Dewalt 20v vs Makita 18v Cordless Drill [Pros, Cons & Differences]

One of the major considerations when buying a cordless drill is whether to go for brushed or brushless motors. Some people may say that brushless motors are far superior, but personally, I am not so quick on passing judgment.

I believe that each one can offer a distinct set of benefits, depending on your needs. However, before we delve any deeper, let us first talk about the definitions of each.

The main difference between these two is the presence of a brush motor. Traditional brushed motors work as conductors of electricity that help power a series of commutators and armatures inside the tool. It creates a magnetic force, which makes the whole system go or stop.

On the other hand, brushless motors simplify this setup with the use of a computer panel, which helps regulate the power of the tool. Manufacturers say the existence of the computer chip can adjust the amount of strength exerted for different tasks.

Among the leaders in the power tools industry are Dewalt and Makita, and both offer consumers a wide list of brushed and brushless products to choose from.

In order to properly distinguish the differences, we will be comparing two models of drill drivers: the Dewalt DCD777C2 Brushless Drill Driver and the Makita XDF10R Cordless Driver Drill Kit. Hopefully, as we differentiate their strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to clearly decide which option you want.

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DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

The DCD777C2, like most drill drivers, will give you the convenience of having two tools for the price of one. The ½-inch chuck allows you to interchange it between a power drill and an impact driver.

Both tools give you the option of two-speed selections: one at 500 and the other at 1,750 RPM. This tool also has 500 in. lbs. of torque strength, which makes it ideal for simple, everyday tasks such as household repair jobs.

It also has a lightweight and ergonomic design as well as LED lights. The DCD777C2 is more compact than other Dewalt drill drivers so its puts minimal stress on your arms when you work.

The lithium-ion batteries also have much longer battery life, so you can work longer without having to recharge in the middle.

These are all important features. However, the best thing about this tool is the inclusion of a brushless motor. The smart chip inside the DCD777C2 will help determine the amount of power needed for different tasks.

For example, more power will be exerted by the brushless motor for drilling in concrete as opposed to ¾-sized plywood. As a result, you are able to work more effectively and efficiently.


  • The brushed motor exerts 340 unit watts of power
  • Two tools in one
  • Great design to bring around and use in any kind of working condition
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used for a wide array of simple household jobs


  • Has low torque strength for a brushed motor
  • Cannot be used for more heavy-duty tasks
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Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver Drill Kit

On the other side of the fence, we have a brushed cordless driver drill from Makita that produces incredible strength for its size. While only clocking in at an average weight of 3.3 lbs. and length of 7.25 inches, it can deliver as much as 480 in. lbs., which is a lot compared to other brushed models.

It also has a two-speed transmission of 600 and 1900 RPM that can be customized depending on the job at hand. This will help you drive in screws with great ease.

The XFD10R cordless drill set is also equipped with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), which helps protect the tool from harsh job conditions. This feature helps it withstand water or rust damage.

As a whole, the XFD10R can be used for jobs that are more heavy-duty in nature. With its sturdiness, strength, and ability to take on a lot of pressure, it is the perfect companion for construction sites. If you are looking for a tool as powerful as this, you should consider buying this particular model.

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  • Has powerfultorque strength for a brushed power tool
  • Practical design for any working condition
  • Armed with XPT resistance
  • Built for more heavy-duty tasks
  • Very easy to transport around
  • Three-year limited warranty on the unit, battery, and charger


  • Reports of faulty battery and charger
  • Excessive chuck wobble

Dewalt 20v vs Makita 18v cordless drill Product Comparison

After going through both of their pros and cons, it is safe to assume that both models are quality power tools. Both brushed and brushless tools have distinct differences and can be seen in this comparison.

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The Dewalt DCD777C2, although considered by many as an entry-level model, can already produce a torque strength of 500 in. lbs. By comparison, the Makita XFD10R has a maximum torque strength of 480 in. lbs. From this, we can see the power that a brushless motor can give.

Another key difference is the scope of work and durability. The Dewalt DCD777C2, although slightly stronger, is more suited for day-to-day tasks at home and other DIY projects.

This is because it is not equipped with strong resistance. It can withstand more pressure and take on more heavy-duty projects.


As formerly stated, choosing which model to buy will greatly hinge on the kind of work you need it for. If you need a reliable tool for basic, everyday tasks, then I think you should go with the Dewalt DCD777C2. It is compact, strong, and quite easy to use.

However, if you need the driver drill for a wider variety of projects where most of which will require higher-intensity use, I would suggest you go with the Makita XFD10R. It would be a better fit for your requirements.

Overall, in terms of performance and specifications, there is not much you can complain about. Whichever one you choose to buy is a strong piece of machinery that can greatly make your life easier.

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