Do 4runners Have Heated Steering Wheels? [Specs and Review]

The Toyota 4Runner for a while now has been the go-to vehicle for adventurers. Its design and build quality make it ideal for various applications including offroading. Considering that it has been in production for over 40 years now, its technology and performance should be refined by now.

The biggest question for those buying a 4Runner right now is if it has a heated steering wheel. The answer is Yes! The 4Runner is offered with a heated steering wheel as an option, regardless of the trim level. This is a nice feature to keep your hands warm even during the cold months. 

2023 Toyota 4Runner Overview | Toyota

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Why People Love Heated Steering Wheels

CAGR estimates that there will be an increase in the number of cars with heated steering wheels since the feature is now popular.

The Automotive Heated Steering Wheel Market study by CAGR shows that thousands of new cars now have heated steering and the sector is expected to grow by 3.32% over the next 5 years.

So, someone might wonder, why is there a need for heated steering wheels? 

A heated steering wheel will increase the driver’s comfort, especially in cold weather. If you drive during the cold weather, then you know just how important this is for you. 

Toyota understands the importance of having a heated steering wheel and that is why you will get it as an option with the 4Runner no matter the trim level.

Other Features of the 2023 Toyota 4 Runner Model

2023 Toyota 4 Runner Model

Yes, the 4Runner has a heated steering wheel, but that is not what makes it a 4Runner. That is why we look at more of its features to understand why it is popular and if you should get one.

1. Capabilities

The 4Runner is a very capable vehicle in different terrains. That is why it is often a top pick for those who might want to go offroad. Below are some of its capability features.

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Crawl control is vital when the trail gets challenging. Once you activate this feature, you can conquer the off-road trails with ease.

The work of the Crawl function is to automatically modulate the vehicle’s throttle and its brakes. This is done by choosing from 5 low-speed settings to maintain a smooth speed over the terrain.

With this kind of control, all you have to do is navigate the vehicle through the difficult terrain.

The car differential has been around for a long time and each time, it gets improvements. That is how the 4Runner got its electronic locking rear differential.

The work of the differential is to supply even power to both rear wheels so that they can move at the same speed even when one is off the ground. That is how you can have a controlled pace over different obstacles.

Other than the locking rear differential and crawl functionality, you also get a Multi-terrain Monitor, Kinect Dynamic Suspension System, and Multi-Terrain Select as additional capabilities of the 2023 4Runner

Here is a video showing how the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) works.

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2. Utility

The utility aspect is all about how practical the 2023 4Runner is to its potential users.

One thing that many people might not have found in their vehicles is a power rear glass. This a signature element of all the 4Runner generations and it is good to see it in this new model. Simply push a button to lower and raise the rear glass.

You might not see it now, but sometimes you do not need to open the tailgate to access a few things in the back.

The 4Runner’s second-row seats can fold flat in the configuration 40/20/40. Once all the seats in this row are folded, you get up to 88.8 cubic feet of cargo.

Third-row seating is also available as expected. This means the 4Runner can accommodate seven passengers. These seats have a 50/50 split to make more room for your cargo.

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There is still a 120V AC power outlet in the cargo area. This is vital for attaching various accessories such as phones to charge them or a vacuum to clean the cargo area.

3. Performance

4Runner has been a top performer in terms of reliability. One thing that makes this vehicle reliable should be its legendary 4.0-liter V6 engine.

The engine produces up to 270Hp and a torque of 278 lb.-ft. Well, considering its use, that is enough horsepower and torque you will ever need for an adventurous time.

There is the option of choosing between full-time 4WD and part-time 4WD in the 4Runner.

The full-time 4WD gives you optimal traction vital for different terrains. In case you see the terrain ahead is rugged or the road conditions are generally challenging, it is time to engage the full-time 4WD.

Part-time 4WD means that you have the choice of using the high and low-rage options. High 2 (H2) is suitable for daily driving and gives you the best fuel efficiency. High 4(H4) is for getting you more traction for speeds under 55mph. As for Low 4 (L4), it is when you have to drive slowly or crawl over difficult terrain.

The 4Runner has an impressive towing capacity of up to 5000 lbs. So, it is possible to tow a small boat if you enjoy the outdoors that often. The vehicle also adheres to the SAE J2807 standard, showing it can tow quite well at the set ratings.

4. Exterior

Looking at the vehicle’s exterior design language, you can see that it is ready for a fresh coat of mud. Yes, it looks rugged and ready for some tough trails.

Here is a video walkaround of the 4Runner exterior:

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You might notice that the design is more aggressive based on the trim level. We find the TRD Pro to be more aggressive and also made to be more capable.

We have to talk about the 17-inch alloy wheels that come with the vehicle. Such wheels suit its style and can match the purpose of the vehicle.

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The hood scoop and roof rails also complete the look of the TRD Pro quite well. You can choose different colors for the rails, but the black color suits them better.

5. Interior

Do 4runners Have Heated Steering Wheels

Considering you will spend quite a lot of time in the interior, it is good to know how well it stands up to the competition.

If you opt for the TRD trim, expect to get the signature labels and stitching in the car to remind you that you got the special one.

There is also the option of a sliding moonroof. Simply open it for you to have a closer look at the outdoors without getting out of the vehicle.

The heated and ventilated front leathers make it quite worthwhile spending more time in this vehicle. So, no matter the weather, you should be comfortable.

If you like to carry your gadgets, you should love the three USB ports available. You can now keep the gadgets charged if the need arises.

6. Technology

Do 4runners Have Heated Steering Wheels

Some people often think that just because it is a Toyota, then it might not have the best tech. However, the 2023 4Runner comes packed with technology including an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Other notable features of technology include;

  • Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Smart Key System with Push Button Start
  • Android Auto Compatibility
  • 15 JBL speakers for the sound system

4Runner Safety

Do 4runners Have Heated Steering Wheels?

Studies show that car crashes kill close to 100 people per day in the US. This is important enough to make us interested in the kind of safety the 4Runner can offer its occupants.

Safety is something that Toyota has been continually improving in the 4Runner. This generation of the 4Runner has 8 standard airbags. The airbag system is designed to protect the from thorax, abdomen, and pelvis (TAP) injuries.

Having the Blind Spot Monitor or BSM combined with a Rear Cross-Traffic Alert will help the driver identify vehicles that might be in a blind spot. Watch out for the flashing indicators in the outside mirrors so that you take a second look to make sure it is clear.

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Having the backup camera and parking sensor both at the front and rear means you can park better. The closer you get to an object, the faster the car beeps. So, even those with poor parking skills can have an easier time doing it.

Here is a video on the Toyota safety systems

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4Runner Connected Services

Connectivity in this era is quite important even for cars. One such feature is Remote Connect. This feature helps you control your 4Runner via the Toyota app. This app allows you to do things such as;

  • Start the engine
  • Locate the vehicle
  • Lock/unlock the car doors

The user can also turn the 4Runner into a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and can connect up to 5 devices. Of course, you need a mobile plan to get access to the Internet.

If you do not know directions to a place, there is the Destination Assist connected service. It will give you access to a live agent to help you with the directions to get to your destination safely.

Toyota 4Runner Price and Where to Buy

The Toyota 4Runner 2023 model is available in three main trim levels. They include the SR5, Limited, and TRD Pro and the price starts from $38,805, $48,040, and $53,270 respectively.

Even though the different trim levels do not have the same price, they still have the same engine, a 4.0L V6 mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. It is worth noting that only the TRD Pro is 4×4 while the other trims are 4×2.

In case you are interested in buying a Toyota 4Runner, make sure to check out the local Toyota dealers in your state or city.


How long is the Toyota 4Runner warranty?

Every Toyota gets a 36-month or 36,000-mile limited warranty coverage. That is not all as there is a 60-month or 60,000-mile coverage on the powertrain and 60 months or unlimited miles for rust-through coverage. You can always consult the dealership for more details about your 4Runner warranty.

Who should buy a 2023 Toyota 4Runner?

We recommend that you buy the 4Runner if you enjoy the outdoors. This is because it is a vehicle that can get you over different terrains without struggling. So long as you want to be adventurous, it might be time to start using a 4Runner.

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What are the maintenance needs for a Toyota 4Runner?

For a new vehicle, it will not need much maintenance, but Toyota recommends that you service the vehicle every 5,000 miles. In most cases, it will be changing the oil and replacing the oil filter. By the time you are at 15,000 miles, the technicians will service more things including the drive shaft boots, ball joints, rear differential oil, and more.

Who are the top competitors of the Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota 4Runner has good competitors that make Toyota remain innovative so that they can match the needs of their customers. The main competitors for a 4Runner include Jeep Wrangler, Kia Telluride, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Bronco, Ford Explorer, Subaru Outback, Honda Passport, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.


So, is a Toyota 4Runner 2023 model worth the money? We find the price in relation to what you are getting from a 4Runner is worth every penny. You get the reliability of Toyota and still enjoy new developments in technology and vehicle safety. If you can take good care of the 4Runner, expect it to last quite a long time.

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