Champion vs. Predator Inverter Generator: Which is Best?

The inverter generators came to revolutionize how we enjoy using generators.

With the introduction of inverter generators, people could now access generators that are compact, easy to use, and fuel efficient.

Some of such generators are the Champion 3100-watt portable inverter generator and the Predator 3500-watt inverter generator.

With many positive features from these two generators, it can be intriguing to learn what more they can offer the user. That is what we look at in this guide. Let us get into it already.

What to Consider

Understand Your Wattage Needs

Before you can pick the right inverter generator, look at the wattage needs. This will determine the size of generator power output that would be perfect for your needs.

To get the total wattage, look at the power rating of each appliance that you need to connect to the inverter generator. List and total them to get the size of the generator that you need.

If the total wattage is around 2500watts, then the generator should be 3000 watts. This gives room for operation and avoids cases of overloads.

The Budget

The budget is another consideration to always keep in mind.

What you are willing to spend on a generator determines what kind of generator you would get for the money.

What most people tend to forget is that there is so much you can get even when you are on a small budget. You can get some manufacturers giving you a quality inverter generator that does not cost much.

It is why you need to look at the features that you get for the money. It is easy for you to end up with a great generator for less money.

The Power Output

It goes without saying that the power output is always going to be a paramount consideration for anyone who wants an inverter generator.

The power output varies from one model to another with some having more power output even at an affordable price.

When looking at the power output consider the starting watts and the running watts. A generator might be rated 3000 watts, but the running watts would be 2800 watts. So, make sure that you always get the right generator depending on your electrical load.


The overall runtime is important for anyone who is looking for a generator. The runtime is the amount of time the generator can run continuously on a single tank of gas.

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This time will vary a lot. Some can run for 8 hours while others can do the same for 15 hours.

The size of the tank, the load capacity, and engine technology determine the runtime of a generator.

When you increase the load capacity, then it is easy for you to see that the engine will consume more fuel and less runtime.

Nevertheless, pick the best generator with a high time so that you do not have to keep refueling it.

Ease of Use

The generator control panel will often determine how hard or easy it would be to use the generator. There are some models that would be hard to use on overall. We recommend that you take your time to check out what other people say about the generator.

The good news is that most manufacturers today understand the importance of setting up intuitive controls. This allows for people to use their generators a lot more easily.


Safety is important for you to consider when buying a generator. Depending on the model, it is likely to come with a few safety features that the manufacturer would implement to protect the generator.

One of the most common safety features would be having an overload protection circuit. This protects the generator from damage when the user connects too many electronics more than its rated power output.

So, always look at what are the available safety options that come with the generator. For additional safety, you should get a quality generator extension cord. 

Noise Level

There is no doubt you would have to deal with the noise that a generator produces. That is not a problem when you get a super quiet generator.

So, how would you know it is a quiet generator? Look at the rated noise level by the manufacturer. For a model with a noise level around 60dBA, then you would know it is a quiet generator.

Sometimes the reviews about the inverter generator can shed more light on the noise it produces while in operation. So, you might want to check it out.

Inverter Technology

Since you might be in the market for an inverter generator, you should consider the inverter technology. This is important to ensure that you get yourself the best generator to deliver the power you need.

The inverter is important for DC to AC power conversion. It is also important for ensuring you get clean power to sensitive electronics. For most household items, you need to supply them with clean and stable power.

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With the right inverter technology, your electronics would always be protected.

Let’s Compare

Champion 3100-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion Power Equipment brand has made some of the most affordable generators in the market right now. Just because their generators are affordable, it does not mean it would not live up to your needs.

That is what we will see when you opt for the Champion 3100-watt portable inverter generator. Below are its features.

Quick Touch Panel

This is one of the easiest generators to operate in the market with its quick touch panel.

It is from this panel that you can access all the controls with ease. You will find that most of the controls are intuitive and easy to use compared to some other generators.

The manual that comes with the unit will help you understand how best to use the generator. Being user-friendly, you should find it easy to start and use even when you are a newbie.


The unit is designed to be compact and lightweight. Looking at its dimensions, we find it is ideal for home use, RVs, or campsites. Even when you are carrying other supplies in your RV, it is always easy to find space for it.

As for the weight, the unit weighs 94.6 pounds. For many, it will always be easy to move the unit around. You can set it up in an area that you want when it is a lightweight generator.

YouTube video

Quiet Operation

When buying a generator, the noise level would be one of the considerations that you make. It is worth mentioning that this unit offers a super quiet operation that you will love.

Yes. This unit produces a noise level of 58 dBA, which is perfect for RV use or tailgating. There is no doubt that this kind of sound level would not be irritating your neighbors at a campsite.

Many should also feel comfortable using the same for their homes considering its low noise output.

Even with the low noise of operation, we find that it produces an impressive power output. The power is 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts.

Looking at the runtime, the manufacturer claims that you can get up to 8 hours of run time on a single tank of gas. This should be perfect for those who want to run the generator for long hours.

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Clean and Stable Power

The inverter technology of this generator produces the clean power that you need for powering sensitive electronics.

The inverter keeps the power THD lower than 3%. There is no doubt it would be a safe and stable power source for the different electronics that you need to run.

Economy Mode Available

This is a nice feature that the generator has right now. With the economy mode, the unit can reduce the electrical load when the demand is low.

The reduction of the electrical load subsequently reduces the noise level. You will now end up with a quieter generator, save on fuel, and extend the engine life.

The Champion Support

One of the reasons anyone would go for the Champion generator is the support that comes with the brand.

The manufacturer claims that you can get free lifetime technical support from its dedicated experts. In case you have any issue with the generator, you can get the right technical help that you need.

As for the warranty, you will get a 3-year warranty which should be perfect for you. Make sure you understand the terms of the warranty before signing up for it.

Predator 3500 Super Inverter Generator

If you need more power, then you might want to consider the Predator 3500 super inverter generator. This kind of generator is built to deliver on quality performance, ease of use, and much more.

So, other than having more power, what else would you love about the unit? Below we will look at its other features in detail.

The Engine

The model comes with a nice engine designed to run for longer giving you all the power that you need.

It comes with a 212cc air-cooled OHV engine. The engine is designed to use less fuel while at the same time offering more power for the engine.

Talking of power, the engine produces 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts. For its power output, it is going to be an ideal engine to handle multiple electronics connected to it.

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As for the runtime, we find that the model can run for 11 hours on a single tank of gas. This should be a great model for anyone interested in a generator that can power the house for hours without refueling.

Remember that this runtime is when the generator is running at 25% capacity. So, it can reduce when the load is significantly increased.

Ease of Use

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The panel on overall is easy to use. You never have to deal with complicated controls like you would with other generators in the market.

Also, there is a digital LCD screen that shows you all the information that you need to learn more about the generator. The information on the screen includes low oil, overload, and output light indicators.

Casters for Portability

The unit weighs around 99 pounds. As much as it is not the heaviest inverter generator, it would be nice to get all the help to move it around.

To make it easier in terms of portability, it comes with caster wheels. The casters are smooth-rolling so you would not feel the generator being heavy.

Noise Level

How about the noise level? Well, this model does not make a lot of noise when in operation.

For most people, this is a super quiet generator because it generates a noise level of 57 dBA. It should be easy to have a conversation around the generator without shouting your lungs out.

Electronic Overload Protection

The electronic overload protection is a nice addition to the many features of the generator.

With this protection feature, the generator will turn off when it senses there is an overload. This is important to protect the generator from any damage to the engine and other components.

There are those who might not know how to correctly use the generator. With this protection, the generator should last longer.

Electric Start

The electric start is what you want in such newer generators. Luckily, that is what you get with this model. It is all about making your life easier operating it.

You will always find it easy to start and use the generator. Unlike the conventional methods of starting a generator, this one stands out for being easy to get going.


What is the build quality of a Champion generator like?

Based on thousands of reviews about the Champion generators, it is easy to say that the build quality is great. This is because many people have had a great time using such generators.

Also, having one of the best support teams makes the brand one of the best in the market. Many more people would be interested in getting a Champion generator because they have access to the best technical team.

What kind of oil do inverter-generators use?

The oil recommendation will vary from one brand to another. So, it is best to follow the maintenance guide of the manufacturer.

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In most cases, you are required to use synthetic oil to keep the engine running great. The use of 5W-30 synthetic oil should help in starting and running the engine smoothly.

Is the Predator Generator noisy?

Since the amount of noise is what you consider when buying a generator, it is good to know that the Predator Generator is a quiet unit. It is rated to have a noise level of around 57 dBA. This amount of noise is not the worst as it is the same as having a conversation.

For such a noise level, you can use the generator for home use without the noise level being irritating.

What is the runtime of a Predator 3500 generator?

The generator has a runtime of 11 hours at 25% capacity. This should be a great generator for those who want to use the generator overnight on a single tank.

If you increase the load capacity, the runtime can reduce.

What is the smart economy mode on the Champion 3100-watt generator?

This is when the generator reduces the electrical load to provide you with a quieter operation. There is no need to run the generator at a high speed when the load is low.

In addition, the economy mode also extends the engine life and improves the fuel economy.


Both models in the guide above are affordable inverter generators. It is for this reason; you can get either model and still save money rather than purchasing some other models. Even if they are affordable, they are both built for performance, quality, and much more.

If you were to settle for one, then the Predator 3500-watt super quiet inverter generator is a nice choice. It produces more power, it has better fuel efficiency, and the runtime is also better. There is no doubt many would find it is a better value for the money.

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