Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Impact Driver

The DEWALT and Milwaukee are two companies that are some of the most credible and best impact driver brands when it comes to manufacturing quality power tools. These two brands have over the years of continued innovation of tools that remain sturdy while giving consumers the freedom to use their products for various applications.

Thus it is not surprising that a lot of people find it hard to settle on the best tool when they have to pick between the two. This is why a detailed look at DEWALT vs. Milwaukee impact drivers can be a main key to determine which the ideal power tool for your needs is.

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DEWALT vs. Milwaukee Impact Driver Review

1. DEWALT DCF887D2 20V MAX XR Li-ion 2.0 Ah Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT DCF887D2 20V MAX XR Li-ion 2.0 Ah Brushless 0.25" 3-Speed Impact Driver KitIf you’re a professional, you mustn’t settle for less than a brushless motor. They are the ideal pick if you want efficiency, power, and durability. Moreover, they tend to last longer, run quieter and cooler, don’t need maintenance, and get more done on a single battery charge.

That said; let’s take a look at the DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver that is featured in this kit as well as the next tool below.

This impact driver only weighs just 2.65 lbs. without its battery, and only measures 5.3 inches back-to-front. Already, you can see that it is plenty lighter and much smaller compared to a typical impact driver. But remember that its size won’t dictate its power.

The brushless motor puts out on an incredible 1825 inch per pounds of torque at speeds of up to 3250 RPM with 3600 IPM. It also comes with 3-speed transmission and a variable speed trigger for accurate results. In fact, if you want serious accuracy, put it in its first gear and take it slow with torque up to 240 inch per pounds.

The 2nd and 3rd gears range between 0-2800 ROM and 0-3250 RPM, with up to 1500 inch per pounds of twisting power in second gear, and 1825 inches per pounds in third gear. On the side note, if you want to sink 3 inch deck screws in to redwood, then no worries because this impact driver can become your favorite power tool when it comes to putting together 2 by 4s and such.

Moreover, its chuck on this impact driver is a ¼ inches hex chuck so you can only use bits with hex shanks. But on the positive side, changing bits is really effortless. Simply slide back your sleeve, pop in the bit, and voila, you’re done. You can do that with just a single hand. This impact driver will accept bits as short as 1 inch long.

Around its chuck are 3 LED lights. They get rid of shadows where you’re working much better compared to earlier models that only have one LED. These operate on a twenty-second shutoff delay. They run on the same battery pack as the impact driver does.

Furthermore, the batteries that come in this kit have 2.0Ah capacity. That doesn’t imply that they’ll run for 2 hours straight. In case you don’t know, 1 Ah means a device using one ampere of current can operate for an hour under perfect conditions. If your driver requires more than one amp current, it will run for less time. Doubling the amp-hours or capacity of the battery pack doesn’t imply that it will operate for twice as long but it will get about a 30% enhancement.

If you want an impact driver for heavy-duty jobs, then you don’t want to settle for anything that doesn’t come with brushless motor. That’s why this power tool from DEWALT has just that and a ton more features that make it an incredible hand tool to work with. It only weighs 2.65 pounds without a battery and measures 5.3 inches from nose to tail. Despite its compact size and light weight, don’t think that this won’t perform well, because it will actually give you impressive performance.

The brushless motor gives an incredible 1825 inch per pounds of torque with optimal speeds of up to 3,250 RPM. Again, it’s much better because it comes with a standard 3-speed transmission and speed trigger that gives exact accuracy when working with various materials.


  • Made in USA with global materials
  • Compact wand lightweight design to fit into tight areas
  • One-handed loading ¼ inches hex chuck with easy grip sleeve
  • Comes with 3-LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release
  • Precision drive in speed 1 for accurate applications and extra control
  • 3 speed settings for optimal application versatility
  • Incorporated with brushless motor and XR li-ion batteries


  • The switch to adjusting the power is quite hard to move
  • The battery life is quite short

2. Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Hex Imp Driver tool Only

Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Hex Imp Driver tool Only

The first generation of Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact drivers is actually a  huge hit. It was time for the manufacturer to build on this success with a new product. This is no easy task given the great expectations. Gladly, their engineers managed to came up with a wonderful package.

This impact driver won’t disappoint you. All of the good features remained and nifty innovations were all added. To sum it up, the new impact driver is more powerful even though it has smaller size. This winning amalgamation aids in many real-world settings.

Now, if you ever find yourself wanting to get home projects done on your own, then you should invest in a decent and reliable power tool that can help you get your project easily done.

A good option that could absolutely bring the speed and power that you need to finish in your general home tasks is the Milwaukee 2753-20 M18. It can give you up to 1,800 inches of torque and no-loads speeds of 0-3,000 RPM, and 0-3700 IPM. All these significant features you can get at a really good price.

Furthermore, this impact driver comes with four-mode drive that might need a little bit of getting used to for those who really can’t gauge how much power to use in each application. Nevertheless, with just small practice, you’ll be able to see that more mode settings can give you more control.

Keep in mind that this product is a bare tool, thus you’ll need to buy separate charger and batteries. If you already own other power tools from Milwaukee’s 18V REDLITHIUM line, you can use those.

This cordless power tool is only 5.25 inches in length and has 2.1 pounds in weight. Anyone can bring this around a house or workstation while completing a certain task. Its enhanced ergonomics provide a nice feel in the user’s hands. Its small size implies that it can be utilized in tight spaces and held at odd angles with no issues at all.

Aside from that, its brushless powers-state motor is highly efficient. In fact, it can deliver up to 1,800 inches per pounds of torque in order to make your jobs a breeze. This makes it the most powerful tool in its category. No project is too small or too big for this compact power tool. You don’t need to reach for a larger impact drivers since this can tackle most majorities of any tasks.

Switch between tasks effortlessly using its 4-mode drive control. Each setting corresponds with a particular output power and speed for extra accuracy. Mode 1 goes from 0-850 RPM, Mode 2 goes from 0-2,100 RPM, and Mode 3, goes from 0-3,000 RPM.

Remember that mode 4 is the most fascinating among them since it is an amalgamation of all these with automatic adjustments. It’s also known as the self-tapping screw setting and is activated in 3 stages. The 1st stage is a controlled start where the speed ramps up to 3,000 RPM to minimize walking. The next one is the fast driving phase where it spins at 3,000 RPM to go through the material immediately. And lastly, it slows down to a controlled finish of up to 750 RPM to reduce the incidence of stripping and breaking.

No, when it comes to maintenance, a regular one is highly suggested. Clean the contacts on the battery pack to guarantee full power during operation. Remove dust from its vents. Once or twice every year, depending on the frequency of use, take the tool to a Milwaukee service facility for cleaning, inspection, mechanical testing, and of course lubrication. The battery pack and charger must also be taken care for electrical inspection.

Overall, this impact driver from Milwaukee is the right tool for you if you want something that can handle your day to day general applications. On the side note, contractors can also benefit from the 2753-20 since it can provide the necessary speed and power that can get their tasks done.

This high-performing power tool is very convenient to use and is very versatile as well as durable. It provides you a number of speed options for extra control. Also, this power tool also utilizes advanced battery technology that Milwaukee specially designed to provide you with a better performing tool that’s worth your hard-earned money.


  • Comes with four-drive mode
  • Brushes and cordless for more operation time and efficiency
  • Very compact at 2.1 pounds in weight and 5.25 inches in length
  • Powered by a REDLITHIUM 18 volts battery
  • Have no-load speeds of 0-3000 RPM and 0-3700 IPM
  • Boasts 1800 inches per pounds of maximum torque
  • Excellent warranty offer
  • More ergonomic design


  • Its reverse button might stick
  • Bit holder can wear out fast
  • Its four-drive mode needs to get a little getting used to


Before picking any of these two impact drivers, it is actually wise to consider the objective for which you’re purchasing these tools. The DEWALT impact driver is pretty impressive in terms of weight and size but loses out to the Milwaukee impact driver in terms of pricing.

On the other hand, in terms of warranty, the Milwaukee impact driver is a much better pick since it covers 5 years while the DEWALT impact driver only covers a period of 3 years.

Both of these impact drivers can give excellent power, which implies that you can get the job done within just a short amount of time. Furthermore, their handles and other grip features are design almost to perfection. It is worth remembering that both of these impact drivers are able to live up to the trend that they’re well given.