4. Inflate car Tires with a Bike Pump

Attach the pump to the tire valve. Press the pump firmly, raising the lever to inflate the car tires.

You can hear air escaping. Continue to pump up the tire.

Check the tire pressure at regular intervals. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to PSI.

It can take some time before the tire will be fully inflated. Adjust the tire pressure according to the recommendations.

Inflate the other tires.

5. Troubleshoot problems

Verify if the pump is securely fastened. No air should escape.

Inspect the hose of the pump. Find if there are any leaks.

Types of Bicycle Pumps

You should know the types of bike pumps to know their compatibility with your car tire. We can share with you the two most common bike pumps.


How Long Will It Take for a Bike Pump to Inflate a Car Tire?

It may take some time to pump up a car tire using a bike pump. It will take you 10-15 minutes to have the pressure that you need.

What is the Best Way to Inflate Tires Quickly?

You should first unscrew the cap. Check the low-pressure tire.

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Move the valve cap to the left. Connect the tire gauge.

Put pressure on it. Begin to have the airflow.

Is Driving with Low Tire Pressure Good?

If the tire pressure is a little low, it is safe to drive a few miles. But you need to add air.

If the pressure is very low, the tire may fail. It can result in a dangerous blowout.

How Can I Fix Low Tire Pressure?

You can do the following to fix low tire pressure:

  • Unscrew the valve stem cap. Remove the cover of the steel rim.
  • Measure the existing pressure. Press the tire gauge on the valve stem and push hard.
  • After measuring the tire pressure, compare it to the recommended tire pressure.
  • Inflate the tire with an air pump. Check the pressure every 15-30 seconds.

What Does Low Tire Pressure Feel Like?

When you push your hand onto the tire, you will feel its pressure. The pressure is low if the tire is soft and squishy.

It is overinflated if it feels hard.  

Why is My Tire Losing Air Overnight?

There may be a hole in the tread. Maybe something sharp has gotten into the tire.

Can a Tire Explode from Too Much Air?

If the tire is overinflated, it may explode. If you pump up more than 200 psi of air pressure, it will surely explode.

Which is Better? An Overinflated Tire or an Underinflated Tire?

The tire pressure affects the safety and comfort of your driving. You must know that it is better to have an overinflated tire than an underinflated tire.

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