DEWALT Planer DW734 Vs. DW735 Vs. DW735X

Getting the right planer means little to no touches on your lumber after one run which is why everyone is looking for the finest in the market. 

Once you have a powerful motor, fast sharp blades and a strong grip to prevent snipe, then you are close to your dream benchtop planer. DeWalt has three brands and they are basically the most famous options in the market.

You will not go wrong with any of these three but you need to match each of them to your project needs (

DeWalt 734,735 and 735Xare the three main benchtop planers from DeWalt. They are all very famous among DIYers because of the 10,000RPM blade speed that leaves a near-perfect finish. With their three blades, these planers make 96 to 179 cuts per inch, way faster and more efficient than standard market planers.

It is not easy to tell the difference between the two by simply looking at pictures or reviews which is why we created this review of the three to help you match each of them to your particular project.

DeWalt 734 is the most common of the three featuring three blades with 10,000RPM rotation which allows the planer to make up to 96 cuts per inch.

It is the favorite planer for most professionals because of its minimal snipe aided by the powerful manual lockdown mechanism.

This planer uses disposable blades 12.5 inches in size and also allows a greater depth up to six inches which allows it to handle a wider variety of lumbar size.

DeWalt 753 and 735X are simply the same benchtop planer coming in two different packages. 735X is a wider package coming with a spare set of disposable blades and a set of infeed and outfeed benches that makes your work way easier.

Both planers use three blades and have multiple speed settings. The 735s also use 13inch blades instead of the 12.5 offered by 734 which gives you an advantage when handling a larger piece of timber.

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Now let’s compare how these three tools will work for you at home or in your workshop.

Comparing DeWalt DW734 to DW735X and DW735

1. DeWalt 15AMP 3-Blade Benchtop PlanerThis DeWalt model is the most compact planer of the three main models weighing just 80lbs which makes it easier to mount and move around.  

It is a three-blade planer with ready-Levelized infeed and outfeed benches. It features a four-column manual lockdown mechanism that reduces snipe and also keeps the timber in place for accurate cutting which gives you a very smooth finish.

It uses DeWalt`s 120V, 20,000RPM, 15Amp brushed motor with quick access to the brushes that make it very easy to change.

The motor is durable and able to sustain heavy-duty lumber work. It has a blade speed of 10,000RPM making 96 cuts per inch. DeWalt`s disposable reversible blades also eliminate the need for sharpening.

The design on this planer is optimized for user comfort making it easy to operate and maintain even by first-timers. It comes with a simple toolbox above the outfeed with a wrench and a screwdriver for replacing brushes and blades as well as holding the blades for extra safety.

Its chaff management is also very efficient thanks to the fan propulsion that sends the chips into the dust hood which can also be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

It is a single-speed planer with room for large planks of wood up to 6 inches in depth with a depth stop that allows you to return to your most frequent depth every time.

Its infeed and outfeed are also extended to hold up to 33.5 -inch planks of wood comfortably. The infeed and outfeed are all fitted with rubber rollers between the blades which drive the lumber smoothly through the planer swiftly also reducing snipe.

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What you get with this benchtop planer

  • 1 DeWalt 15Amp DW734 12.5inch benchtop planer
  • 1 DeWalt Dust hood
  • Infeed table
  • Outfeed table
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  • Four-sided manual lockdown prevents snipe
  • Easy access to blades and brushes for replacement
  • Easy setting and adjustments for a wide variety of timber
  • It has large foldable infeed and outfeed extensions
  • Fan aided chaff collection plus a dust hood


  • There is some chaff left at the infeed
  • You incur extra expenses for replacement blades

Top FAQs

Q: Can I use third party blades as a replacement on this planer?

A: This planer uses 12.5inch blades. Third-party blades may work but we highly recommend DeWalt replacement blades for the optimum service.

Q: Does this planer collect all the debris into the dust hood?

A: Not really but it way better than any competitors. Its chaff is propelled by a strong fan which leaves the outfeed really clean. The infeed has a little bit more chaff left.

Q: Are the package blades reversible?

A: Sure, the planer comes with three reversible blades.

Q: What Is voltage on this planer?

A: It is a 110V planer. You can use your regular plug at home to work.

2. DeWalt DW735 15Amp 3 blade Benchtop Planer

This was an upgrade on the 734 but not necessarily a replacement because many people still prefer the former model. It, however, features some great upgrades that improve its productivity and also make it easier to work with compared to the 734.

This benchtop planner has 2 speeds at 96 CPI for dimensioning and 176 CPI for finishing. It is better at making deep cuts accurately up to 1/8 in cut depth. It also has 3 blades with a no-load speed of 10.000RPM which helps produce a very smooth finish.

This planer uses 13inch blades which give you room for larger planks of lumber. Its multiple speeds also help smoothen rougher pieces of lumber.

It has an aluminum cast base, sturdy and strong for durability and also aligned for accuracy. It also uses disposable blades that eliminate the need for sharpening.

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This planer has a wider dust outlet up to 4 inches in width with a stronger fan-aided ejection leaving the infeed and outfeed very clean. It prevents clogging and also reduces the chances of snipes caused by debris at the base.

This planer has an automatic lockdown mechanism that makes it easier to operate. Its carriage lock is also a four-column lock that keeps the lumber in place for a smooth cut to avoid snipe.

The planner weighs 92lbs, good for stability but bad for transport as you need an extra hand to move it around. Its blades are also 13 inches wide meaning you cant interchange them with the 12.5-inch blades of the 734 although these particular blades give you 5 more inches of room to work with.

What you get with this planer

  • 1 DW735 DEWALT 13-Inch Planer
  • 1 Dust hose adapter
  • Dust chute


  • It has multiple speeds
  • Improved dual-fan aided dust collection
  • sturdy auto-lock mechanism
  • Simple depth adjustment with easy cut settings
  • I3 inch blades handle wider planks of wood


  • The chaff collection is not perfect at the infeed
  • Large dust hose adapter prevents outfeed from locking

Top FAQs:

Q: Can this planer use a 220V plug?

A: No. It is a 120V motor

Q: Does this planner include an outfeed and an infeed?

A: No. It is a tool-only package but compatible with all DeWalt infeed and outfeed attachments.

Q: Can I use this planer to renew painted wood?

A: Sure, although the paint may stick onto the rubber rollers and affect your future work. It is advisable to wash and remove paint with sandpaper before putting the lumber into the planer.

3. DeWalt DW735 15Amp 3 blade Benchtop Planer

This is simply a larger package of the 735 planer including the earlier discussed 735 planer plus replacement blades, infeed, and outfeed tables.

It is a cost-saving package delivering the same quality service including the 15AMP motor with a 20,000RPM and a no-load blade speed of 10,000rpm.

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It also has three reversible and disposable blades and dual speeds that allow you to set 96CPI or 176CPI for a smoother finish.

The planer has a 6-inch depth plus a 13-inch width able to handle any large lumber you may have. The thickness scale is also large and clear telling you the exact thickness of your lumber and the allowance for the depth of cut you can make to it.

Its clampdown also has a four-column grip that secures the lumber effectively to prevent snipes.

The infeed and outfeed tables lock securely making the planer more portable although the outfeed is blocked slightly by the dust hood adapter.

You may need a small cord to hook it to the handle. The package also includes a dust hood and an adapter that you can connect directly to a vacuum cleaner for effective dust collection.

What you get with this planer

  • 1 DW735X DEWALT 13-Inch Planer
  • Dust hose adapter
  • Dust ejection chute
  • Infeed table
  • outfeed table
  • 3 spare reversible/disposable blades
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  • The package includes replacement blades
  • It has multiple speeds
  • Automatic lockdown mechanism
  • Easy cut depth and speed adjustment
  • Strong stable base


  • It weighs 92lbs which makes it very hard to carry around
  • Chaff sticks at the infeed

Direct comparison between DeWalt DW 734, 735X and 735


These DeWalt planers use a brushed motor with a 20,000RPM no-load speed. It is the same motor model on all three planers.

The gearbox work on a 15Amp current and 120V connectivity which allows you to use it comfortably on a regular home connection. The brushes are easily accessible and replaceable for the longest motor service.

Blades size and speed

DeWalt uses reversible blades which are disposable after use so sharpening is not really an option on these packages. DW734 has a smaller blade length of 12.5 inches.

The planer still takes in most regular-sized lumbar. 735 and 735X both have 13inch blade sizes which give you 5 extra inches to work with although most users don’t think it makes a big difference as most lumbar will be 10 inches at most.

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735X and 735 models have multiple speeds allowing you to set 96 cuts per inch for dimension cuts and 176 cuts per minute for finishing.

The final finish is smoother even when handling extremely rough pieces of lumbar with a single run. 734 has a single-speed gearbox limited to 96 cuts per inch.

Carriage lock

All DeWalt planers have a four-column lock that grips the lumber to prevent snipe. 734 has a manual lock highly praised as the sturdiest lock compared to the automatic ones on the 735s.


734 weighs 80lbs while 735 and 735X both weigh 92lbs. Both of them are very stable although you need help to move them.


Whether you need a benchtop planer for a one-time project or lifetime service, you still need the project finish to be perfect. Powerful features are the reason why DeWalt is an obvious top recommendation for any type of lumbar work.

These top three best sellers from DeWalt are highly recommended by both DIYers and professionals for a fine finish of your lumbar work with little snipe.

The differences are slim but significant which is why we created this review to help you narrow down to the planer best suited for each of your projects.

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