DEWALT 20V Vs. 40V Vs. 60V Chainsaw [Complete Guide]

Are you looking for the best cordless chainsaw for making high-precision cuts? Electric chainsaws don’t have the same strong punch you receive from a gas-powered chainsaw, although they are cleaner and more maneuverable.

The cordless chainsaws are the best for cutting pesky branches, felling logs, and pruning at home, on the farm, or at camp. You, however, need to invest in the combination of a powerful motor and a heavy-duty high-gauge steel chain.

Top power tool manufacturers have the best motor technology that can deliver that strong punch, and who better to buy from than Dewalt?

You won’t have to search for long before someone recommends a Dewalt cordless chainsaw to you. Professional woodworkers and homeowners praise Dewalt chainsaws as the best for high-quality cuts.

Dewalt chainsaws are also fitted with premium motors and bars for elongated service. The most recent models reviewed here also have automatic tensioning and cutting markers that make high-precision cutting easy.

The brushless motors deliver the power needed for each cut and also grant you a lifetime of service with little maintenance. You also get the advantage of toolless tensioning, which you won’t find with most standard models.

In this review, we have covered Dewalt`s latest 20V 12-Inch chainsaw, which is very light and maneuverable for light cutting.

We have also reviewed their two top 16-Inch models. The 40V and Flexvolt models can handle pesky branches and tough bushels, delivering more runtime and efficiency.

1. Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max XR 14-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw is for contractors and homeowners that need something light and compact for general cutting. It is a small Knife-like chainsaw designed to slash past pesky branches and beams with quick, smooth cuts without fatigue on the user.

Dewalt created this small chainsaw to save you the cost of extra-high-voltage batteries since it is compatible with all 20V batteries. It doesn`t compromise on power either, you can get a whole 90 cuts on 4-ich thick logs on one charge with this chainsaw.

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This chainsaw doesn`t have the strong punch of a gas-powered chainsaw because it is built to run alongside your 20V tools on site for cutting logs and beams up to 10-inches thick.

This chainsaw still bears Dewalt’s high-speed four-pole motor that runs at 25ft per minute. It also starts quickly with the press of a button.

It is still fitted with a power lock-off that prevents accidental triggering when not in use. It also shuts off automatically when not in use to conserve battery power.

Performance and Handling

This chainsaw can make 90 cuts through 6×6 inch pine on a single charge. This allows you to use it the whole day on a single charge if you are not cutting continuously.

Its universal battery compatibility also allows you to switch batteries with other 20V tools on site.

It is also an auto-tensioning chainsaw that allows you to tension by simply turning the knob on the site. It is easier and quick compared to wrench-tensioned chainsaws. This chainsaw also oils automatically without leaks keeping the bar clean.

It has ergonomic rubberized hind and front handles that maintain a strong grip for easy control.

Its 20V motor has little vibration, so you don’t have to struggle with throttle triggers on the chain. It is still fitted with a chain brake to insert inertia in case you need to stop the chain suddenly.

Bar and Chain

This chainsaw uses the same 0.375 Pitch Dewalt chainsaws with 0.43-gauge, which is recommended for cutting through dense logs.

It is also fitted with a 12-Inch low kickback bar guide with slip guards. It reduces the strain on the user and also keeps the chain in place. It oils automatically, so you don`t have to stop frequently while working.

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  • It is compact and slim for accessing tight spots
  • Quick tool-free tensioning
  • Light slim body with an ergonomic handle
  • Automatic oiling with no leaks
  • Low kickback bar and chain for safe handling


  • You need a ladder to access high places
  • Thick handles are hard to grip for small-handed people
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Top FAQs

Does it come with a carrying case? 


Is it compatible with Dewalt 16-inch bars? 


Is the chain sharpened on arrival? 


2. Dewalt DCC690M1 16-Inch 40V XR Cordless Chainsaw

This is Dewalt`s most famous chainsaw for farm projects. It delivers the most rapid cuts of any chainsaw cutting smoothly with little effort because of Dewalt’s improved bucking grip.

The improved motor size and power were primarily created to handle extra pesky projects such as felling trees and logs, which the 20V motor cannot handle. This chainsaw is the best for projects where you may encounter large logs such as camps or clearing after storms.


This package includes a 4ah Dewalt battery, which gives you up to 2 hours of runtime. We recommend getting a spare battery for enough power to last the whole day.

It has quick start technology that makes your chainsaw easy to crank at low temperatures preventing cold starts.

The heavily winded 40V motor delivers a high speed of 50ft per second allowing you to cut past tough branches and logs in a shorter time.

It delivers up to 160 Watt-hours, which rivals a small gas-powered chainsaw while retaining the lightness and compactness of an electric chainsaw.


This chainsaw is built to substitute the strain that comes with a gas-powered chainsaw. It runs rapidly, delivering smooth cuts with fewer chain passes.

It is also fitted with a variable speed trigger that allows you to adjust blade speed as you continue cutting for both safety and extended blade life. This chainsaw also accepts an 18-Inch Dewalt bar for accessing high branches.

It comes with a 16-inch bar and chain guide with low kickback technology for better control and efficiency.

This chainsaw allows for toolless handling while on-site thanks to Dewalt’s auto-tensioning technology. Its brushless motor is also more durable. It maintains a constant speed while in operation for uniform cutting.

Bar and Chain

The chainsaw`s bar universality allows you to use almost any 2-stud bar from Dewalt. Its motor can handle a variety of bars from 13 to 18 inches. It comes with a 16-Inch low kickback bar with bucking clips that make vertical cutting easy.

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It also oils automatically, so you don`t have to stop working to oil your chainsaw. It uses the universal 0.375-Inch pitch saw chain with a gauge of 0.43 inches. You can still interchange it with other Dewalt Saw Chains.

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  • The high-speed motor delivers smooth cuts with no bumps
  • It has a lock-off switch for safety
  • It allows variable speed settings for efficient cutting
  • The low vibration technology for safe handling
  • Quick Start technology for efficient starting at low temperature


  • 40V batteries are heavy and tiresome
  • The small oil tank requires frequent refills.

Top FAQs

Q: Can I use 20V batteries on this chainsaw?

A: No

Q: How loud is this chainsaw?

A: 100db

Q: Does it come with a spare battery?

A: No

3. Dewalt DCCS670X1 16-INCH Flexvolt Cordless Chainsaw

A 60V motor from Dewalt is a power you can trust to handle more than just regular cutting. This chainsaw was a major relief for Dewalt fans as it runs on both 20V and 60V Dewalt batteries.

Many fans, however, complain because the runtime on 20V batteries is too short for all-day projects. It is, however, Dewalt`s giant torque solution for homeowners and woodworkers that need to fell medium-sized trees, and chop logs. It is still light and compact enough to lift overhead for trimming and pruning.


Despite its 20V compatibility, this chainsaw is fitted with a 60V brushless motor. It has the high speed and torque needed to cut past tough and fibrous trees, which is why this chainsaw can be used to fell and chop huge logs.

Its high-speed motor delivers a speed over 6500RPM, which is more powerful than a 40cc gas-powered chainsaw.

The four-pole motor delivers over 200 Watt-hours with a 60V 6Ah battery which is enough for all-day projects. It is also brushless, so there is no maintenance needed on the motor.

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This chainsaw is still compatible with 20V batteries from Dewalt, which allows you to share with your cordless drill or impact wrench if you are not doing the continuous cutting.


The main advantage of this chainsaw is its high-speed operation that goes through the bark with little effort compared to 20V and 40V chainsaws.

It cuts through a 10-Inch thick dry oak in less than one minute, meaning you can cut over 100ft in one hour. Its greatest drawback is the 3.5oz oil tank that requires regular refills.

Dewalt, however, included a simple quarter-turn oil cap that allows you to open and refill in seconds. It gives you less runtime on 20V batteries, so you should only resort to those if you don`t have 60V models.

Bar and Chain

It comes with an Oregon 16-Inch low kickback bar suitable for cutting through small and medium-sized logs up to 14-Inches in thickness.

This chainsaw is also compatible with 14-Inch and 18-Inch Dewalt Bars. It also comes with a universal X-Torque chain with a low kickback that improves your bucking grip for easy vertical cutting.

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  • It allows battery sharing with 20V tools
  • Low vibration bar for safety
  • It oils automatically
  • Simple tool-free chain tensioning
  • Long ergonomic hind grip for better control


  • It is uncomfortable to grip for people with small arms
  • The oil cap spills oil when filled to the brim

Top FAQs

Q: Is it compatible with 20V Max batteries?

A: Yes

Q: Can it run on 40V batteries?

A: No. Just 20V and 60V

Q: What is the weight of the chainsaw with batteries included?

A: 12.5lbs

Direct Comparison


High voltage on a cordless chainsaw means more power, which is why Flexvolt is the best chainsaw for the most tasking all-day projects.

609M1 is also a powerful chainsaw, although its 40V chainsaw has lower speeds compared to over 6600RPM delivered by Flexvolt. 620 is a small chainsaw only built for the lightest and most non-continuous cutting projects.


If you are planning to use the chainsaw far from a power supply, it is advisable to carry a spare battery.

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All these chainsaws have battery-efficient brushless motors that will give you up to 1hr of power on a 5Ah or a 6Ah battery.

Flexvolt’s 20v battery compatibility also allows you to enjoy more power with small batteries, which saves you the cost of bigger batteries.


To reduce strain on the motor and also to protect the chain and blades, It is advisable to apply your chainsaw on logs that are at least two inches smaller than their bar size.

If you intend to fall trees and chop thick logs, 609M1 and Flexvolt are the chainsaws to buy. They have a higher price tag, but their motors can handle tougher logs and fibrous trees without overheating. 620 on the other side is a small chainsaw with a 12-Inch bar suitable for light hedge clearing and limb cutting.

Final Note

Dewalt chain saws have the most premium features you need for a durable chainsaw. They are highly recommended for their clean cuts. In this review, we have put together the three best cordless chainsaws for homeowners and DIYers.

They are the best way to migrate from the noise and hassle of gas-powered chainsaws without losing the high-quality features. Whether you are buying your first chainsaw or getting an upgrade, this review will help you match a chainsaw to your needs.

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