DEWALT DCD780B Vs. DCD777C2 [Pros & Cons]

When it comes to American producers of power tools and accessories, it is no doubt that DEWALT is one of the best prominent brands.

Established almost a hundred years ago, this company is prominent for its top-notch cordless drills, impact drivers, and circular saws.

Now the story is, decades ago, the do-it-yourself enthusiasts have to deal with hefty cordless drills if they needed to complete their designated tasks or projects.

And they had no other options. However, presently, things are quite different because today’s drills are now extra-powerful, and cordless, and carrying them around is a piece of cake.

That said, acquiring the right cordless drill-driver needs you to spend an ample amount of time. There are thousands of selections all over the market today with varying price ranges.

You would need to spend many hours just to evaluate each model versus the other. Moreover, in order to automatically eliminate half of the choices in front of you, you must pick a proven and tested brand. Again, that’s DEWALT.

DEWALT is a well-known power tool brand that mainly concentrates on development, which is the key to its product’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Now here are the two cordless drill-drivers from DEWALT that you should definitely consider for your needs and projects.


1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver – Bare Tool (DCD780B)

What You Will Get With This Product?

This unit is primarily made for contractors or homeowners that are not seeking a brushless motor.

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This unit comes with a keyless ratcheting chuck incorporated with carbide inserts in order to prevent bits from slipping. This is crucial since this drill packs a lot of power.

Furthermore, this unit only weighs 3.4 lbs. by itself and only measures 7.5 inches long. However, compared to corded pistol grip drills, this model feels more balanced.

It comes with a large variable-speed trigger as well as an ergonomic grip. Just below its barrel is a LED work light that would turn on when you press the trigger and would turn off twenty seconds upon stopping fastening or drilling.

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  • The optimal initial battery voltage measured without a workload is 20V
  • Comes with an onboard bit holder and a drill belt hook
  • Ergonomic handle for extra control and comfort with a heavy-duty ½ inch-ratcheting chuck
  • High-speed transmission gives 2 speeds
  • Lightweight design that can easily fit into tight spots


  • Quite hard to move the torque switch from #1 to #2
  • The light stays on for twenty seconds and can be classified as a huge battery drainer

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Will this drill work with a 20 volts max/li-ion XR5 Ah battery?

A: Yes! This is compatible with any of the DEWALT 20V batteries.

Q: Does this drill switch from drill driver to drill only?

A: This drill is variable speed and how hard it drives or drills before slipping is also adjustable.

Q: Can the DEWALT 60V battery be utilized with DEWALT tools that only need 20V batteries?

A: The 60 volts flex-volt battery is compatible with 20V Max, 60V Max, and 120V Max DEWALT tools.

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What Take on This Product:

Because this unit is compatible with any DEWALT 20-volt max li-ion battery, pair it with a 5.0 amp per hour or 4.0 Amp per hour for the longest operation time possible between charges.

If you have an 18-volt DEWALT cordless drill, you probably observe that the 20-volt drills operate about 35% longer.

2. DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

What You Will Get With This Product?

If we’re talking about price, then this unit is not your cheapest option for a drill driver in the market today. It costs a little bit high. But the good thing is that its high price is well accounted for by its build.

Additionally, with its price, consumers would be taking a kit bag, a charger, 2 Li-ion batteries, and the drill driver itself.

Furthermore, the most essential thing you must seek in a drill driver is its ergonomics. This unit is engineered to be handled by anyone, no matter the age or gender.

It is also very lightweight at only 2.6 pounds and can easily fit into tight spots. The DCD777C2 sports a mobile and comfortable design that takes away the hassle of driving and drilling.

And lastly, DEWALT measures its tool power rating with unit watts out or UWO. The higher a tool’s unit watts out, the faster it will perform.

That said, this particular unit has 340 UWO. RPM-wise, it comes with 2 variable settings which are 0 to 500 revolutions per minute and 0 to 1750 revolutions per minute.


  • Ergonomic design because of its compactness and lightweight
  • Improved visibility because of integrated LED work light
  • Brushless motor and thus the unit has a longer motor life
  • Lightweight with enough power
  • Last long and quick to recharge
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  • Doesn’t come with any magnetic bit holder
  • Not really ideal for heavy-duty tasks 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is brushless better than the regular DEWALT drill?

A: Of course yes! In addition, it is more efficient than brushed.

Q: Does this come with a battery life meter on it?

A: Not something that will flash if it’s going to be drained. But you’ll know it when it runs out of battery life.

Q: Does this unit come with a metal transmission?

A: It’s the DEWALT low-end version, so it’s impossible.

What Take on This Product:

This unit is a well-built and user-friendly model from DEWALT. Not to mention that it comes with a high-speed transmission and powerful brushless motor that gives 2-speeds which are 0 to 500 revolutions per minute and 1,750 revolutions per minute.

The unit also sports 500 inches per pound of torque, a lightweight construction, and an integrated LED light work. And lastly, it comes with two 20V Li-ion batteries.

Moreover, the factor that makes this unit an interesting pick is the fact that it can handle all skill levels of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, which includes complete newbies.

But you shouldn’t allow the user-friendly design of this cordless unit since it actually comes with exceptional specs. It features a powerful brushless motor which makes it advanced enough for do-it-yourself professionals too.

Powerful brushless motors are highly appreciated by many because they’re efficient and run a lot cooler unlike different units out there. This unit’s brushless motor operates cooler and provides the tool with a longer lifespan. 

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What is the Difference between DEWALT DCD780B vs. DCD777C2?

DCD780B’s 2-speed transmission comes with a low gear of 0 to 600 revolutions per minute and a high gear of 0 to 2000 revolutions per minute.

Its 15 clutch settings make for a significant amount of accurate work. Also, with its optimal torque rated at 350 UWO, this unit can handle up to 2 inches in wood and 1-3/8 inch metal when using a hole saw.

Its max battery technology comes with electronic controls in order to preclude deep discharge, overloading, and overheating.

Obviously, li-ion batteries don’t come with any memory effect as Ni-Cads do. In addition, Li-ion batteries can hold their charge for months in storage.

On the other hand, the DCD77C2’s asset is its brushless motor technology. You see power tools with brushless motors significantly enhance their overall performance and efficiency. It maximizes the power of the tool without compromising its longevity.

Brushless units tend to last quite long compared to their brushed counterparts so you can dedicate all your effort and time to the project at hand.

Also, this unit is also a valuable power tool to have if you want to work in dark areas since it comes with an integrated LED light that has a twenty-second trigger release delay.

The accuracy of your work will be essentially maintained no matter where your workplace is.


If you are looking for a cordless drill driver that’s powerful enough for professional workers or DIY enthusiasts but still easy to use and extra convenient for first-time users, then both of the DEWALT cordless drill drivers we mentioned above are excellent picks.

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Even though they don’t come with all those fancy features of super high-end models, they still boast exceptional specifications and will certainly help you with your work or projects.

On a side note, we particularly recommend the DEWALT DCD777C2 for those consumers who don’t have that much budget. For a very low price, you will be acquiring a portable, lightweight, and powerful drill driver that can be of great help in completing your DIY projects.

Obviously, the DCD 780B is also an ideal choice as it offers plenty of utilities that DCD77C2 can’t offer and vice versa.

Overall, this two cordless drill-driver we reviewed are very good picks for all types of consumers and DIY enthusiasts. If you have any feedback or suggestions please comment down below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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