Does Walmart Fix Holes in Tires? [Tire & Maintenance Services Prices]

One of the best stores in the world is Walmart. They offer a wide range of services.

But what can you expect from them when it comes to tire services? Can they fix holes in the tires?

Yes, Walmart offers this kind of tire service. This begins in the year 2022.

They have the Auto Center that patches tires. They charge $10 to $15 to fix holes in tires.

To avail of the service, you should schedule an appointment. You can do it online or by calling the local store.

You can also buy tire plug kits at Walmart. This is good if you want to patch your tire at home.

Want to know more about the offers of Walmart? Watch the following video:

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Walmart Tire Plug Kits

You can order tire plug kits online from Walmart. You can get tools that can make you remove nails, screws, and other things.

You can also purchase the tire plug kits at any major retailer like the following stores:

Services That Walmart Provides

Walmart has many services for your vehicles. They are the following:

Tire Services

  • Tire mounting installation package – New tires will be mounted on your rims. If the tires are from Walmart, the cost per tire is $15.
    If the tires are not from them, the charge will be $25 or $100 for four tires.
  • Lug Nut Replacement– You can avail yourself of a lug nut for $2 each. If you will buy the tires from them, you can have a free lug replacement.
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing – Tire rotation has a good price of $2.50 per tire. Walmart also offers a good package for tire rotation.
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Maintenance Services

  1. Car Washing – The interior and exterior of your vehicle will be cleaned. You can avoid rust and dull paint on your vehicle.
  2. Gas Refill – You can save a lot of money from this service. Refills cost ranges from $7.86 to $15.83.
  3. Battery Installation – If you bought the battery from Walmart, the installation is free. If you have a ready battery, the cost of installation is $10.
  4. Oil Change – You can have your oil changed for $20 to $50. Make sure that the oil for your vehicle is correct.
  5. Headlight Installation – The cost of headlight installation is $7.50. They also offer a headlight restoration service.

If you want to learn more about oil change at Walmart, you can watch the following video:

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How Much Will You Spend to Patch a Tire Hole?

If you will patch a tire hole at the shop, it can cost you $10 to $20. If you buy your own kit, you will spend $9.

Does Walmart Repair Tire Leaks?

Beginning in 2022, Walmart repairs tire leaks. Repairing a flat tubeless tire may cost $15.

Fixing tire leaks may last 1-5 hours. If the leak is beyond repair, they will offer installation services for $10 per tire.

Can You Fix Tires with Holes?

Yes, but holes have to be in the middle area of the tread. If the holes are in the shoulder of the tire, they are irreparable.

Will It Cost Me Money to Patch a Tire?

If you will buy a patch at a wholesale price, it can cost you only $2.00. To add a little more to the price, you should pay $0.10 for the bead sealer.

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But if you bring your tire to an auto repair shop, you will be charged $120 per hour.

Which is Better? To Patch or Plug the Tire?

Plugs can make your tire last to run 25,000 miles. But patches are better and more secure.

What If I Find a Nail in My Tire?

You should go to an expert to have a patching service. The expert will find the nail in your tire and can repair the tire quickly.

How Long Will a Tire Plug Last?

A well-installed plug can last for 7-10 years. It can cover up to 25,000 miles. But it may not last this long if the plug is not properly installed.

Does AutoZone Fix Tire Leaks?

Yes, AutoZone makes quick fixes for tire leaks.

How Long Does It Take To Patch a Tire?

You can patch a tire for 20 to 30 minutes. You should vulcanize your tire first before placing the radial patch.

Does Walmart Have a Warranty on Tires?

Yes, they have a warranty. You can return the tire within 90 days.

After that, you can get a refund. They also offer repairs and replacements.

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