DeWalt vs Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw [Difference You Should Know]

DeWalt and Milwaukee are industry heavyweights when it comes to making the best circular saws.

DeWalt for a long time has stood out for being innovative and making high-quality power tools, so it is expected the circular saws will also be great.

Milwaukee as much as it makes high-quality tools, it is also known for being an affordable brand. This means you can always get a quality saw tool even when on a budget.

This review is about two closely-rated circular saws that you can buy for any job site. Whenever picking a circular saw, always consider the amount of power output, safety features, weight, durability, and any new innovative features that set the saw apart from other models.

Quick Summary

The DeWalt DWE575SB circular saw is built to be tough and powerful. Its large blade makes it the best for working on heavy-duty applications. It is why it will be common with those working as professionals in the construction industry.

The Milwaukee 2630-20 M18 cordless drill is best suited for DIY applications. It is good in terms of size and feels in the hand. You will have an easy time controlling it to achieve the best cuts.

The Comparison

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw with an Electric Brake

Whenever looking for a quality circular saw, then the DeWalt brand is a nice place to start. The brand is known for making high-quality power tools so as is this DeWalt DWE575SB circular saw. Below are more features you will enjoy about the circular saw.

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The Power

From the moment you get this circular saw, one thing that stands out should be its overall power output. You will like it for having the best power thanks to its 15-amp motor. The motor is optimized to handle all the common tasks associated with a circular saw. This is whether for DIY or professional projects.

As part of the power output, we see that it can spin the blade up to 5800 RPM. As a result, you will find that you get more cutting speed. The high speed also improves the quality of the cut. With this model, you will end up with clean and consistent cuts all the time.


Of course, the weight of any circular saw is an important consideration. We note that this one weighs only 8.8 pounds. With such a weight, it is an ideal option for those working long hours and moving from one place to another. You do not have to worry more about fatigue and exhaustion with such a lightweight circular saw.

As much as circular saws might not be carried around like power drills, we still find it comforting knowing that your model is lightweight and has better portability.


The durability of this power tool is on another level. The durability is all possible because of the tough materials used to make the unit. An example is the ToughCord system which provides you with three times more resistance in comparison to other cord systems you get with other models.


Also, the model is good in terms of design. It is comfortable and well-balanced when you feel it in your hand. As a result, you will have an easier time working with it even when you have to make complicated cuts.

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As part of the design, it comes with an electric brake too. The work of an electric brake is to stop the blade in two seconds after you release the trigger. This is important for providing you with the best safety and starting repetitive cuts faster.


For its design and power, this circular saw is seen as an ideal option for anyone who is into general contracting, remodeling, and sometimes concrete forming. It is for this reason; you should find it being a better unit to buy for working on multiple projects.

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What We Like

  • It comes with an integrated dust blower
  • The circular saw features a powerful motor
  • Its high-speed operation improves the quality of the cuts

What We Don’t Like

  • Cutting through thick workpieces might seem overwhelming on the saw’s capability

Every circular saw can have a limit on what it can cut easily. If you have thick workpieces, consider giving them two passes where necessary to achieve a clean cut.

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Circular Saw

We had to include a comparable cordless circular saw to compete with the DeWalt unit reviewed above. The option we chose is the Milwaukee 2630 model. It is one of the top units you can buy right now for the money. Here is how it compares to other circular saws.

Electronic Brakes

We cannot insist enough the importance of having electronic brakes. The electronic brake in the circular saw stops the blade quickly upon you releasing the trigger.

You no longer have to waste time waiting for it to slow down before getting back to work. Those subsequent quick cuts can now be done easily. It is also a safety feature that most power tools are now adopting.

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The Handle

Though underrated, the way the handle feels is important to determine how well you would enjoy using the circular saw. This one comes with a soft grip handle. The result is that you end up with an easy time controlling the circular saw to obtain precision cuts even in slippery environments.

Bevel and Depth Adjustment

It is good to know that this model comes with multiple bevel cut options and also the ability to adjust the cut depth. It is now possible to cut up to a depth of 1 ½ inch and bevel to a maximum of 45 degrees. This results in you having the best versatility with your cuts.


The magnesium guards on the top and bottom of your circular saw blade provide much-needed protection against bumps and drops. Accidents can happen and you end up dropping your circular saw unexpectedly. You would want to know that your tool is also further protected right from the manufacturer.

M18 Compatibility

This compatibility is important as it determines which batteries you can use with your power tool. For this one, it will work with any of the M18 lithium-ion batteries.

The best part about using these batteries is that they are good in terms of holding the charge. Also, they can be recharged faster as they support fast charging. You should be back to working in no time.

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What We Like

  • The saw comes with magnesium guards for the blade
  • It has an electronic brake for safety and better functionality
  • The saw includes bevel and depth adjustment options
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What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks a laser guide

Lacking a laser guide might make it hard for newbies to achieve precision cuts, but experienced professionals should not find this being a problem. With practice, you can get better at using it even without the laser guide.

Which is Better?

We find that they both have electric brakes. The use of electronic brakes has been on the rise to improve the overall safety of circular saws and make it easier to do repetitive cuts faster.

Also, these two models have multiple bevel-cut options. This should make them more versatile so that you can handle as many cuts as possible.

The DeWalt DWE575SB comes out as the best option between the two. This is because of its powerful motor. Such a motor makes it easier for you to cut thick workpieces as compared to the Milwaukee model. Also, the high speed you get with the DeWalt unit makes it possible to achieve cleaner cuts in comparison to the Milwaukee 2630-20 unit.

Final Thoughts

From the reviews above, it is easy to see that both models will have places where they are best suited. As a result, take your time to understand what each unit has to offer before picking the one that works for you.

We can conclude that the DeWalt DWE575SB is best for a professional who needs a heavy-duty unit. As for the Milwaukee 2630 model, it can be good for a construction site when working on lighter applications or used by a DIYer.

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