Craftsman vs. Snap-On Tools [Difference You Should Know]

Do you want to know which tool brand is better? Craftsman vs. Snap-On, do their quality differ? How do I know which brand is better than the other?

If you’re asking these questions, or anything related to these questions, then we’re here to help you. We have a complete guide on getting the most out of your money when comparing tool brands.

An Overview: Where and Who Makes Craftsman Tools?


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The company’s history dates back to 1927 at Sears, where the retailer decided to create a higher-end line of tools. They bought rights to use the Craftsman name from Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for $500.

The brand reappeared two years later with a line of saws and power tools in 1929. Throughout the years, most of the products made by Craftsman were sold only at Sears.

However, in 2016, Sears was struggling and was looking for new opportunities and other ways to get more cash out of its best-known brands, including Craftsman, Kenmore, and DieHard, by expanding their distribution.

Stanley Black & Decker bought the Craftsman brand from Sears in 2017 with a deal valued at $900 million. Sears and Stanley began making and selling Craftsman products in different well-known retail stores, including Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.

This was a way to benefit from the brand’s growth at other retailers through royalty payments. Although it had company changes, Sears still claims that they’re the ‘real home’ of Craftsman tools.

Craftsman Tools Warranty

Craftsman Tools are backed by some of the most reliable warranty services out there in the market today.

If you need a repair or replacement for the tools you use, return the product to the original place of purchase, depending on the warranty coverage they provide.

They have various warranty coverage depending on the tool that you purchase from Craftsman Tools.

For Hand Tools and Mechanic Tools:

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If all the products below fail to perform for any reason, Craftsman Tools are willing to replace them. No proof of purchase is required to repair/replace the damaged product.

All you have to do is return the product to a stocking Retail Partner or contact Customer Care for details.

  • Hammers & Demolition Tools
  • Finishing Tools
  • Hex Key
  • Knives & Multi-tools
  • Nut Drivers
  • Pliers
  • Ratchet & Sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches & Wrench Sets

To sum things up, they have a lifetime warranty on tools that need to be repaired/replaced. As long as it has the Craftsman’s name on it, you should expect your damaged tools to be replaced.

Craftsman Tools Reviews

The table below shows the review customers give to Craftsman Tools.

Here’s a video of a Pro that tries new Craftsman tools, are they right for you? Plus 7 1/4 miter saw review!

YouTube video
Warranty “Their warranty is great; all you have to do is to go to their retail store (which is a bit of a hassle) and get your tool replaced.”
Ease of Use “Most of their products are simple and are ready to use once it’s unboxed, very great for repairs that need to be done ASAP.”
Longevity “It has held its reputation for making tools that can hold up for years. It’s sturdy, dependable, and has a hefty feel to it; I recommend it.”

An Overview: Where and Who Makes Snap-On Tools?


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Snap-On Tools is an American incorporated tool manufacturing business and marketer of high-end tools and equipment and is one of the leading suppliers of tools to many professional outlets and automotive repairing services.

Snap-On was initially founded as the Snap-On Wrench Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. They have been producing tools for over a century now.

Snap-On produces hand-held tools and electronic diagnostic tools that are mainly used for automotive repair. Their main production centers are located in the USA.

However, they also have international facilities that produce and sell these tools. That includes England, Sweden, Italy, Spain, China, Belarus, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, France, and Portugal.

Snap-On Tools Warranty

Snap-On offers extra protection to their tools by giving their customer’s warranty coverage on their tools. This signifies confidence in their product and makes sure that if their product does fail, it will be replaced immediately.

They make sure that if your tool is defective out of the box, they replace it immediately. However, the process can be confusing since they only accept repairs if you mail it to them or go to a local store where you can turn in the defective product and e

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Snap-On Tools Reviews

The table below shows the reviews customers give to Snap-On Tools.

You might want to click on this video, Snap-On Wednesdays, to see a glimpse of what Snap-On tools are all about!

YouTube video
Warranty “They have a great warranty over their products and have very responsive customer support.”
Ease of Use “Most hand tools are straightforward to use. Especially their wrenches that have an offset angle that can fit the wrench in tight spots.”
Longevity “The tools they make feel premium and sturdy. I can see these tools will last me for many years, if not decades.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools are known for their budget-friendly tools that provide high-quality service to their users. Construction workers and mechanics find that their tools are great because it does the job well, and it’s an excellent find for the price.


  1. Cheaper Pricing
  2. Long-Lasting Tools


  1. Slip-Ups
  2. Mechanical Failures

To sum things up, Craftsman tools are cheaper compared to modern-day tools. They have excellent customer support and still replace tools bought from them, and they’re durable for the price you get them for.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Snap-On Tools

Snap-On tools are more pricey when compared to Craftsman tools, but reviews online prove the tool brand’s worth by providing its customers with high-quality tools.


  1. High-Quality Tools
  2. Lifetime Warranty
  3. The materials Used Are Incredibly Durable


  1. Returning the Item Can be a Hassle
  2. Overpriced For Most People

Overall, Snap-On tools might be one of the best choices of tool brands in the market; they provide high-quality tools. However, the only drawback is their colossal price tag.

Because of this, many people prefer cheaper options. If given the freedom to choose, workers and mechanics would choose Snap-On tools over most tool brands out there.

Craftsman vs. Snap-On Cost

Costs for the Prices of Snap-On Tools

Craftsman has cheaper tools compared to Snap-On Tools, but how much do these prices differ? We can help you compare the prices of the most common tools used by workers and mechanics. From sockets, screwdrivers, and wrenches, we’re going to compare the cost of these tools.

Costs for the Prices of Craftsman Tools

Socket Sets

Sockets are turning tools used to loosen or tighten fasteners such as nuts and bolts. These are common in autos and vehicles, so knowing the price would be great if you’re a mechanic or a worker familiar with using these tools.

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Craftsman Tools: Depending on the type of socket set, prices vary from $30 up to a mega socket set for $200+.

Snap-On Tools: From a stubby bit socket set of $75, to a low-profile socket set of $160, there’s already a considerable price increase compared to Craftsman Tools, and their deep impact sockets range from $360-$1,050.


Snap-On tools have around an $800 difference on the most expensive socket sets compared to Craftsman tools.

Wrench Sets

Similar to sockets, wrenches are turning tools that loosen and tighten fasteners. However, compared to sockets, wrenches need more space to work with since you need to allocate space for the mechanic’s hand and the length of its handle.

Craftsman Tools: The starting price for these wrench sets is around $26.95 for a 7-piece set, while their higher-end 12 Point Metric and SAE combination wrench sets cost approximately $99.99 for a 32-piece set.

Snap-On Tools: A single combination wrench can cost you about $29.25 on their official website. You’ll progressively see other wrench sets costing $364 for a 4-piece 12-Point SAE Flank Drive ratcheting combination wrench set up to a whopping $600 wrench set that features an 11-piece Offset Low Torque Slimline Open-End wrench set.


Snap-On tools have a humungous price difference when it comes to their wrenches as they feature efficient tools that always have an offset angle to fit your wrench in different angles and tight spaces. This is what separates Craftsman from Snap-On, their attention to detail.

Screwdriver Sets

Screwdrivers are one of the most common tools that can be found in everyone’s home. The everyday use of the screwdriver is to screw and unscrew Phillip and Flat screws from different objects.

Craftsman Tools: Phillip screwdrivers and Flat screwdrivers have the same price range from $3.59-$10+ and $34.99 for a ratcheting screwdriver set.

Snap-On Tools: Flat tip screwdrivers costs about $13+ while Phillip screwdrivers cost more or less $26 and above. However, Snap-On tools also have a screwdriver set option that costs around $180 up to $300 for their combination screwdriver sets.


Like most of the products that Snap-On sells, most of them are overpriced for most people’s preferences. Snap-On has more expensive sets costing $50-$200 more than Craftsman tools in their screwdriver sets.

Craftsman? or Snap-On Tools? – Guide on Choosing Between Tool Brands

There are many factors to consider before choosing to commit to one tool brand if you’re comparing two famous tool brands like Craftsman and Snap-On tools.

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Craftsman vs. Snap-On Durability

Craftsman and Snap-On both use steel. Craftsman chrome steel and Snap-On uses alloy steel on most of their tools. Both tools have an excellent feel for their tools. However, in terms of durability, Snap-On tools are better compared to Craftsman.

“Forged in Fire, built to last” – Snap-On Tools.

You pay a high price for Snap-On tools, so it’s only natural that all the tools you’re paying for are made out of high-quality materials and forged well while paying great attention to detail when it comes to offsetting and angular designs (especially in their wrench sets).

Craftsman vs. Snap-On Materials Used

Since both Craftsman and Snap-On use more or less the same material to build their tools, it all comes down to the tool’s wear-and-tear ratio. Even if they use the same material, if one is poorly built, it degrades the tools’ quality.

This is the case with Craftsman tools. Most of their turning tools are prone to slip-ups. This means the tools won’t be efficient because the fasteners will be in a loose thread and might permanently affect the nuts’ and bolts’ tightening and loosening ability. So it’s best to choose Snap-On tools when possible.

Craftsman and Snap-On Wrenches

Here are the specifications of Craftsman and Snap-On Wrenches.

Craftsman Wrenches:

Specification Description
Included Sizes 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm.
Corrosion Resistance Full polish chrome finish.
Quick Engagement and Knuckle Clearance A 12 point box end with a fastener and enough clearance for knuckle space for additional ease of use.
Quick Size Identifications Large markings were printed on the wrenches.

The number in package, number of points, and metric or SAE (measuring system) specifications may vary from the product you’re purchasing.

Snap-On Wrenches:

Specifications Description
Item Finish Chrome finish to have corrosion-resistant tools.
Wrench Style 12 Point wrenches.
7.5 Offset Broaching Allows the user to flip the box end over to have a better grip.
Quick Identifications Large markings are printed on the wrench.

Craftsman and Snap-On Sockets

Here are the specifications of Craftsman and Snap-On Sockets.

Craftsman Sockets:

Specifications Description
Socket Sets Include (3) Drive Ratchets: 1/4-in., 3/8-in. & 1/2-in. (11) Standard and Deep 6-Point Sockets (2) 3/8″ Drive Spark Plug Sockets (8) Ratchet Accessories (14) Combination Wrenches (1) Magnetic Nut Driver (16) Nut Bits (28) Hex Keys (33) Specialty Bits
Corrosion Resistance Full polish chrome finish to have corrosion-resistant tools.
Minimal Arc Swing 72-tooth ratchets in 3 different drive sets.
Increased Torque 6-point socket with fastener.
Quick Size Identification The sizes are imprinted on the sockets for quick identification.
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Snap-On Sockets:

Specifications Description
Magnetic Storage Compartment Comes in a magnetic storage tray.
Turning System Snap-on® sockets using the Flank Drive® wrenching system grip the fastener on the flanks/flats, which deliver 15–25% more turning power.
Corrosion Resistant All tools have a nickel-chrome alloy finish to resist rust and corrosion.
Socket Points 6-point configuration and Flank Drive® wrenching system.

All the specifications are found from their respective product descriptions, and we gathered all this information to decide which is the best tool brand.

However, judging from the quality of the tools, we highly recommend Snap-On tools since they have excellent attention to detail, making their tools the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Snap-On Tools for sale?

You can buy Snap-On Tools on their official website to search and browse for the recommended tools they sell to their customers and the current deals and discounts they have.

Where to buy Snap-On Tools?

Other than official Snap-On retail stores, you can opt to buy their tools online by providing a shipping address and updating your payment details.

Are Craftsman tools for sale?

Yes. You can purchase their tools from different authorized retail stores such as Amazon, where most of their products are sold.

Is buying a Snap-On toolbox worth it?

Yes. They initially sold toolboxes as well, so expect their toolboxes to be carefully designed and built to last because they have been mass-producing this product for over decades.

Is buying a Craftsman power tool any good?

Yes. This is if you want a cheaper power tool option and rarely use it for daily work. It’s great for occasional home repairs if you want a faster and more efficient way of getting things done.

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