DeWalt vs. Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer

Each time you want to get yourself the best hedge trimmer, then brands such as Black + Decker and DeWalt would come to mind.

This is because these brands are good in terms of making high quality and reliable hedge trimmers and other power tools.

We will focus on the DeWalt DCHT820B and the Black + Decker LHT2240CFF hedge trimmers for the purpose of this guide.

These two are liked for their impressive features considering they are affordable. You now do not have to spend so much to get a reliable hedge trimmer when these two are available.

You will get to learn more about them below so that you can make an informed decision about which one is better between the two.

What to Look For

Double-sided vs Single-sided Hedge Trimmers

One thing that is common among hedge trimmers should be the design of the blades. You can get them being either double-sided or single-sided. So, you need to understand where both options are great and how you can use them.

The double-sided hedge trimmer would be perfect for shaping your hedges faster and more efficiently. Such a trimmer is also recommended for hedges that go up to your chest in terms of height.

The double-sided hedge trimmers will also have an adjustable rear handle to increase operator flexibility. With such ergonomics, you should end up trimming your hedges a lot faster and easily.

The other option would be the single-sided hedge trimmer. Such a trimmer would be perfect for trimming the straight sections of the hedge. The best part is that such a trimmer can have a longer blade without necessarily being too heavy.

Having a longer blade means that you can trim a larger area in a single sweep. Most people would want such if they need to deal with large hedges that might take more time to trim.

The Battery Capacity

Considering that this guide is about battery-powered hedge trimmers, then it would be ideal if you can get one with the best battery capacity.

Look at the rating of the battery that you are about to get. From the battery rating, it is possible to end up with a better hedge trimmer that can handle different trimming applications.

For most units, the battery can last up to 45 minutes of continuous trimming. This is a nice battery life that should get you going while trimming large hedges.

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Most people would consider getting multiple batteries when buying hedge trimmers. This allows them to work on a project continuously by simply switching to the fully charged battery.

The Weight

If you are going to end up with the best hedge trimmer, then the weight also comes in handy. You want to end up with a lightweight hedge trimmer if you hope to have a great time using it.

For those who might have a long trimming job or cutting at a height, then it would be best to get a lightweight hedge trimmer. Getting yourself a heavier trimmer means that you easily get tired.

It is worth noting that some models might be slightly heavier because they might have more power than you need. This means that you can make a bit of a compromise to end up with a better hedge trimmer.

Comfort Features

Another thing to keep in mind should be the comfort you get when using a hedge trimmer.

When looking at comfort, you need to consider factors such as the vibrations, handles, and overall balance of the hedge trimmer.

It is recommended that you look for a trimmer that comes with two handles. Two handles allow you to have better control over the hedge trimmer while at the same time make it feel comfortable.

The dual-action blades are what you need when looking for hedge trimmers with fewer vibrations. As much as they might be slightly heavier, you will find that they will still be good in terms of comfort and overall trimming capabilities.

How the hedge trimmer feels in your hand is important. This is where now balance comes in. You need to look at the best model with the right balance. With good balance, you should end up enjoying the overall comfort and less fatigue from using the hedge trimmer.

The Noise Level

The noise level is important for anyone who hopes to use the hedge trimmer for extended periods. Most electric hedge trimmers would produce a noise level of around 90dBA. This is the same as a motorbike about 25 feet away.

The gasoline hedge trimmer would be slightly louder at 97 to 103dBA. So, anyone who is going for a low-noise hedge trimmer should opt for the electric version.

Also, we recommend that you get yourself hearing protection regardless of the hedge trimmer that you buy. As much as the noise level can be manageable, it is not the same for all people.

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A Rotating Head

Many manufacturers are now opting to include more features in their hedge trimmers and one of them would be the rotating heading.

A rotating head allows the operator to hold the trimmer in the normal position whether you are cutting vertically or horizontally.

The idea behind the design is to reduce fatigue and still contribute to more safety.

Safety Features

Before you can make up your mind about which is the best hedge trimmer, it would be nice to look at the safety features that a model has first.

The most common would be the use of a hand guard. This ensures that the operator is protected from flying debris as you trim the hedges.

A dual switch is another safety feature that requires both hands to press the button before the trimmer can start. This will help prevent accidental starting.

The automatic brake will help to stop the blades instantly in case of an accident. This is important to reduce the chances of more injuries.

Let’s Compare

DeWalt DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

The overall feedback about the DeWalt DCH820B hedge trimmer has been positive. As such, you would be intrigued to learn more about this hedge trimmer. Coming from DeWalt, we expect it to have some of the best hedge trimmer features you would want.

Let us check out its top features below.

High Output Motor

One thing that stands out about this unit should be its high-output motor. This is because the motor is designed to handle tough loads without much of a problem.

Because it is a powerful motor, you are likely to find yourself going through the different branches with a lot of ease. Even the established hedges will be easy to trim.

Still, the high-output motor is able to deliver an impressive cutting speed of 2800 SPM. With this kind of speed, it is easier to end up with clean and precise cuts. Anyone who maintains hedges would want such a performance.

Other than delivering the high speed of operation, the motor also has a solid build. This means that you never have to worry about it breaking down easily even with regular use.

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The Cutting Capacity

As for the cutting capacity, we find the hedge trimmer ideal for branches up to ¾ inches in thickness. For this cutting capacity, we find it easily among the top hedge trimmers with large cutting capacity.

It is not just about the thickness, but also the blade length is great for more cutting performance.

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The unit comes with a blade length of 22 inches, which is seen as a great option for those who are looking to cut more hedges faster.

Compact and Lightweight

As much as many people would want a hedge trimmer with a larger blade, sometimes it has to be within the right length too. That is why this hedge trimmer is designed to be compact and still be able to handle more cutting capacity.

It has dimensions 38.66 x 9.42 x 7.87 inches. This means that it will not take up a lot of space when it comes to storing it.

The weight on the other hand is 6.6 pounds. This kind of weight is good enough to be categorized as lightweight. Many people are going to enjoy working with it for long sessions without necessarily feeling too much fatigue.

Build Quality

DeWalt is known for making some of the best power tools, so you can expect this one also to have the best build quality. Looking at the various parts, we find all of them feeling solid and sturdy. It is a sure way of knowing that the build quality is even better.

Battery and Charger

The 20V MAX lithium-ion battery is seen as a great option for your hedge trimmer. This is because it can provide you with enough power to handle your trimming needs.

The battery life will vary depending on the job at hand. However, many find it sufficient to handle the general trimming applications they might have to deal with.

The charger is still good in terms of ensuring that the battery can recharge a lot faster.

To keep the job flowing without any hiccups, get yourself two batteries. When one is charging, you can continue working to trim your hedge.

Black + Decker LHT2240CFF Cordless Trimmer

Black + Decker is good at making high-quality hedge trimmers that can live up to your needs. Other than being high quality, the trimmers are also affordable. That is what the LHT2240CFF cordless trimmer is all about.

Other than being within the affordable range, the model also has many other features which we will look at below.

Dual Action Blades

There is no doubt having the dual action blades makes it better than the single action blade. This is because the dual-action design will reduce the vibrations of the blade while working.

With less vibrations to experience, you will be comfortable whenever trimming. No more worries about extreme fatigue and discomfort.

Trimming Capabilities

Looking at its trimming capabilities, we find it being among the top right now. This is because it can cut branches of up to ¾ inches in thickness. As a result, it is perfect to handle a wide range of trimming tasks.

Still on trimming capabilities, you will also love its 22-inch blade length. Such a blade length is impressive for cutting more branches on a single pass.

Having a long blade length makes it also has a better reach compared to some models that might be shorter. Having a better reach means faster trimming on overall.

Handle Design

As part of making the hedge trimmer good in terms of usability, we find it having the wraparound auxiliary handle. Such a type of handle is perfect for helping you maneuver the hedge trimmer.

It is now possible to use the hedge trimmer vertically or horizontally with this type of handle. As a result, it stands out as a versatile hedge trimmer you can rely on all the time.


As for the ergonomics, the hedge trimmer comes with a soft grip and contoured handle. The aim is to keep the hedge trimmer feeling comfortable in your hand and give you a better control of the tool.

Still, it has a full-length trigger. This allows for ease of operation regardless of how you hold the hedge trimmer.

Battery Performance

Having the 40V battery system makes it one of the top options for many to get right now. This is because they know that it would be able to handle the different trimming applications that they might have in mind.

Its battery capacity is also about having more trimming time too. You would not have to worry so much about recharging the battery more often when it can give you such a performance.

The Weight  

If you want to use a hedge trimmer for long sessions, then you need something lightweight. Since it weighs 6.9 pounds, it stands out as a lightweight hedge trimmer.


What is the difference between the DeWalt MAX and XR battery systems?

The XR system is common with the brushless motors that are in the new line of power tools from DeWalt. You will find the MAX systems in the brushed motors, thus the biggest difference.

The XR batteries will last around 33% longer than when using the MAX battery system.

Are DeWalt hedge trimmers worth the money?

The short answer is yes. DeWalt has been in the business of making power tools for decades now. As a result, the brand is able to give you the best power tool for the money.

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There are also many reviews that show how DeWalt power tools can live up to your needs all the time.

Is it easy to perform maintenance on the Black + Decker LHT2240CFF model?

Yes. This hedge trimmer is designed to allow for ease of maintenance by following the manufacturer’s guide.

You will not have to do much in terms of maintenance because it is a battery-powered hedge trimmer. It is easier to maintain compared to using gas-powered hedge trimmers.

Is it easy to get spare parts of the DeWalt DCHT820B model?

Yes. Considering there are many DeWalt dealers around the world, it should be easy to get most of the parts that you need.

Also, the hedge trimmer is well-built thus you will not have to deal with too many maintenance needs as you would with some other models.

Where best can you use the Black + Decker LHT2240C model?

From its features, this hedge trimmer would be ideal for trimming the hedges, shrubs, and bushes with ease thanks to its blade size.

Also, the cutting capacity of ¾ inches makes it good in terms of cutting large branches faster and easily.


The two hedge trimmers reviewed above both come with impressive cutting capacity. This is because they can handle thick hedge branches of up to ¾ inches. Still, they are both lightweight making them ideal for someone who would be using them for long hours.

The Black + Decker LHT2240CFF stands out as the better value for money of these two models. It is cheaper and comes as a complete package. This is unlike the DeWalt DCH820B model that costs more, but lacks the battery.

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