Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Impact Wrench [Must-Read Comparison]

Impact wrenches are one of the most reliable power tools that an amateur or professional woodworker or home renovator can have. This power tool is engineered to give massive amount of torque by storing up energy and then providing them in sudden bursts.

If you’ve ever seen a pit crew change the tires of a racing car in just less than 5 seconds, then you’ll know the amount of power that these power tools have.

Obviously, even professional craftsmen won’t need a Thunder Gun. However, for driving screws or for attaching fasteners in the thickest of wood slaps, impact drivers are the ideal tool.

In this review, we’re going to compare two impact wrenches manufactured by two of the most prominent company in the power tool industry – the DeWalt DCF899B and the Milwaukee 2767-20 M18.

These two power tools have obtained the high good feedback from both industry experts and consumers for certain reasons. Nevertheless, for an average user, which of these two would actually give more value for the price?

To know, read on!

DEWALT vs. Milwaukee Impact Wrench Review

1. DEWALT DCF889B 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench

This impact4 wrench is small but packs a big punch. It is one of the best battery-powered impact wrenches out there today. It even rivals even the most innovative air-powered units in the market. It gives both the comfort and power required to get a project done.

Depending on where you buy this power tool, you could spend anywhere from a hundred bucks to more. Normally, this tool comes with a warranty. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that its batteries and charger are sold separately.

Holding an impact wrench while it is operating can be somewhat uncomfortable, and some models even break under the force of pressure. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this 20-volt max machine. It lets the user have much more control. With 300 feet per pound of torque, it provides a more lightweight experience.

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In addition, its ergonomic handle guarantees that your grip will be more comfortable and relaxed compared to a regular impact wrench.

DeWalt has done an impressive job of making a name for its durable power tools. It makes products that are said to be almost indestructible. And with the DeWalt DCF889B has proven that it’s not an exception.

Fitted with a durable magnesium case and an all-metal transmission, this impact wrench virtually ensures that you’ll have a hard time breaking it. In fact, DeWalt is so confident in this impact wrench that it provides a 3-year warranty to its purchasers.

How Effective and Efficient This Impact Wrench Is?

It is compact but it gets the job done. At first, the size of this power tool can be quite deceiving. It is very lightweight and compact. But make no mistake about it as this wrench comes with significant amount of forwarding torque. No matter how tight the bolt or nut, this power toll comes with very little issue loosening it.

Moreover, this impact wrench offers a unique experience since unlike most impact wrenches; it has been engineered with the idea of control in mind. From its small size to its ergonomic handle, experienced users will be able to appreciate its simple design. The user controls the wrench and not the other way around.

This impact wrench is also very sturdy. It doesn’t take much for workshop tools to break these days, but with its magnesium case gear build and 3-year warranty, there very little to worry about it. Its unique engineering stands the test of time. The user doesn’t need to need to concern with struggling with upkeep and maintenance or replacements.

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On the other hand, certain verified consumers would argue that the 300 feet per pound of torque can’t efficiently compete with the rest of the impact wrenches that have high-end traits on the market today.

They say that this impact wrench doesn’t provide as much power. Nevertheless, it may lack in power it more than makes up for in the number of applications that it offers. In addition, this power tool doesn’t come with the charger and batteries that it needs in order to operate.

These two powerful tools are sold separately. Though some may view this as a disadvantage, the cost of these particular items can be seen as a great investment because of how long this sturdy product can last. They can immediately pay for themselves.

Overall, if you’re someone who’s looking for an impact driver, then you must consider the DeWalt DCF889B. It is small and comes with an ergonomic handle thus it is extremely easy to control. In addition, it is also very sturdy so you don’t need to be hypersensitive about who’ll be using your tools.

If you’re seeking for something that can last for a long time, and can give you the power and comfort you need for your projects, then you must purchase the DeWalt DCF889B impact wrench.

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  • Comes with a sturdy magnesium gear case and all-metal transmission for extra durability
  • Incorporated with LED light that provides user greater visibility when working in dark environments
  • Variable speed trigger with electric brake gives user enhanced control
  • Ergonomic handle gives users extra control and comfort
  • 400 feet per pound of maximum torque to perform a wide range of heavy-duty fastening applications
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  • Quite top heavy and doesn’t have enough torque to loosen lug nuts
  • Doesn’t come with any torque setting

2. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

The Milwaukee Company is famous for their durable line of powerful cordless tools. So when Milwaukee announced the release of this impact wrench, it wasn’t really a surprise. But the cool thing here is that you can now lose the air hose. If you’re a mechanic, you’ll want to check out how worthy this impact wrench is.

Milwaukee comes with a vast variety of different impact wrenches on the market nowadays. You’ll love the variety since if you need a different wrench for a particular reason, like a pin detent, Milwaukee comes with it and you don’t need to change battery platforms.

Perhaps the one thing you’d love about Milwaukee is that they really cater to a vast variety of tradesmen. Even if they know a product might not really sell a lot, they will still design and manufacture a product for those applications or tradesmen that other manufacturers won’t even care of.

While all of this is nice, the true feature of this impact wrench is that you no longer need to rely on a pneumatic wrench for your work. This high-impact wrench can take its place instead.

Now, while the head of this tool is quite large, it is still one of the most compact heads in its class. This impact wrench only weighs 7.5 pounds and that’s with a battery included.

The manufacturer designed this with a brushless motor. This motor offers more efficiency unlike its counterpart – the brushed motor. Brushless motors provide 1,000 feet per pound of fastening torque and 1400 feet per pound of nut-busting torque. With this, you’ll see why you no longer need your pneumatic.

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Its grip is your regular Milwaukee grip with the rubber over-mold and textured for extra grip. Furthermore, the manufacturer utilizes a variable speed trigger to control the speed of the impact wrench. As with the other Milwaukee power tools, their trigger is easy to control and keep a constant speed.

On the base of this impact wrench, you’ll see three-speed selectors along with a bolt removal mode. The bolt removable mode provides the consumer more control when removing fasteners by slowing to 750 revolutions per minute once the fastener has been busted loose.

If you’re seeking to get into the Milwaukee line of power tools, then you might want to start with this impact wrench.  Of course, the value is in the eye of the beholder.

If you’ll be using this tool for your workload, it is worth it since it is made to last and comes with loads of power. If you’re a person who’s taking off one wheel a year, you might want to seek somewhere else instead.

Overall, this is another winner from the Milwaukee brand. Having the ability to lose the air hose is impressive and really worth every single penny.

The impact wrench is solid and can last a full day worth of work, particularly, if you use the Milwaukee 9 Ah battery. If you’re looking for a tough tool that can get the job done, then take a look at this power tool.

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  • Comes with LED lights
  • Can reduce user fatigue as it only comes with only 7.5 pounds of weight including the battery
  • Comes with premium rubber over-mold withstand corrosive materials
  • Gives increased comfort when in use
  • Incorporates a friction ring design to guarantee quick and easy socket changes
  • Integrated with REDLITHIUM batteries that can deliver more work per charge
  • Comes with REDLINK PLUS intelligence that precludes damage to the tool and battery
  • Provides maximum productivity by getting rid of stubborn and high-torque fasteners
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  • Doesn’t have sufficient power to loosen the nut on the ATV shock


If you’re confused on which of these two impact wrenches to buy, then we’ll tell you today that DeWalt is the power tool you must get, though its superiority over the Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 is not really that significant.

When it comes to performance, you’d probably be getting marginally better IPM and torque delivery, though the Milwaukee would be enough for all the same consumers that the DeWalt is marketed for.

The two primary points that put the DeWalt DCF899HB just a step higher compared to Milwaukee in our opinion are the weight and the LED lights.

This power tool allows you to see what you’re doing when working in dark workstations, and its weight really keeps the tool balanced in your possession, even when driving screws at rare angles.

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