DeWalt 20V MAX vs XR vs ATOMIC [What Is The Difference]

DeWalt manufactures powerful tools, has a large product line, and its products are sold by a variety of merchants across the globe, so it’s no wonder that the company is widely respected in the manual tool and power tool industries.

So, if you’re searching for drywall equipment and materials to give your upcoming project a professional touch, think about DeWalt and browse their extensive selection today. DEWALT was established in the United States and is currently headquartered there.

Many of our most famous tools, including grinders, drilling, impact drivers, and rotary saws, are manufactured in each of our seven US production facilities. Check out these three tools to make you have your choice after reading this article.

Following the 18V series, DEWALT 20V MAX introduces lithium-ion batteries.

  • Standard dimensions
  • Motor with brushed contacts

Brushless motors and large capacity lithium-ion batteries were added to the DEWALT 20V XR range, which improved on the 20V MAX line.

  • Improved components
  • Brushless motors that are small and tiny

DEWALT 20V ATOMIC are small and powerful tools that may be used for a variety of tasks.

  • A Brushless motor is more compact and lighter, making it ideal for confined areas, overhead work, and a longer duration of usage.

Be cautious with this, as it might be perplexing. XR is printed on the tools, and XR is printed on the batteries.

The XR designation on the tool denotes that it is brushless and, among other things, will last longer between charges.

The battery life of the XR is more debatable. If a battery’s capacity is 2Ah, for example, that should be used to determine its run duration (2 amps for 1 hour). If a 2Ah battery has 33 percent greater runtime than another 2Ah battery, it isn’t a 2Ah battery.

Definitely, XR is the way to go. The XR on the tool denotes brushless motors, which are more efficient and result in longer battery life.


According to DeWalt, the XR range of batteries lasts 33% longer than the 20v “max” brand of batteries of the same size.  But, is there any greater than DEWALT XR?

The terms XR tools and XR batteries are not interchangeable. The top-of-the-line XR tools and batteries are compatible with the “max” range of equipment and batteries.

The three tools that we’re gonna show you are Excellent powerful, lightweight, and well-balanced, and the greatest thing is that changing batteries is simple. Shall we go check and see what DeWalt has to offer?

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  • The compact, lightweight form is ideal for cramming into small spaces.
  • For a variety of attaching and drilling tasks, the high-speed gearbox provides two speeds (0-600 and 0-2,000 rpm).
  • Comfort and control are provided by the ergonomic handle.
  • Bit gripping strength is improved with the 1/2″ ratcheting chuck

The drill and driver perform admirably and have a pleasant feel to them. It’s neither too hefty nor too light. The features and settings, particularly the functioning lighting, contribute to a positive user experience.

This set is light years ahead of the competition. It’s advantageous to be situated between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans!

For many users, Dewalt is the only power tool brand they will ever use. People are amazed at how Dewalt has managed to cram so much power into such a compact and light battery tool!

Down to the two-amp hour batteries, they have no issues. Every day, people drill a lot of holes and screw in a lot of screws.

These tiny batteries last some people approximately three days!! They have a five-amp power supply, but they just use it with their SDS drill for now.

One person says he has been a Dewalt employee for almost 25 years. Their mentor taught him all he knew about Dewalt tools and how to use them. He said he’ll never switch to another brand, and Dewalt makes it easy to stay loyal by always exceeding expectations!

The tools are robust, long-lasting, simple to use, and dependable.

Included Components

  • DCF885 20v MAX Lithium Impact Driver, and (1) DCD771 20v Max Lithium Drill/Driver, (2) 20-Volt Maximum lithium-ion 1.3Ah battery packs, (1) 20-Volt Maximum charger and contractor bag.

The DeWalt Drill/Impact Driver Combo is a piece of must-have equipment for home construction, DIY, and DIY projects. There are just too many amazing features to list here, so watch the video to the conclusion to see them all.

YouTube video

The DEWALT DCK277C2 20V MAX small brushless drill and impact driver combo kit comes with a DEWALT brushless motor that provides up to 57% greater runtime than brushed motors. The impact driver is only 5.4-in front to back, and the drill/driver is only 7.52-in front to back, making them ideal for compact spaces.  (Via Lowe’s)

Curved comfort grip handles give the user the best balance and tool control. In dark or tight places, an LED light with a 20-second trigger release delay gives greater visibility.

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One-handed loading 1/4-in hex chuck accommodates 1-in bit tips in the impact driver. DeWalt offers a 3-year limited warranty.

  • One DCD777 20V MAX compact Brushless drill/driver, one DCF787 20V MAX Compact Brushless 1/4-in impact driver, two DCD777 20V MAX Li-ion battery packs, one charger, and one kit bag are included in this set.
  • Brushless motors from DEWALT provide up to 57 percent more run time than brushed motors.
  • The impact driver’s compact (5.4-in front to rear) and lightweight (2 lbs) design fits into small spaces.
  • The lightweight, compact (7.52-in front to rear) drill/driver design fits into small spaces.
  • The ergonomic comfort grip handle ensures optimal tool balance and control.
  • In dark or restricted places, a LED light with a 20-second trigger release delay gives improved visibility.
  • The one-handed loading 1/4-in hex chuck on the impact driver accommodates 1-in bit tips.

Commentators say that this is one of the best reviews they have seen so far. Check out this one more video before we go to the next tool.

YouTube video



  • Brushless DEWALT motors give up to 57 percent greater run-time than brushed motors, while XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauges provide 33 percent more capacity than regular packs.
  • The DCD791 20V MAX* The 1/2″ drill/driver is designed to fit into tight spaces with its tiny (6.9″ front to back) and lightweight (3.4 lb) construction.
  • The DCF887 20V MAX* The 1/4″ impact driver is designed to fit into small spaces(5.3″ front to rear).
  • In Spotlight Mode, the DCD791 has a 3-mode LED with a 20-minute trigger release delay for greater visibility in dark or tight places.
  • The DCF887 has three LED lights embedded in the tool’s front, with a 20-second trigger release delay, for improved visibility in dark or tight places.

The DCK283D2 20V MAX* XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill / Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit is equipped with a strong motor that provides long runtime.

It has a lightweight, compact form that allows it to fit into small areas. In dimly lit areas, a three-mode LED light provides visibility.

Lightweight, affordable, powerful (bolts will lock very tight), nice bag, and rapid charging times.

Included Components

(1) DCD996 20V MAX* XR 3-Speed 1/2″ Hammer drill, (1) DCF887 20V MAX* XR 1/4″ Impact Driver, (2) DCB204 20V MAX* XR High-Capacity Li-Ion Batteries (4.0Ah), Charger, (2) Belt Hooks, 360° side handle, Contractor Bag

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Review of the Dewalt 20v MAX XR Impact Driver and Drill Combo. Most people often used machine tools as impact drivers. Is the Dewalt drill/impact combo a decent tool? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Dewalt 20v MAX XR Impact Driver and Drill Combo.

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Brushless motors have a 57 percent longer operating duration than brushed motors. LED lights for visibility and belt hooks for mobility are included. Lightweight and small, making it ideal for usage in confined places. Let’s get started on this another review!

YouTube video


About DeWalt Atomic Compact Series

The DeWalt Atomic Compact Series, a range of 20V max brushless cordless power tools with compact profiles, was recently released by DeWalt.

The Atomic Compact Series is designed to provide you with greater power—up to 13% more—while also being much more compact—25 percent smaller than their other models, to be exact.

The DeWalt Atomic Compact Series is designed for those who want a tool with both power and endurance in a compact package. This course may be beneficial if your employees frequently demand the use of power tools in confined places or lengthy durations of overhead work.


  • With a front-to-back measurement of only 6.3 inches, it’s intended to slip into tiny areas.
  • At barely 4 pounds, it’s a featherweight.
  • For increased visibility, use an LED footlight.
  • On sensitive work surfaces, the variable speed trigger provides for greater control and accuracy.
  • Brushless motor from DEWALT for optimal performance and runtime.
  • Superior bit gripping strength is provided by a1/2 in. ratcheting chuck.
  • 340 UWO of power to aid in the completion of the task.

DeWalt’s Atomic Compact Series Types

With the launch of the Atomic Compact Series, DeWalt has introduced many new power tool categories. Drill drivers, impact drivers, hammering drill/drivers, bandsaw blades, and oscillating multi-tool and rotary saw are all available.

The DCS354B Multi-Tool, the DCD708C2 1/2in Drill/Driver Kit, the DCK278C2 2-Tool Combo Kit, and the DCF809B 1/4in Impact Driver are all noteworthy models. When you need a little less strength, this range is a great option to complement heavy-duty equipment with something a little more ergonomic and compact.

As “hands-on” construction workers, many put their equipment to the test.

DeWalt has always kept up with fresh and innovative ideas, like this compact set

The lower size and weight impressed a lot of people. Their rationale for the 4-star rating on “battery life” is that they would prefer a bigger battery rather than the little ones that come with the kits.

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People are waiting for DeWalt to release a robot that can utilize their tools so I can relax and have a cup of coffee on the job. Wouldn’t that be great?

This was the first time many people used an impact driver, and they had no idea what they had been missing out on. They have driven many big lag screws with it, and it continues going. The batteries aren’t heavy-duty; they added some aftermarket 6Ah batteries with built-in charge indicators, and they function beautifully.

TIP: The supplied battery charger needs some power to place the battery onto the charger; at first, they thought they were pushing it far enough to start charging, but it didn’t. You’ll be okay if you push a bit harder than you think you should.

Included Components

  • Impact Driver
  • Drill
  • 20V batteries x 2
  • Charger
  • Toolbag

Let’s take a look at the Dewalt tools 20V Max Atomic compact video and discover what it has to offer. Before you buy, be sure to view this video to see what you’ll get for your money! Is the price of this combination package justified?

YouTube video

This is one of the most realistic and accurate depictions of the Atomic drill and its impact. Although not as strong or quick as others in their series, the chucks are a step up in terms of size and weight.

The Atomic Impact is great; it’s brand new, so it’s probably got some fine-tuned internals and is a great tool. It’s still up there with the finest impact drivers on the market today.

YouTube video

So, What’s Your Choice?

The DeWalt Atomic tool series was surrounded by a lot of excitement. Fortunately, they delivered on their promise and delivered a range of tiny, lightweight tools with plenty of power.

 If you require the most powerful cordless tools available, you should consider some of the high-end XR options. For the rest of the users, the atomic line is a more cost-effective approach to obtain a lot of power in a tool that’s smaller and easier to use than anything in the XR series.

Is the XR preferable since it has a three-speed switch instead of the automatic’s variable speed trigger? It’s fascinating to see how much the different batteries affect the power output.

Lithium-Ion is used in every battery cell. All of the power sources are battery-powered.

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Care And Use Of Battery Tools

  1. Only use the charger recommended by the manufacturer. When used with another battery pack, a charger designed for one type of battery pack may provide a fire hazard.
  2. Only use power tools with battery packs that have been expressly specified. Any other battery pack might result in harm or a fire hazard.
  3. When the battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal items that might cause a connection between terminals, such as paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects. It’s possible that shorting the battery terminals together will result in burns or a fire.
  4. The liquid may be released from the battery under extreme circumstances; avoid touch. If you come into touch with anything you shouldn’t, rinse it out with water. If the liquid comes into contact with your eyes, you should seek medical attention. Irritation or burns may result from liquid expelled from the battery.


Do Flexvolt batteries fit all Dewalt tools?

All DEWALT 60 and 20-volt tools are compatible with FlexVolt batteries. DeWalt revolutionized cordless power tools in 2016 when they introduced the FlexVolt platform: the first-ever multi-volt battery system. For those who haven’t been paying attention, the FlexVolt platform was the first-ever multi-volt battery system. Below is a chart:

Can I use the impact driver to screw in common objects like a regular drill, or would it be too strong and strip the screws?

The Impact’s primary function is to drive fasteners. This will come in handy for all of your screw-driving requirements. If necessary, you can adjust the speed.

I recently opened the drill and saw that the metal portion that holds the bits had a black oil discharge. Is this a usual occurrence or a flaw?

It’s merely oil that the manufacturer used to keep the item lubricated throughout shipping and storage.

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