Champion vs. Yamaha Portable Inverter Generator

Yamaha is a world class brand known for the various products that it makes. Today, we will focus more on the brand’s generators.

The generator in question is the EF3000iS model. It is a highly desirable unit as we will see later in the guide.

To help compare it further, there is the Champion 3400-watt dual-fuel inverter generator.

This one offers more power output while you get to spend less money. It should be interesting to see how people get to choose between the two models.

Before we can check out the reviews, let us first look at the important considerations for buying an inverter generator.

What to Consider

The Power Output

The overall power output should be something you always keep in mind. This is because it will determine if the generator is enough to handle your electrical load.

For a model that delivers around 3000watts of running power, it should be good for multiple appliances in the house, RV, or campsite.

The manufacturer will proudly display the power output, so it should not be something that you spend too much time looking for.

So, before you can buy an inverter generator, you should then consider looking at your electrical load and then make that decision.


The generators are not known for being compact or lightweight machines. It is why you also have to keep in mind the portability that you get with a model.

One thing about portability is that it can easily be enhanced by having wheels on a generator. These wheels will make your work easier when it comes to moving it around a lot easier.

Get a model that gives you the best quality in terms of wheels. The last thing you need is a model that can crumble the wheels because of the generator’s weight.

The size of the generator will affect its portability also. If you can get a compact generator, then it would be easier to transport it.


The reliability is important to get you enjoying using an inverter generator for years without worrying so much about repairing it.

To understand reliability, always look at the model’s build quality. An inverter generator built using high quality materials will always leave you with a quality model. You can never go wrong with a well-built generator.

The warranty years can also give you an idea of what you are buying. If a model has more than two years of warranty, it gives you the idea that it would last for long and the manufacturer can replace the faulty parts within the warranty period.

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Noise Level

The noise level can be an important determinant too. If you are going to use the generator in a home setting, then you want one that has the lowest noise level.

Luckily, more manufacturers are making quieter generators. This is because you can now get a model that has the same noise output as you would when having a normal conversation.

So long as the noise level is below 70 dBA, it should give you the peace that you need to have a generator running in your compound.


Bodies such as the EPA and CARB are always insisting on companies make low-emission engines. This ensures that you end up with a generator that has low emissions.

Look at the specifications to see if the model that you want is EPA or CARB-compliant. This helps you to pick the right inverter generator with low emissions.

Stable Power Supply

You are likely to come across this type of word more often when looking at inverter generators. This is because it determines if the inverter generator is good for your sensitive electronics or not.

Look at the product description to see if the manufacturer would recommend using the unit for sensitive electronics. If that is the case, then it would be an ideal inverter generator to own.

The manufacturer’s word is not enough. You have to also look at the reviews of the unit. If other people claim it is not the best for sensitive electronics, then you might have to reconsider your decision.

Overall Runtime

This is one thing that you cannot overlook at the moment. This is because it would determine how often you have to refuel your generator.

The runtime we can say that it largely varies from one generator to another. Some can have an impressive runtime of up to 18 hours on a single fuel tank.

As much as some models would run for long, this is determined by the amount of load running on the generator. If the generator has more loads running, then you should find that it will not have the best runtime.

Look at what the manufacturer claims to be its runtime then compare this to other models in the same price range.

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Let’s Compare

Champion 3400-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Even those that might be on a budget would want something that delivers on their power needs. That is what you get with the Champion 3400-watt portable inverter generator. It is designed to be one of the best in its performance.

Other than being affordable, below are more reasons you would want to get the unit for yourself.

Dual Fuel Capability

It should be interesting to find out that this model comes with the option of dual fuel capability. This is because the inverter generator can operate both on gasoline and propane.

There is no doubt this would be a nice feature to help you work with what is available. Take camping as an example. You might end up running out of gas, so you have the option of using propane too.

To switch from one fuel type to the other requires only turning a selector dial. You should find it easy to switch from one mode to another.

YouTube video

The Power

Looking at the power output, we find it quite interesting that such a compact generator can deliver 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts.

This kind of power is what you need when you have more equipment that you need to power on overall.

Some might be interested in knowing its runtime. Well, the manufacturer claims that it would run for 7.5 hours when handling the load at 25%. This is a great model for those who want to maximize more on its runtime to power more appliances.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Another thing you are going to like about this unit should be that it is ultra-quiet in its operation. It produces an average sound of 59 dBA making it perfect for homes, RVs, and camping.

The next time you need to power your home without necessarily making a lot of noise, then you should consider this option.

Of its noise level, it is easy to have a normal conversation with another person without necessarily shouting.

Clean and Stable Power Output

When powering your appliances, you need something that delivers clean power. Such power is important for sensitive electronics.

It is RV ready considering that it comes with a 120 30A RV outlet plus two other 120 20A household outlets.

We say that its power is clean because the THD value is less than 3 percent. You can now enjoy clean and stable power without being afraid that your sensitive electronics might get damaged.

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Impressive Customer Support

With many companies not having the best customer support, we find this to be an ideal option to get right now. This is because the company’s customer support team will always offer the technical support that you need.

Speaking to a knowledgeable expert about your generator helps in getting all the right answers that you might need to get the machine working great again.

Convenient Electric Start

Looking at the starting options, the model comes with a 3-position ignition switch. This allows for the convenient starting of the generator. It will be up and running in no time compared to some models that might have more starting issues.

Yamaha EF3000iS Portable Inverter

YouTube video

Yamaha is all about being smart in the design and performance of their generators. That is what you will enjoy with the Yamaha EF3000iS generator. It is built to last for longer and give you the right performance for your money.

If you are now intrigued to try it out, check out its features below.

Best Emission Ratings

The emission ratings can matter to many users in this day and era. The good news is that the model comes as EPA and CARB emissions are compliant. This should give you the satisfaction that the unit does not pollute a lot.

Since Yamaha is one of the brands that has the best emission engine life ratings, then you can be comfortable using it for years to come.

Noise Block Feature

Well, the noise level of an inverter generator can determine if a person would get it or not. Since it produces a sound level of 53 to 60 dBA, it should be perfect for any environment.

Some have likened this noise level to what a normal conversation would be when talking to another person. As such, it should be a nice generator to have around a home or even a camping site.

The manufacturer achieves this low noise feature by having the sound-absorbing material in key locations. As a result, the sound does not resonate.

The new muffler and fan design help to keep the noise level to a minimum too.

Longer Run time

The long run time is another top reason why someone would want to get this inverter generator. This is because the model can deliver an impressive 18.6 hours of operation on a single tank.

We must point out that this run time is based on the load running on the generator. You are likely to achieve this when the load is at 25%.

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The increase in the load size will affect the overall run time. So, that is something you should keep in mind when adding more loads to the generator.

Intelligent Inverter System

Looking at the inverter system, we find it being one of the most intelligent in the market. This is because it can deliver the clean power that your sensitive gadgets need to run efficiently.

It is for this inverter system, we recommend the generator to power even your laptops and get them fully charged up.

Wheels for Portability

Having wheels makes it a portable unit. Considering that the model weighs 136 pounds, it should be easy to see why many would want it to have wheels.

These wheels also have parking brakes. The idea is to keep the generator from accidentally rolling away when you are running it.

The Engine and Power

For many, the engine of an inverter generator is always going to be a deal breaker for them. No one wants to end up with an engine that does not deliver the best power.

For this unit, you get an output of 3000 watts as the starting power and 2800 watts as the running power. There is no doubt you would find the power being enough to handle several of your appliances.

Looking at the engine, it is a 171cc overhead valve engine. Thanks to this design, it can reduce its noise significantly. Also, it has more reliability and consumes less oil compared to other units.

It is easy to see that you would have an easy time maintaining this type of engine.


How long can a Champion generator run on propane?

The manufacturer claims that it would run an average of 14.5 hours producing a total of 2790 watts as the running watts. This is when it is loaded with a 20-pound propane tank.

What size of inverter generator would be ideal for a house?

Getting an inverter generator of capacity 3000 watts and above can be great for powering your house. This is because you can have a lot more devices running at the same time using the generator power.

Just make sure that the generator is not overloaded at any time you are using it. Do a proper system sizing of the components you would be using to ensure you get the right generator size.

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Is the Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator silent?

This generator can produce a noise level of up to 60dBA. This is depending on the load on the generator.

For its noise level, it can be easy to see that it would be great to have a conversation around it too. As such, it is a low noise generator many people would enjoy having in their homes.

Are EPA and CARB emission ratings important?

Yes. The compliance helps you to know if the generator is good when it comes to keeping the emissions to a minimum.

Depending on the engine technology, it is always possible to see different ratings based on their emissions. It should be nice to have a great engine that does not pollute the environment too much.

What is a dual fuel inverter generator?

This is a type of generator that can use both gas and propane to power the generator. When one fuel source is low or empty, you simply switch to the other and you are good to go.

With two types of fuel available, such a generator would be great in terms of versatility.


This will not be the easiest decision someone makes about inverter generators. On one hand, the Champion model gives you more power at a less price, while on the other hand, the Yamaha model has more brand backing on its side.

For someone who is on a budget but still wants the best inverter generator, then the Champion 3400-watt unit should be ideal. It can be a budget buy but still perform just as well as other expensive units.

Those who want Yamaha reliability, performance, and quality, then the EF3000iS unit can be a nice choice. It might be more expensive, but you are getting one of the best inverter generators on the market.

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