Craftsman Vs Ryobi Cordless Drill [Complete Guide]

If ever you want to know which brand is the best when it comes to cordless drills then we want to share with you that Craftsman and Ryobi are our only top choices in this article because they simply offer exceptional value for your hard-earned money.

Both brands offer impressive features for all of their products; hence they are very prominent companies on the planet.

The takeaway here is that if you are weaving through the many cordless drill reviews out there, then you should stay tuned.

What you will not see in this article are reviews on unreliable cordless drills. Weak and underperforming power tools are not worth the discussion and don’t really belong in anyone’s arsenal.

However, the thing here is that it shouldn’t have to be the most expensive just to be classified as the best drill.

Now, which brand is the best, Craftsman or Ryobi? Well, that actually depends on what you’re looking for, especially for your needs.

But if you want to have some basic as well as crucial knowledge then make sure you read on!

Ryobi vs. Craftsman Cordless Drill

1. Ryobi P271 One+ 18 Volt Lithium Ion 1/2 Inch 2-Speed Drill Driver (Batteries Not Included / Power Tool Only)

Drill drivers are the primary power tool to have in your arsenal. It is a huge necessity for most renovation or construction projects.

For homeowners or do-it-yourself enthusiasts, the Ryobi P271 is the tool for you. Adjust this drill’s torque to suit the job with its 24-position clutch.

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Also, thanks to its keyless chuck, users can easily change bits without using any extra tools.

Now you can swap between driving screws and boring holes without setting the drill down at all. Making these bit switches is much easier because of the onboard magnetic storage unit at the base of the drill.

With this, you can keep whatever you need for the driving job in one place.

If this power tool is not convenient enough, users can use whatever Ryobi battery they have available to power this impressive power tool.

Either the One plus system li-ion batteries or the older Ni-Cads can suffice. From simple repairs to complex construction or assembly projects, users need to get this cordless drill.

Furthermore, the Ryobi P271 is a good cordless drill with plenty of value for the price. It comes with a ½ inch keyless chuck so users can use a much wider variety of bits compared to a 3/8 inch drill.

Again, it also comes with 24 clutch settings, a 2-speed transmission for the best accuracy possible, and a variable-speed-reversible trigger.

To boost precise driving and drilling, Ryobi included a spirit bubble on the top of this drill.

That is really convenient if you are using a pistol-grip drill like this one since they’re much harder to balance. This way you can keep an eye on the bubble to aid you to keep the cordless drill balance.

Aside from that, the 2-speed transmission comes with a low gear speed of up to 440RPM and a high gear of up to 1600 RPM. Obviously, those are top speeds without a load.

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The top torque is 340 inches per pound. It sounds low, however, user reviews are full of feedback about how this cordless drill comes with lots of power for their needs.

Both of these cordless drill drivers give options across 2-speeds and 24-clutch settings. This allows a wide range of versatility in sped and torque and lets the kind of control that permits a tool to shift effortlessly between driving screws to take apart furniture in just a matter of seconds.

In addition, both also feature magnetic strips that let an operator stick the bits they will need and even additional screws on the power tool without needing to stop to hunt that stuff up.

These two power tools are virtually identical in price. The tiny listed difference between the two is such that on any given day, things might actually flip and be the other way around.

Usually, if this is the condition, you must look at the batteries which usually separate the two. In this case, both belong to Ryobi’s vast One plus family of power tools.

Not only are the batteries in the same price range, but they also utilize the same batteries and similar chargers.

Just a smidge smaller compared to the P208, this Ryobi P271 is just that much more compact and more maneuverable into place.

As part of the Ryobi One+ system, it is part of a highly versatile system that shares power sources with a vast range of power tools. If it comes with an LED lighting system to illuminate job sites, it would be even more wonderful.

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      • Comes with an excellent warranty offer
      • Compatible with all ONE+ 18 volts batteries
      • Forward/reverse switch serves as a safety lock-off in the middle position
      • User manual comes in Spanish, French, and English
      • Drill weighs 3.1 lbs. as a bare tool without any battery
      • Versatile when it comes to torque, and motor speed
      • Convenient storage with the magnetic bit holder so you can keep all of your additional screws and drill bits in one place


      • You need to rotate the torque dial to get to the drill mode
      • Chuck tends to get loose during use
      • Doesn’t come with any LED lighting system

2. Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 1/2 Inch Drill/Driver Model 5275.1 (Bare Tool, No Battery or Charger Included)

Get your project done efficiently and fast with this cordless drill from Craftsman.

The C3 Cordless drill kit comes with a 2-speed gearbox for either high torque or high-speed applications of 0 to 350 and 0 to 1300 revolutions per minute no load 21-position adjustable torque clutch and a powerful motor.

It generates up to 300 inches per pound of torque to handle most of your drilling needs which ultimately lets the bit halt at various torque settings to prevent overdriving screws ½ inch single sleeve and keyless chuck to hand tighten bits securely without any key built-in LED lighting system for work in low.

Craftsman, which is now under Stanley Black and Decker ownership, launched a new line of V20 cordless power tools with reasonable prices and modern designs. There are also signs that they will do the same with a V12 lineup.

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Stanley Black and Decker obtained the brand for plenty of money, and can surely seek strong returns of investment. What he implies is that they’re highly incentivized to expand and advance the new Craftsman cordless lineup, to make the platform competitive and a potentially favored choice among professionals, homeowners, and other do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Being newly re-launched, choices are restricted compared to the more mature lineups, and from what we have heard from some readers, some of the new power tools are not yet widely available.

It is not sure whether or when Craftsman would be able to satisfy more specialized user wants or needs.

All in all, despite V20 being a new battery platform, Craftsman’s cordless power tools draw from Stanley Black and Decker’s huge pool of industry experience.

In addition, though some criticize the new Craftsman tools for being heavily adapted or inspired by existing Stanley Black and Decker products, the practice must let for an accelerated product launch schedule.

The Craftsman cordless drills are small, however, there’s huge potential for development. For users, this implies the potential for huge product choices at competitive as well as aggressive prices since Stanley Black and Decker seeks market share.

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  • Variable speed and two-speed gearbox
  • Adjustable torque and keyless chuck
  • Comes with great adjustability with both torque being variable with the adjustable clutch and variable trigger
  • Comes with an LED lighting system
  • Very light and can manage most projects around the house
  • Good value for the money


    • Its shaft is slightly out of balance
    • Its forward/off/reverse switch is quite easy to move
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If your drilling needs are restricted to the usual woodworking projects and household repair then the Ryobi P271is a good all-purpose drill.

On the other hand, if you’ve got larger or more daunting tasks to complete, then you may want to resort to the Craftsman C3 19.2.

You can make larger holes with larger accessories and bits. In fact, this drill comes with more speed and power, so you can drive larger bolts and screws much faster.

Now, in terms of choice between the two brands we featured in this article, it is a matter of little things actually.

Both brands offer the same range of customization in torque as well as motor speed. Both provide the same easy swap-out of bits. In addition, both of them come at very reasonable prices.

All in all, the one that fits your need is actually a matter of personal preferences.

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