DeWalt 20V vs 40V Hedge Trimmer (Updated)

DeWalt as a brand makes some of the best hedge trimmers in the market.

The brand’s hedge trimmers can handle tough applications, and thick hedge branches, and remain reliable. It might be the reason you get more people going for them right now.

With many hedge trimmers coming out of the brand’s lineup, sometimes it can be hard to settle for the right one. So, we will look at two models and review them in detail to help get the right one for the job.

The two models in question are the DeWalt DCHT820B hedge trimmer and the DeWalt DCHT860X1 hedge trimmer.

However, let us first see what are the important hedge trimmer buying guide considerations.

What to Look For

The Power Types

The first thing you have to look at should be the power type that you get with the hedge trimmer. This is because it determines how effective it would be to handle the hedge trimming process.

The cordless hedge trimmers can be a great choice for those who want something that is easy to use and does not need much maintenance.

These cordless hedge trimmers will start from around $90 to $260. It depends on several features that a user might need when trimming the hedges. Take the time to check out the various features before making up your mind.

The other option would be the corded hedge trimmers. Such trimmers are best suited for light applications because of their power output capacity. They are also the cheapest as they can go for around $70.

If you can have access to a power outlet and you need to handle small hedges, then go for the electric hedge trimmer.

You will also get the gas hedge trimmer on the market. These are good for tough applications since they are built to be heavy-duty. You would also find them to be the heaviest because of the engine size and additional fuel weight.

The Hedge Trimmer Manufacturer

The manufacturer can be a determining factor in some cases. This is because some manufacturers are known to make better hedge trimmers than others.

So, what are some of the top hedge trimmer manufacturers? The brands you should consider include Black & Decker, Craftsman, DeWalt, Echo, Efco, Makita, Greenworks, Husqvarna, Kobalt, Ryobi, Remington, and Poulan.

Always look at the specific trimmer model in detail to see if it is something you would want.

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The Blade

When it comes to the blades, there are many elements that go into making it just right for your application.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the cut or the thickness of the branches that the hedge trimmer can handle.

Most models would easily slice through the different hedge branches having a thickness of ½ inches. If you want more cutting capacity, go for a unit that can handle a thickness of ¾ inches.

Another factor under the blade is the length of the blade. Having a longer blade will give you the reach that you have always wanted to tackle even the higher hedges.

As much as having a longer blade is great, you always have to keep in mind the control and weight. Longer blades can be hefty and sometimes make it hard to control them. Always try to strike the balance between performance and control.


The weight varies a lot from one model to another. There are some that would be heavy while others are lightweight.

It is a brainer that many people would want to get a lightweight model. This is because it would help them work on a project for extended periods without too much fatigue.

It would be great to have a model that is around 7 pounds so that it does not feel too heavy in your hands.


You can never go wrong with a low-noise hedge trimmer.

The noise level will vary depending on the source of power. You should expect that the electric hedge trimmers will produce less noise compared to the gas-powered hedge trimmer.

As much as this guide is about battery-powered trimmers, it is good to learn more about the different types of trimmers too. Even under battery-powered trimmers, there are some that would be quieter.

Always look at the manufacturer’s specification sheet so that you can understand what amount of noise that it produces.

Where necessary, get yourself hearing protection. They are important for keeping your ears protected in case you have to trim the hedges for hours.


Comfort is also crucial especially for those who need trimmers for commercial use. You would want a model that delivers more power while at the same time remains comfortable in the hand.

To improve on comfort, manufacturers would consider using more ergonomics. This goes into the design of the unit to make it as comfortable as possible.

As part of making it comfortable, manufacturers would use rubber padding to enhance grip. Also, the handles can be shaped in a way that fits in your hand better.

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So, these are some of the comfort features you should be looking at when buying the hedge trimmer.


The warranty that you get from a manufacturer is important. This is because it can help you understand more about the quality of the hedge trimmer before buying.

When it comes to warranty, make sure that you go for a model that has a warranty of at least two years. This can give you the peace of mind that you are buying a high-quality hedge trimmer.

Let’s Compare

DeWalt DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

DeWalt DCHT820B hedge trimmer is among the top options that many people would consider getting right now. This is because it stands out for its build quality, ease of use and much more.

To help you see if it would be a perfect fit for your trimming applications, we get to review it further below. Let us check it out.

Part of the 20V MAX Tools

Being part of the 20V MAX system of tools is important so that you can always get the parts that you need to keep the hedge trimmer working correctly.

With this type of system in place, you can always get the replacement battery to work in your hedge trimmer easily.

We also find that the battery can last you relatively longer than what other models can provide. With its average runtime, it is often good enough to cut through the different hedges efficiently.

We recommend that you can get a pair of batteries if you intend to cut a lot more hedges. This means that you can have one battery recharging while the other one is supplying you with the power.

YouTube video

Compact and Lightweight Design

The dimensions of this hedge trimmer are seen as compact. This is because they are 38.66 x 9.42 x 7.87 inches. As a result, you would end up with a unit that is easy to store and carry around if you have to do so.

Looking at the weight of 6.6 pounds, it stands out for being lightweight. Those who might have to use the hedge trimmer for longer will find it being an ideal option to get right away. You can now be sure that the hedge trimmer will not be too heavy on your hands.

Hooked-tooth Blade Design

This hedge trimmer comes with a hooked-tooth blade design. This type of tooth design is all about improving the cutting efficiency of the blade. You will now find that it is easy to cut the different branches faster.

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Another thing you will like is the length of the blade. It is a 22” laser cut blade. For its length, it is able to cover wider areas faster and easily.

Using such a blade type makes your hedge trimming work a lot easier.

High Power Output

The motor used in this hedge trimmer delivers an impressive power output. Thanks to this type of power, it can easily handle the thick hedge branches.

Its rated capacity is ¾ inches, which should make it great for cutting even the established hedges with ease.

The Speed

As for the speed, the unit delivers an impressive 2800SPM. This type of speed is good on overall for helping you cut through the hedges faster.

This high speed is also good for helping you achieve clean and precise cuts all the time. The last thing you need is a trimmed hedge that lacks clean edges.

Ease of Use

If you are new to using hedge trimmers, this should be an ideal choice for you. This is because the unit is easy to use overall.

You will find that straight out of the packaging, it is ready to get to work. The manufacturer also gives you all the instructions that you need for getting started.

DeWalt DCHT860X1 Hedge Trimmer

It is interesting to see how a model from the same brand can perform. It is why we have to consider the DeWalt DCHT860X1 hedge trimmer. It has more battery performance than what you get with some models.

Other than having more battery performance, we also have to look at its features. Let us see more about them below.

More Power Output

Looking at the overall power output, we find this model being one of the best to get. This is because of the amount of power that the unit delivers when trimming the hedges.

This impressive power is all because of the battery that comes with the unit. The battery is rated 40V meaning you get a lot more run time out of it. The best is when you have two batteries that can supplement you even better.

Cutting Capability

It is good to know that even with the high output power, you get more cutting capacity.

The capacity of this hedge trimmer is ¾-inches. This is enough capacity to handle even those established hedges. There is no doubt you would enjoy working with such a powerful trimmer to keep the hedges clean.

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Ease of Maintenance

The removable gear case makes the overall maintenance even better. This allows you to exchange the blade faster than when you would do with other units.

Still, on maintenance, there is also the removable top cover. When you open the top cover, you get easy access to the brushes. You would now find the unit being easier to perform any maintenance while at home.

Since it is also battery-powered, you will find it has less maintenance needs compared to the other models that are gas-powered.

Blade Design

Looking at the blade design, it is the famous hooked-tooth design from DeWalt.

DeWalt has improved the blade design of their hedge trimmers over the years to arrive at this one. The result is that you now end up with a great design that will deliver on great performance than before.

The tooth design means that you can cut through the different branches faster and the hedge trimmer can accommodate the large branches.

Low Noise

The best part about this hedge trimmer is that it does not produce a lot of noise. This means that it will be easier on your ears. No one wants to be irritated by being exposed to a lot of noise all the time.

Because it does not produce a lot of noise, the unit will be than ideal for noise-sensitive properties. For this reason, you can find some companies using the same for commercial applications.

No Pull Cords

Starting this hedge trimmer is easy overall. You simply have to push a button and that is it.

Unlike the gas-powered hedge trimmers that might need pulling cords, this one is easier to get started. Even newbies would love using it knowing that it will get them down to working faster.


What can an operator use for lubricating a hedge trimmer?

It is advisable to use light machine oil to lubricate the hedge trimmer. The best part is that this oil will be affordable so it should not be hard to maintain your hedge trimmer.

Can WD40 be used on a hedge trimmer blade?

No. It is not advisable to use WD40 on a hedge trimmer. This is because WD40 is a penetrating oil thus might not provide the best lubrication to your hedge trimmer blade.

How often should you sharpen the hedge trimmer blades?

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It is recommended that you sharpen the hedge trimmer blades regularly whenever you notice it is not cutting efficiently. The best part is that you can do so by hand.

Sharpening can be done with a flat file, whetstone, and other devices. Just take your time to get it done correctly.

Is it hard to change a hedge trimmer blade?

The hedge trimmer blades can be worn out after some time so they would need replacing. The replacement process will vary. In some cases, it can be hard while others easy.

We recommend that you follow the manufacturer instructions when changing the blades. This is to ensure that you get to do it correctly.

What is the DeWalt DCHT860X1 model battery runtime?

The runtime is around 45 minutes. Because of such a runtime, it becomes a great trimmer for handling different hedge sizes. Some operators get two batteries to have even more runtime while working on multiple hedges.

Where can you buy the best hedge trimmer?

You can always visit the local hardware or power tools store to see what models are available.

Another option would be checking out the online stores to see what they might have too. The online stores would even have a lot more models for you to choose from than the conventional stores.


DeWalt is a top brand so we expected that its hedge trimmers would be great too just as you saw from the reviews above. It must be the reason you find the DeWalt hedge trimmers having more positive reviews showing how good they are at doing their job.

Looking at the two models, we find that the DeWalt DCHT860X1 is the best option between two. It comes with more power output, good battery performance, ease of use, and so much more. You will always feel it was worth spending your money on it.

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