Why Does My Car Sounds Like A Motorcycle When Starting [7 Reasons]

If your car sounds like a motorcycle, then there must be damage to the engine, exhaust system, belt, or transmission.

Unexpected motorbike sounds or screeches from the engine bay may be heard, as well as a grind and tremor from the gearbox. 

In some cases, quiet is the worst sound. The vehicle becomes inoperable when you start the engine.

Reasons Why Your Car Sounds Unusual

YouTube video

Sometimes, people ignore the warning signs their cars give. Have a mechanic check your car immediately when you notice something is off. 

This video shows the same problem with the Suzuki Grand Vitara. It also includes problem-solving using fabrication and mechanical skills.

In general, there are different reasons why your car sounds unusual. Here are the following causes:

  1. There is some sort of deterioration in the car’s engine. It might be a loose bearing, damaged valves or pistons, etc.
  2. The destruction of the exhaust system may have produced the sound, especially when accelerating.
  3. The car’s belt is damaged, resulting in loud noises when it takes turns or accelerates.
  4. The drivetrain system produces unusual noises when it is damaged. Sometimes, its components can have tears. 
  5. You should also check if the car wheels are loose. Sometimes people ignore this problem because it is easy to fix, yet it is dangerous. 
  6. Monitoring the tire and the pressure is also a good action. Often, the inflation of the car tires is not enough, or it is too much. 
  7. The brakes are one of the important components of the vehicle. Maybe the brakes needed to repair the wheel bearing might be failing.
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Top Five Most Common Vehicle Repairs

If you do not know how to fix your car’s system, a mechanic might be needed to save the day. When you hire a person who knows mechanical engineering, you’ll ensure that your car is in good hands.

  1. Make sure to keep engines well-lubricated. The oil changing of the car is important because the oil lubricates the engine’s components, helping it run smoother. 
  2. The filters should be regularly cleaned. Debris and dust, despite their small sizes, can still damage your car components.
  3. Most people do not want to stop at the side of the road because of a tire problem. A healthy habit is to monitor and test the tire before going on a road trip.
  4. You might also want to go easy on the brakes. Check and try the brake system, including pads, shoes, fluid, drums, and calipers.
  5. Schedule to clean and maintain your engine’s good capacity. Do not wait for it to be damaged before you act. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my automobile have a chopper-like sound?

Your brakes or wheel bearings may be malfunctioning.

A warped caliper or rotor, faults with the parking brake, or simply a faulty brake can all generate a helicopter-like sound when driving.

Why is my automobile now making a lot of noise?

An engine that suddenly becomes louder than usual is typically begging for assistance. The engine rumbles most of the time because of an underlying issue. 

Simple issues like dirty spark plugs might lead to more major issues, like a malfunctioning muffler or catalytic converter.

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Is it possible that an uneven tire causes noise?

Tires with mismatched tread depths make loud noises while driving. Typically, sounds caused by uneven wear will come from one tire.

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