Do Teslas Come With A Spare Tire [Answered & Solutions]

There was a time when a car would come with a full-size spare tire. This was because there was enough room to still accommodate the full-size spare tire.

However, things have changed to the point we moved to donut spare tires and now we no longer get spare tires in some car models. Why is this the case? Do Teslas have a spare tire?

No. Teslas do not come with spare tires and there is a good reason why that is the case. The idea was for Tesla to get as much interior space from the car as possible.

Considering there is the need to use more batteries, space can be limited quite fast. Also, more research shows that not many people use their spare tires over the course of the car’s lifetime.

Reasons for Not Having a Spare Tire

Before you are quick to judge Tesla for not including a spare tire, ask yourself, which parts of the car are less used during its lifetime.

By the time the car gets to scraping, it is estimated that the spare tire, tools, jack, and wheel would be the least used.

This is according to a report it was found that when a car is scrapped, some of the spare tires had not touched the ground before.

Tesla saw this as something that it could avoid considering not many people are going to use the spare tire either way.

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It can be quite interesting to think about it because it means that all the raw materials and labor force put into making the tires goes to waste when the spare tires are also scraped.

It all sounds reasonable until you find yourself with a Tesla having a flat in the middle of nowhere and you have to wait for a while before the towing company gets to you.

Solutions to Having no Spare Tire

TPMS system

Tesla is known for being quite innovative in terms of technology. That is why the Teslas come packed with a lot of technology you need to handle the tire situation.

Teslas come with the TPMS system vital for helping you monitor the tire pressure before it gets too low.

It will also alert you in case you forget to top up the air pressure to ensure that the spare tire is working as it should be.

The TPMS can be a good solution for someone with a slow puncture, however, having a blown tire would render the TPMS useless.

You should not be scared of such scenarios because Tesla offers a roadside assistance service.

The best part is that it is a free service so long as the Tesla you are driving is still under warranty. Give the service center a call and they will come to pick you up.

Here is a video on how the TPMS works in your Tesla

YouTube video

Tesla still has the option of loaner wheel service and towing. This is where Tesla has partnered with some roadside providers to deliver loaner wheels to the affected users and change them for the damaged wheels or tires.

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In such a case, a new tire would be mounted on your car at your cost of course, but at least you get an assurance you have a good tire that will get you home.

Alternative Solutions

Do Teslas Come With A Spare Tire

Sometimes the options mentioned above might not work for you. That is why you would want to seek alternatives to keep your mind at peace.

The first consideration is to invest in an emergency tire repair kit. You can come across several repair kits in an auto shop to consider.

These kits are great as they help you have a temporary fix of the blown tire until it is fixed properly. You should be able to drive on such a tire for up to 70 miles.

The other option is to invest in a spare tire kit. There are some companies now designing spare tire kits meant for Teslas and you can get them at an affordable price.

The spare tire is the small-sized donut tire that is also accompanied by a scissor jack and other necessary tools to swap the flat tire.

You may want to keep in mind that using non-standard Tesla parts might affect the warranty. Make sure to check with the dealer before opting for such use of the aftermarket parts on your Tesla.

Here is a tutorial on using your tire repair kit:

YouTube video

Tesla Tire Maintenance Guide

One of the things Tesla noted with its drivers is that they sometimes end up with flat spots on the tires. Flat spots arise when you keep the car stationary for a long time.

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The good thing with flat spots is that they can easily go away once your start driving the car again.

Give it a couple of miles and the vibrations due to the flat spot will go away. Just make sure to also inflate the tires correctly if the Tesla has been stationary for several months.

Maintaining tire pressure

Good tire pressure is important for keeping the tires in good condition. That is why you are advised to keep checking if the tire pressure is correct.

If you look at the driver’s door pillar, you will see the tire and loading information. This is where you know more about how much tire pressure you should be using for the car.

Underinflation and overinflation will both lead to uneven wear of the tires. Underinflating leaves you with tires wearing on the sides while the middle section remains untouched. It is vice versa for the overinflated tires.

Tesla also claims that underinflation can reduce the car’s range. For an electric vehicle, you would not want anything to do with reducing its range.

Tire rotation, wheel alignment, and balancing

Tire rotation is another big recommendation from Tesla to help in maintaining the tires in good condition.

You also have to consider the balancing and wheel alignment of Tesla to get the most out of the car tires. This is because unbalanced and misaligned tires can easily affect the car’s handling, tread life, and steering components.

Tesla recommends rotating the tires every 6,250 miles or if there is a tread depth difference of 2/32 inches or more. It is all about whichever comes first.

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The way you drive can also determine how fast the tires wear. An aggressive driver will likely wear the tires faster and might need frequent tire service.

How to Rotate Your Tires on a Tesla Model Y, S, 3, X

YouTube video


My Tesla has a flat tire, what should I do?

You have the option of driving to the nearest service center if the tire is still holding air or contacting the Tesla roadside assistance team to get help.

How much pressure to use on tires?

It depends on the vehicle, but it can range from 40 to 45PSI. Check the vehicle driver’s door to see the recommended tire pressure on the label.

Can third-party repair shops work on my Tesla tires?

Yes. You can have another tire shop work on repairing your tires without affecting the warranty.

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