Dewalt DCF885C1 Vs DCF887B Impact Driver [Must-Read Comparison]

Impact drivers are tools which provides huge amount of speed and torque, making them the go-to tools for driving fasteners and screws with super-efficiency.

Compared to the common electric drill, impact drivers use hex shafts bits because of their supreme reliability and minimized likelihood of slippage when tackling tough materials such as even concrete and hardwood.

Moreover, because of their power and speed, impact drivers are perfect for tackling professional and home tasks.

Now, in this article, we are going to compare two DEWALT’s top-notch rated cordless impact drivers. They are the DEWALT DCF885C1 and the DEWALT DCF8871 impact driver.

The two mentioned impact drivers have very few overlapping specs so before making a buy decision you must research as much as you can about them.

Overall, these two models are great impact drivers for commercial projects and DIY tasks.

Without beating around the bush, let’s dive right into our comparison and see which the best for your needs is.

DeWalt DCF885C1 vs. DCF887B Review

1. DEWALT DCF885C1 20V Max 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

This impact driver is a perfect buy for a first-time consumer since it has a compact build which ultimately gives it a lightweight body.

Furthermore, impact drivers are must-have tools for anyone who engages in do-it-yourself projects or contractors.

Cordless impact drivers including the DCF885C1 20V Max is ideal for most people because it makes it more convenient to use in various places without needing to worry about dragging around a long cable.

DEWALT is one of the top manufacturers to consider when choosing an impact driver and this certain product provides the efficiency and power it promises.

Before a prospective consumer decides to spend bucks on impact drivers, it actually helps to learn of clarifications or concerns that other consumers may have.

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The more information that is available to the prospective consumer, the quicker the buying decision is.

Does It Come with Anything?

Now, does this tool from DEWALT come with a bag? The answer is yes! The DEWALT DCF885C1 20 V Max impact driver comes with a carrying bag that makes it convenient to move the power tool around, particularly if one has to go with it to work.

The kit can fit small accessories, charger, and drill. A person can bring small hand tools and bits in the carrying bag as well.

Some also ask if there are sparks around the rear or the impact driver when operating. And that answer to that is yes as well. The sparks are from its brushless motor and will occur now and then during use, normally when the user pulls the trigger.

Nevertheless, if the impact driver generates sparks the entire time then something is not right with the power tool, and thus an expert must look at it or the consumer can return it if the warranty is still valid.

Is it Worth Your Hard-earned Money?

Is the DEWALT DCF885C1 the best impact driver for your money? The quick answer is yes! DEWALT DCF885C1 has a solid name in terms of power tools.

And apparently, this power tool is tough and manufactured to last. The impact driver is lightweight and feels nice in your hands and you’ll surely love this impact driver without a doubt.

For a consumer seeking for a small-profile impact driver that comes with sufficient power for common home tasks, this DEWALT tool is surely a worthy investment.

It comes with a hex driver system, which implies that the consumer can fit any fastener on it, including bolts, screws, and lug nuts.

This very versatility makes it ideal for various certain jobs. Whether one is driving fasteners into wood, steel, or particular materials, the DeWalt DCF885C1 handles itself well.

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The charge is fitted with automatic shut off, which implies that when the battery completes recharging, it will shut off the power supply, so that the consumer doesn’t need to worry about energy wastage.

Changing the bits on the DCF885C1 is not complex, which is another advantage it offers for first-time users. DEWALT has made the DCF885C1 with LED lights that come on twenty seconds after pulling the trigger.

The improved visibility makes it possible to work with the power tool in dark tight spots.

Is it Easy to Maintain?

When it comes to maintenance, storage is the most crucial factor in keeping the DEWALT impact driver in good working condition for longer.

The consumer must avoid leaving the tool out in the open due to exposure to certain elements that can accelerate wear and tear. A first-time consumer must read the manual because inappropriate use is one frequent cause of damage to impact drivers.

One must know the right bits to fit and how to adjust torque correctly. After drilling, impact drivers can have metal fillings, and dirt tends to stick on their particular components, which is why appropriate cleaning is needed to guarantee that these contaminants won’t corrode some of the components.

On the other hand, impact driver accessories are beneficial as they expand the operational capabilities of the power tool.

Its carrying case is one of the ideal accessories for this power tool since it enhances portability. A consumer can buy a belt clip separately to make it easier to use the impact driver during long usage.

Overall, the DEWALT DCF885C1 20V max is a mighty tool that gives users constant performance. This power tool is made for home use.

However, it comes in handy for simple professional jobs as well. A first-time consumer will find this impact driver durable and capable, offering great value for money.

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Its three year warranty that accompanies DEWALT power tools also contributes to the worthiness of the buy. For prospective consumers seeking a compact cordless impact driver that can provide daily use, the DCF885C1 is one of the ideal power tools out there.

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  • Comes with ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Incorporated with built-in LED with 20-second delay after trigger release
  • Ideal for tight spots
  • A lot of power per charge
  • One-handed bit loading
  • Excellent reliability considering it comes with great warranty offer
  • Maximum initial battery voltage


  • Certain verified users say that the battery doesn’t really last too long

2. DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver

This impact driver is an ideal power tool to have due to its amazing versatility. Its port can accept basically any 1-inch bit. This kit itself is a bare tool; in short, it won’t come with any bits, chargers, batteries, or any other items. However, these can be bought together.

Nevertheless, DEWALT makes completely standardized batteries and similar tools, so you can pick what selection has the right efficiency and capacity for the ideal tool.

Between how long it can last and all of its uses, with proper care, the DEWALT DCF887B is a huge worth of buy. This is even more authentic if you already have some DEWALT tools that you can use from the beginning.

Furthermore, equipment from DEWALT tends to be useful since they come with various potential modes of usage. Loosening, tightening, drilling holes, driving screws, and working in tight spaces are all not impossible.

There is just one area where the DCF887B doesn’t need the power to work effectively, and that is when you’re dealing with a thick concrete surface.

Can you Really Fit It into Tight Spaces?

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This power tool is also small enough to fit into most spaces without any issues, and it is incorporated with LED lighting for better visibility.

This is a great advantage when you’re trying to carry out work in small, dark spots.  You also get 3 different power modes that you can choose based on your needs. This type of versatility is not common, and it is a sign of what the DCF887B can give over other impact drivers.

When it comes to motors, it has the driving force behind everything that the impact driver can do. It can produce a peak voltage of 20 volts, although common usage will normally place it into the 18 volts range.

All of the versatility and flexibility of the impact driver wouldn’t be possible if the motor was not that powerful enough to cater to all of those features.

That doesn’t simply refer to power output – meaning, being able to sustain a constant level for each mode and setting so that you can always rely on what the motor provides you.

DCF887B’s motor is brushless. It is much quieter compared to its many competitors, although it does still produce some significant amount of noise.

How About DCF887B’s Motor?

Its motor shares a common design with many of the other tools in the 20 volts range that DEWALT sells, thus if you’re familiar with those, then you’ll know how the power tool works.

As with any type of tool, its motor can last longer when you use it within its normal range of conditions. If you attempt to push the drill through hard concrete or keep the trigger pressed for an abnormally long time, then it might damage the motor.

Look for a burning smell or for the power tool to feel particularly hot to the touch if you’re concerned about overuse.

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Overall, it is very easy to overpay for power tools. They can cost a ton of money despite the fact that many of them are highly specialized.

And that’s why a tool like the DCF887B can manage a number of tasks effectively which is especially valuable for that very reason.

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  • Comes with 3 speed settings
  • Versatile and very precise
  • Comes with variable -speed trigger
  • Brushless motor
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for tight spots
  • Tough construction that can handle the occasional drop


  • A little bit heavy during long sessions
  • Doesn’t come with any extra accessories
  • Not powerful enough to drill through concrete reliably


Like we discussed above, there are hardly any areas of overlap between these two impact drivers. Their distinction in specifications places them worlds apart, so picking one over the other must be relatively simple.

And that’s why, in our own opinion, the DCF887B impact driver deserves more praise than the admirably-performing DCF885C1 impact driver.

We primarily prefer the DCF887B impact driver because it comes with a brushless motor, and ultimately provides excellent energy efficiency, great power delivery, and a variable-speed trigger.

We feel that this brushed-motor impact driver is ideal for experienced craftsmen, whereas its brushless counterpart, the DCF887B can be used by both professionals and amateurs.

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