DeWalt DCS334B VS DCS335B VS DCS331B Jigsaw

The cordless jigsaws will make your work easier if you have to take them to different job sites. So, which brand makes the best cordless jigsaws? For this guide, we have to settle on DeWalt.

The brand has quite the reputation and it offers some of the best models under this category for any professional to choose them.

Some of the top DeWalt cordless jigsaws include the DCS334B, DCS335B, and the DCS331B units. These three are close competitors with each having something unique that makes it stand out. Let us learn more about them below.

Quick Summary

For someone who is a professional and wants the best power output, then the DCS334B and DCS335B units are the top choice. They are also lighter than the DCS331B to make them good for using over long hours.

The DCS331B is still good, but it is best for DIYers. These are people who might not use it more often. Also, those on a budget can get it because it is the most affordable among the three.

The Comparison

DeWalt DCS334B Jigsaw

This DeWalt cordless jigsaw is what you need for the various applications you might have at a site. Here are some of its features that make it worth the money.

The brushless motor

The motor of any cordless jigsaw is an important consideration. Well, this brushless motor does not disappoint when it comes to the power output. Being brushless also makes it power efficient while at the same time delivering on the best power.

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We also have to look at the speed you can get with this unit. The unit is rated at 3,200 SPM, which should be good for various materials. It will be easy for you to cut through the harder materials easily.

To make it even better, the speed setting can be varied with so much ease. It comes with a speed trigger and dial so that you can customize the speed setting.

Compact size

A cordless jigsaw means it should be good for portability. You will like this jigsaw for having a compact size and remaining lightweight. It weighs 4.2 pounds, which should be lightweight for most people using it.

Having an impressive grip designed with ergonomics in mind makes the unit easy to control. This is something you would want when working with any power tool.

LED lights

Having the LED lights makes it good for illuminating your workspace. Even when working on dimly lit surfaces, you can always see the cut line.

Quick blade change system

This is something that makes the unit appealing to many people. They can get it knowing that it will live up to their needs as an easy to use jigsaw. Even newbies to jigsaws have an easy time changing the blades.

What We Like

  • It has an efficient motor
  • The bright LED light improves work surface illumination
  • It comes with a quick blade change mechanism

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive for a bare tool only

The Solution: Even if it is expensive to be a bare tool only, its performance makes it worth spending the money. You can always get the additional accessories by buying from DeWalt to maintain its performance.

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DeWalt DCS335B Jigsaw

Another closely priced jigsaw as the DCS334B unit is the DCS335B. There is a small price difference between the two that you would want to understand what makes one better than the other. The features below should help you learn more.

Good power

This unit also comes with a brushless motor important for delivering power to the blade. Being brushless can assure the user of less maintenance and more performance even under a tough load.

The motor has a maximum speed of 3200 SPM which should be good for various applications. It is also worth pointing out that the unit has a variable speed dial to tailor it to your speed needs.

Cut options

Having the 4-position orbital action goes a long way to help in controlling the cut quality and speed. It is why the same unit can be used to get smooth or aggressive cuts. As such, it is going to be a highly versatile unit.

Bevel cuts

If you want to make angular cuts, then this is a nice option for you to consider. It can make angular cuts up to 45 degrees. It comes with detents at 0, 15, and 30 degrees for quick adjustments.

The size

As for the size, we find this being a compact unit and lightweight too. It weighs 4.5 pounds, making it good for portability in comparison to some other units in the market. It also has an easy grip to make the control over the tool easier.

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What We Like

  • It comes with a dust blower
  • The unit has 4 orbital settings for versatility
  • The variable speed control improves its functionality
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What We Don’t Like

  • The blade change is not the easiest

The Solution: We recommend that you always read the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to blade changes. This ensures you end up with an easy time making the change.

DeWalt DCS331B Jigsaw

The two models are not the cheapest, so what if you are on a budget? Then you should check out the DeWalt DCS331B unit. It is the most affordable among the three and it has some good features you would want.


It might not have the brushless motor as the other two, but it is still good in terms of performance. This is because its motor delivers an impressive speed of 3,000 SPM. Such speed is good for cutting through various materials with ease too.

You will like it for having the variable speed setting too. As such, it ends up being a highly versatile unit for various materials and applications.

Angular cuts

Even for the price, we find it being a top choice for those looking to make angular cuts. This is because the model can bevel up to 45 degrees. It also has detents at popular angles to make your adjustments easier.

Still on cuts, the unit has 4-position orbital action. This ensures that you can pick the right setting for smooth or aggressive cuts.


The use of a blower is important to keep the cutline visible all the time. The best part is that the blower is adjustable so that it works great just as you want.

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Another thing you will like about the unit should be its ease of control. It comes with an anti-slip grip to make controlling it easier. We also find it being compact so that portability and control are both easy to achieve.

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What We Like

  • The unit has an impressive build quality for durability
  • The variable speed setting makes it versatile
  • Its blower helps to keep the cut line clear

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks LED lights

The Solution: For someone who has a well-lit work surface, this is not much of an issue. You will like it for the many other positive features it has to offer.

Which is Better?

All three models are cordless, which should make portability better. The three are also versatile as their motors can run at variable speeds.

You get to tailor the speed depending on the need at hand. Still, they all have a dust blower. This helps to keep the cut line visible all the time to promote accuracy.

The DCS335B is the best choice among the three models. It stands out for its power, versatility, and overall usability.

It is a top choice for those who need to make angular cuts and many other uses. We find it to be a better value for money than the DCS334B unit.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who is a professional and needs a jigsaw for daily or regular use, then the DCS334B and DCS335B units should be the preferred choice.

These two have more power output while at the same time remaining lightweight. They also have a brushless motor which is power efficient while at the same time delivering on less maintenance.

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As for those who might be on a budget, then there is nothing wrong with going for the DCS331B unit. It still offers variable speed control for versatility, a dust blower to keep the cut line clear, and easy to control too.

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