Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free? [Testing, Charging, Recycling]

AutoZone has many battery services including battery installation. If you buy a battery from AutoZone, you can have it installed in your car for free and get it starting right away.

The chances are you may only look at your car battery if the car won’t start. However, that should not be the case. You can always take good care of your car battery by having a certified mechanic go through it.

In case the car is not starting, one of the options is to check out Autozone. This company is known for handling everything related to cars. You can get all the key spare parts you need to keep the car running correctly. This also includes the batteries.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free

AutoZone Battery Services

AutoZone does not just install the batteries, but it has many other services you may find worth checking out in relation to your battery operation. They include;

Battery Testing

Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free

As part of testing the battery, AutoZone will check your battery, starter, and alternator. All these three relate to one another. If one fails, then you might have a hard time starting the car.

During battery testing, the technician will check to see if the battery is in good condition or if it should be replaced. The technician has the right equipment vital for ensuring you get the best results to help decide whether to keep the battery or not.

Starter testing is also key to ensure it always works each time you use it. If the technician finds the starter is worn, getting a replacement might be recommended.

Alternator testing is also vital since it is the one that charges the battery. In case it is not in good working condition, then it may ruin the battery. A good example is when the voltage regulator is not working properly.

Battery Charging

AutoZone Battery Charging

Before installing the battery into your car, the team at AutoZone will have to test it first. If the charge is lower than recommended, then the battery will be charged first and then installed in your car for free.

Battery Recycling

AutoZone Battery Recycling

Battery recycling is quite important for the environment. That is why AutoZone offers it as an option to take your old worn batteries after installing a new one.

It is estimated that AutoZone recycled more than 412,000 old car batteries at different centers of the company nationwide.

You might not have known this, but when you buy a battery from AutoZone, there is a $22 Refundable Core Deposit. The charge is an incentive for you to return the old battery so that you can get the deposit back.

So, the next time you want to dispose of a battery after installing a new one, talk to AutoZone and it will handle the rest.

Here is a video explaining how lead acid battery recycling happens.

YouTube video

AutoZone also recycles;

  • Motor oil
  • Plastics
  • Old car parts
  • Pallets and cardboard etc.
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Autozone Battery Types for Cars

Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free

The type of battery that you get is vital to ensure that the car delivers on performance while regularly using the car. Some of the battery types from AutoZone include;

1. Valve-regulated batteries

This is a sealed battery that does not have maintenance. It is a bit different from what you get with the traditional sealed flooded batteries. Having the valves will help keep the electrolyte from spilling or easily shifting to other parts of the battery.

This type of battery can be manufactured in various styles including the AGM and gel cell formats.


  • No maintenance is needed
  • Reduces the need for having safety gear
  • High energy density


  • They tend to be bulky
  • Expensive batteries

2. Gel cell batteries

The gel cells are some of the best to get for your car. This design also features a fluid electrolyte that is contained in cells to avoid instability and reduce the chances of spilling.

As much as the dry cell batteries tend to be cheaper, you can find the gel cell batteries are more stable at different temperatures. This makes these batteries efficient while driving under different circumstances.

However, this battery might also have some limitations to the operating range. So, make sure to check the temperature rating of the battery to find it is good for car application.


  • Do not need a lot of maintenance
  • Do not leak
  • They are vibration resistant


  • Charging can be slow
  • Can be costly

3. Dry cell batteries

The dry cell batteries contain glass meshes that absorb the electrolyte. This means that there is reduced spilling and this battery type can be placed in different orientations. This can be useful when you have to fit several batteries in limited spaces.


  • Affordable battery types
  • Dry cells are less harmful to the environment
  • Compact in size for versatility


  • Shorter lifespan

4. Deep cycle batteries

The deep cycle batteries might be more common in RVs, boats, and camping grounds. This is because they can be recharged to offer longer operating life considering they have deep power capacity. If you have many accessories in your car, this can be a nice choice as your next battery to consider.


  • Reliable power delivery
  • Can deliver high currents
  • Tolerant to overcharging and abuse


  • Can be bulky and heavy
  • Can overheat sometimes

AutoZone Batteries for Other Devices

AutoZone does not just have batteries for cars alone. You can find batteries for other devices to ensure that you enjoy working with quality brands. So, the other applications for AutoZone batteries include;

  • Motorcycle
  • Marine
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV)
  • Lawn mowers etc.

AutoZone Battery Brands

Sometimes the type of battery brand you get can determine if the battery will be good or not. These are some of the battery brands you can get with AutoZone today:

  • Duralast
  • ACDelco
  • Optima
  • Econocraft
  • Odyssey
  • Valucraft

Autozone Car Batteries Prices

AutoZone features batteries from different brands. These batteries are priced differently. They start from $70 to $600, depending on the type of battery you pick. 

The most notable batteries include Duralast Platinum EFB Battery which goes for $229, but you can still find something cheaper if you are on a budget. Others can spend more depending on the car’s power needs.

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AutoZone has done a good job of giving you the option of sorting the batteries based on the vehicle year, model, make, and engine. At least the batteries that would be recommended would fit the needs of your car.

How to Install a Car Battery

Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free

As mentioned before, AutoZone can replace the car battery for free when you get to one of their shops. However, what if you want to install the car battery yourself? What steps can you take to complete the process?

Below is how to install a car battery.

  1. Make sure the engine is off. Open the hood to find the battery. Start by detaching the negative battery terminal. This can be done by loosening the nut by using a combination wrench.
  2. If the terminal is loosened enough, it should come off easily. Do the same for the positive battery cable. With the positive cable removed, take out the old battery and put it in a safe place.
  3. Use a battery cleaning solution or even baking soda mixed in water to remove any corrosion that might have been left behind by the old battery. It could be in the battery tray or even the cable connectors.
  4. Once the battery tray is clean and dry, lift and insert the new battery into it. Secure it by using the hold-down battery clamp.
  5. Proceed to attach the positive battery cable and tighten the nut holding it. Attach the negative battery cable too.
  6. Make sure the connections are tight since loose connections might make the car not start because of a weak electrical connection.
  7. Go ahead to start the car to see if it is all good. If you did the reconnection correctly, then you should not have a problem at all.

So, the overall process of installing a car battery should not be hard. The most important thing is to ensure you do not end up messing with the cable connections. The positive battery cable goes to the positive terminal. The same applies to the negative battery terminal.

Here is a video on replacing a car battery worth checking out for more tips

YouTube video

When Does AutoZone Recommend Replacing a Battery?

AutoZone understands the importance of having a working battery. It is vital to identify the signs of a dead car battery and start the replacement process. AutoZone recommends that you take note of the following to know when it is time to install a new battery.

  • Slower start out of nowhere

It is common to find that a car may have problems starting especially with a drop in temperature. However, what happens if the temperature is normal but you now have a sudden slower start?

This kind of start is characterized by having a dragging sound that seems as if the car will not start. In case you notice such behavior, start by checking the battery terminals. If they are correctly installed, test the battery to see if it is holding charge.

  • A clicking sound when you turn the key

You may have experienced a situation where the radio, light, and other accessories work, but it seems you cannot start the car. You only hear a buzz or a click sound when you turn the key.

It is worth noting that you need over 150amps to start a mid-size car. In our scenario, it could be that your battery lacks enough charge to start the car.

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Jump-starting the car might offer temporary reprieve, but we recommend you get a permanent solution by getting to Autozone or any other shop to test the battery’s performance.

Here is a video on how to jumpstart a car properly

YouTube video
  • The battery is swollen

When you notice that the battery is fat or swollen, it might be time to consider replacing it as it might stop working anytime or even burst.

Other than replacing the battery, you should check the alternator’s performance. If it has a faulty voltage regulator, it means you could end up with an overcharged battery thus swelling.

A swollen battery should always be replaced. This is because the damage is often extensive, so it might not keep working great for longer.

  • Rotten eggs smell from the battery

If you open the engine bay and experience the smell of rotten eggs, it could be something bigger. That is why you should always consider understanding what is causing the smell.

The main reason you may have such a bad odor is because of a damaged battery and now it is releasing gas. A battery with such a smell has no solution other than having it replaced.

  • The battery is simply old

Yes, a car battery might also have a lifespan that you should keep in mind.

The battery can last from 4 to 6 years depending on the use in the car. Once the battery is older than 4 years, you should start paying attention. This is the time you can have it regularly checked to ensure it still works great.

  • Battery light flashing

You may also notice that the battery light on the dashboard keeps flashing. This is a sign that either the alternator is not charging properly or the battery has a problem.

Whichever the case, you should always take a keen look at the battery to see if it is still in good condition.

Check out this video for more signs of a dying car battery.

YouTube video

Car Not Starting After Installing Autozone Battery. Potential Issues

Car Not Starting After Installing Autozone Battery. Potential Issues

If you have recently got a new battery installed by AutoZone and you still find the car does not start, there could be a few issues worth checking out.

1. Mismatched battery terminals

It is highly unlikely that an AutoZone technician might make this mistake but it can happen. The same applies when you opt to install the battery on your own.

In the case of mismatched terminals, it means that the power is not flowing as it is supposed to. The first thing you have to do is ensure the terminals are correctly matched to the cables.

Another thing would be loose terminals. Such scenarios mean there is a weak electrical connection. This makes it hard for the battery to supply enough current to start the vehicle. So, tighten the nuts holding the cables to ensure proper power conductivity.

2. Corroded connectors

Battery corrosion on the terminals can happen over time. This inhibits the proper flow of power from the battery. That is why you should always clean any corrosion from the battery connectors so that even the new battery can deliver the right power.

3. The starter is defective

Even if you install a new battery but the starter is defective, sometimes you end up with a car that would not start. So, make sure that AutoZone can also do a routine check of the starter and alternator to ensure they are in good condition before ruling them out.

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4. Damaged engine

The car, not starting can also mean there is a problem with the engine. It could have been a seized engine problem and you thought it was a dead battery. So, take note of the unusual engine noises such as tapping and knocking. These can generally help you see if there is a problem with an engine or not.

5. Blown fuse or relay

Another possible reason people change their batteries when they are still good is because of a blown fuse or relay. When the relay that helps send the power to the ignition is blown, you cannot start the car.

It is best to sometimes go through the fuses first before replacing a battery thus saving you money.

How to Prolong the Car’s Battery’s Life

How to Prolong the Car’s Battery’s Life

It is commonly advisable that you check and test the car battery on a routine basis. This helps you know when to change the battery. However, what can you do in the meantime to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible? Here are some ideas;

Get a battery maintainer

This is a perfect device for those who might take longer to start and drive their cars. A battery maintainer is a nice gadget that will keep the battery charged and eliminate slow discharge.

Slow discharge is what can sometimes kill a good battery. So, take precautions to keep the battery healthy.

Clean corrosion

You should also periodically check the battery terminals for corrosion build-up. When you see a bit of corrosion, use the battery cleaning solution and wire brush to remove it. Apply dielectric grease too for keeping the corrosion away.

Do not run accessories for too long

The car battery is not just for starting the car, but can also be used to power accessories. That is why we recommend that minimize the number of accessories connected to the battery at any given time.

Some accessories are power-hungry, meaning they can easily drain the battery. So, consider having a separate battery for such accessories, or do not run them for too long especially when the engine is off.

Do not remove the protective blankets

Cars often come with protective blankets which are important for shielding the battery. Sometimes people remove them without understanding their importance. We recommend that you always have them correctly installed to keep the battery protected and improve its lifespan.

Autozone Battery Warranty and Return Policy

The AutoZone battery warranty varies from one battery type to another. For example, the Duralast battery has a 2-year warranty while the Duralast Gold battery has a 3-year warranty. You may want to go through different battery types first to understand what each has to offer.

As for the return policy, the AutoZone store offers a 90-day return window. You are supposed to turn the item in its original packaging with the receipt to request a refund. The company may approve or deny the refund depending on the warranty and return policy.


AutoZone can be one of those places where you can have the battery installed for free after buying it. That is not all as you can get other services too including testing of the alternator and the starter to ensure the car runs smoothly always.

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We have also looked at how to identify a dead battery and when it is the right time to make the change. Make sure not to mistake a dead battery for something else at this point.

If you enjoy the AutoZone services, make sure to have them help you change the battery next time you need it.


Does Autozone charge for battery charging?

AutoZone can also offer battery charging before installing it in your car. This is to ensure the battery is in good condition and ready for use.

Autozone will not charge you anything for this service. It is part of their aftersales services. Of course, anyone getting a battery from Autozone would want it fully charged before using it. 

Can I recycle my battery to AutoZone?

Yes. Other than having the battery installed at AutoZone, you can still leave your old battery with them for recycling. It is always advisable to recycle the old battery correctly.

The last thing you need is to dump the battery in a way that would affect the environment. So, let Autozone take care of your problem of recycling the battery. 

Does AutoZone come to your house for a battery change?

Yes. AutoZone has the option where you can order the battery online and it will be delivered and installed. Just make sure you ask about the service in your location first.

Since Autozone is in different parts of the US, you can be assured to get help from where you are including having the battery delivered to your home.

Does AutoZone have a lifetime warranty on batteries?

No. AutoZone has specific warranties for different batteries. Reading through the product descriptions of different batteries should help you learn more about their warranties.

How long should a car battery last?

A battery can last from 4 to 6 years or more depending on the usage and care. Have the battery tested periodically to see if it is still in good condition and know when to change it.


AutoZone can be one of those places where you can have the battery installed for free after buying it. That is not all as you can get other services too including testing of the alternator and the starter to ensure the car runs smoothly always.

We have also looked at how to identify a dead battery and when it is the right time to make the change. Make sure not to mistake a dead battery for something else at this point. 

If you enjoy the AutoZone services, make sure to have them help you change the battery next time you need it. 

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