Dual Fuel vs Tri Fuel Inverter Generator [Which Is Best?]

Generators are an essential tool that provides power supply when there is a limited supply of electricity, or during a power outage.

This is a great investment for homeowners and even for commercial uses that are supporting many powered devices. There is no need to worry when there is a power interruption within the area if a generator unit is set.

A generator comes in different types and models to satisfy every household’s needs. That includes dual and triple fuel generator types, which obviously work in a different way.

It is unlike solar generators that operate with the sun’s energy but through a variety of fuel sources that differ in price and availability.

Having a generator unit for commercial or household use is a great investment these days. It might be costly initially, but worthwhile in the long time run.

Experts can assist you in getting the right generator model for your specific needs. This post can also be beneficial for first-time buyers looking for the best generator unit in the market.

What is a Tri Fuel Generator?

What is a Tri Fuel Generator

A tri-fuel generator is a type of generator that operates with three fuel options, such as propane, gasoline, and natural gas.

It is portable and highly suitable for a variety of applications. People choose to buy a tri-fuel generator with an anticipation of having a wider choice of fuel sources.

It can power your home and other spaces during a power outage, especially this summer season.

Triple-fuel generators allow users to pick one of the fuel sources based on budget and current needs. They feature versatility when it comes to delivering more efficient energy for the household.

Is One Fuel Type More Efficient?

When it comes to running a generator, fuel type can make a difference. One fuel type generator can be efficient depending on the user’s intent to use the unit.

For instance, if you are in a hurricane-prone area, a dual fuel generator is highly recommended. It can deliver more energy than a single fuel unit when there is a limited supply of power, especially when a disaster strikes.

Each fuel option is made to meet different needs of power energy. Propane, for example, can last longer and won’t go bad, unlike gasoline that can only last for at least a year.

Having an idea of many good fuel options can show you which one is efficient for your needs.

The availability of that one fuel type for your current needs is also essential to know. This would prepare households in times of tragedy to make a generator unit efficient.

Households can maximize the generator’s efficiency by means of choosing the best fuel type available.

And we found four fuel options to choose from, such as diesel, natural gas, propane, and gasoline. Diesel is the most efficient of all the possible choices when it comes to availability.

Why Do People Prefer Dual or Tri-Fuel?

Many households are now investing in a generator unit because of frequent power outages.

Buyer’s choice differs according to their budget and needs and usually torn between dual and tri-fuel generators.

Both generator types do require a type of fuel for the household not to get stuck without a power supply.

That being said, the major reason people prefer such generator models is convenience.

Not all fuel types can work with a particular generator model. During travels, for instance, having a backup fuel option is important in case something strange happens along the way.

It is similar to using a generator unit. Propane cannot be available at all times however other fuel options may be present. Whenever you run out of power, you are able to buy fuel at a local gas station.

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To better understand what to pick between a dual and tri-fuel generator, take a look at their differences below.

They are clear and precise that may help you in getting a generator for your needs.

What is the Difference Between Dual Fuel and Tri-Fuel Generators?

Generators can consume various types of fuel, such as diesel, propane, natural gas, and others. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right generator for your needs.

First is the availability of the fuel option in your area. The fuel type plays an important role thus to ensure it is readily available speaks a lot of benefits.

It also depends on how often a household will be using the generator that picking the proper type of power source matters.

Tri-Fuel and Dual Fuel Generators are two types of generators that differ on what fuel option could be good for the unit.

As said earlier, tri-fuel generators can work with three various fuels in contrast to dual-fuel generators that can run with two fuel options. The best thing is both units will give households peace of mind when power outages occur.

Tri-Fuel or Triple Fuel Generators can operate with the use of propane, gasoline, or natural gas. Users can switch between those fuel sources which promotes convenience for the household.

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On the other side, Dual Fuel Generators are capable of running using propane or natural gas.

Other models can consume a combination of diesel and natural gas or LPG and gasoline. With such wide fuel choices, households can live happily and in peace during a power outage.

Choosing which is best between dual fuel and tri-fuel generators can be crucial for some. These simple differences can help buyers decide which one is right for their needs and budget.

Major Reasons To Buy A Dual Fuel and Tri-Fuel Generator

These two types of generators do not differ hugely when it comes to the reasons why you need to buy either way.

Here are added details that will help buyers to finally weigh down which tool is best for them.


Both dual and tri-fuel generators are portable and can run with multiple power sources. It develops comfort in changing the fuel source to be determined by its availability.

Obviously, tri-fuel generators will offer more power options but dual fuel generators are also a good option.


Second, those harmful gases can be avoided using dual or tri-fuel generators. They do not use the diesel option which can hurt the environment for longer uses.

Dual and tri-fuel generators consume propane and natural gas rather than diesel to produce fewer emissions and it burns cleaner.

Highly Reliable

Generators bring comfort during an emergency that results in a power outage. There will be limited or no time at all to look for a particular power source when an emergency strikes.

Households cannot access a piping system immediately to get gasoline or propane, which can make the situation worse.

In these scenarios, more advanced generator types are necessary. They are a good backup as the unit can run on a variety of power sources, whichever is available.

Running out of fuel won’t be a problem any longer at any time and any place. Plus, the power sources can last longer than other power sources, if stored properly.


Conversion kits are now available in the market to expand generator uses. It requires minimal effort and is less expensive than buying another unit.

To transform a dual fuel generator into a tri-fuel system is possible to suit a certain weather condition.

During summer, propane is highly advised for use. Its volume would be directly proportional to the weather to work properly.

Gas, on the other side, is perfect in winter to operate the generator.


This factor may vary from each generator type depending on the type of fuel being used.

Less wattage is produced by a tri-fuel generator when running on natural gas than propane or gasoline. Unlike dual fuel generators that could function efficiently on any of the fuel sources.

It is also budget-friendly due to many fuel options. Look for a fuel source that is easily accessible in your area to buy an item anytime. Power interruptions are sometimes unpredictable and so a generator unit is a necessity.

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Dual or tri-fuel generators require proper supervision to guarantee safety in your area. Store the fuel sources away from a fire-prone area.

Spilling the gasoline can cause a fire outbreak in closed areas, as well as groundwater contamination. To avoid such happening, extra precautions must take place and also regular maintenance for the unit.

Best Tri Fuel Generator Brands and Models

Buying a tri-fuel generator can be challenging with all the best possible options. At least we can give you a few of the tri-fuel generator brands to cut down your list.

They offer unique features and a lot of advantages for the users. Each generator model is a reasonable price and perfect for home and industrial consumption. These include:

1. Champion Power Equipment 8000-watt Tri-Fuel Portable Generator

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The first item is an 8000-watt portable generator equipped with tri-fuel technology. It is consumable at home and in industrial works.

Its engine runs with propane, natural gas, and gasoline up to different runtime hours. The generator will last for 5 hours with propane and 12.5 hours with gasoline.

Champion Power Equipment has included necessary items for the generator to operate well, such as a natural gas hose, engine oil and funnel, and even a propane hose.

This portable generator is also built with a volt guard for surge protection. This will keep your home equipment safer from overloading not to cause possible dangers.

It also features CO shield technology to monitor the CO gas level. Whenever the engine identifies an increased level of CO gas, the unit will illuminate a red light and shut off the engine.

These safety features make the generator unit pleasing to homeowners, in addition to its flexibility and convenience.

The manufacturer included a three-year warranty and lifetime technical support in case needed. It has a four-stroke engine with a running watt of up to 10,000 to cater to any of the three fuel options more efficiently.

2. Honda EU2200i+ Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit

This one is a DIY Tri-Fuel option with an endless shelf life. Like the other tri-fuel generators, Honda EU2200i can run on three fuel options when you need power the most. It will be delivered already pre-assembled with instructions to follow for further uses.

Smelly gasoline will not be an issue anymore as the generator unit does not restrict airflow.

Its full flow adapter helps to maintain the unit’s engine clean and efficient for a longer time. Honda EU2200i is also suitable for economic uses with more than 20 hours of runtime.

Unlike the other generator models, Honda EU2200i has no additional hose needed. It is easy to control with its professionally engineered buildup.

The alternative fuels make this generator model versatile for homeowners. It also adds up the peace of mind knowing there is a wider option to power up the engine.

Plus, the item includes a complete kit to easily get started.

How Can I Convert a Dual Fuel into a Tri-Fuel Unit?

To answer the question, it depends on the generator model whether it is convertible to another unit or not.

Some homeowners really prefer this kind of generator unit for improved versatility, and it demands more cost than those which are not convertible.

Certain generator models are permitted to be converted into a tri-fuel unit. To mention one that can be Honda EU2200i.

It is a portable inverter generator that can operate in a wide range of applications, including portable uses like on campsites, job sites, and much more.

Honda EU2200i will not disturb anyone else through its quiet operation up to 57 dBA. That turns out to be an ideal power source for outdoor activities.

This unit can produce much power for long time applications by adding a second generator unit of the same model.

It can cater to your overnight power needs as a reliable source of energy for everyone.

It likewise promotes fuel efficiency that could run a single tank in less than 10 hours. This can possibly happen with the eco-throttle system only exclusive for the EU2200i generator model.

In addition to that is an inverter technology for a more stable power supply for a longer period. This guarantees reliable power from all your outlets at home during power outages.

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The tool has improved ventilation for cooling its inner components to extend its lifespan. All of its features are user-friendly and support better performance.

It will surely provide a sufficient amount of energy for everyone.

Some single-fuel generators can be adapted into tri-fuel generators using the Hutch Mountain Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit. It permits using a variety of fuel options, whichever is readily available.

This includes gasoline, propane, and natural gas that will run a generator to deliver your needed power at the moment. Green alternative fuels are much better to use, thus a generator conversion kit is a great tool for this purpose.

In case you want more tips on DIY Install the Hutch Mountain Tri-Fuel Kit for the Honda EU2200i generator, the video below should help you a lot.

 Honda EU2200i + Propane Conversion Kit – DIY Install for Honda Generator 

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It adds up versatility to your generator unit while extending its lifespan. Just follow the manual to assemble the equipment and all of the included items on the conversion kit. It made it possible to turn a single-fuel generator into a tri-fuel generator unit.

Top 3 Best Dual Fuel Generator Brands and Models

Here are the best brands and models to choose from for buyers who prefer a dual fuel generator. They are made to satisfy households more conveniently.

Each will benefit users in times of severe power interruptions with two fuel options. The items include:

1. Champion Power Equipment 3800-watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment does not only offer tri-fuel generators but also a dual fuel option. It is a combination of convenience and flexibility as a necessity during a power outage.

This generator model is perfect for home and RV uses due to its more compact design. Nonetheless, it can power up the essential items at home like an air conditioner.

This dual fuel generator can switch the fuel sources between propane and gasoline with a fuel selector switch. It will operate for more hours using a propane tank than a full gallon of gasoline.

The unit is a bit loud like a vacuum but it has a volt guard to keep the generator safe. It additionally protects home devices from possible power surges and overloading.

Users can keep track of the unit’s current condition through Intelligauge that involves the runtime hours and voltage consumption.

Setting up the generator unit is hassle-free with its portable design. It has a foldaway handle for easy storage and a wheel kit to transport the unit with no trouble.

To mention the other included items are oil funnel, engine oil, battery, and a propane hose.

Champion Power Equipment ensures the buyer’s welfare by complying with the safety standards. This unit is EPA and CARB certified with a limited warranty and free technical support.

2. DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Your second option is the XP10000EH dual fuel generator by DuroMax. This unit best fits a household that requires plenty of power using a portable generator model.

It can manage heavy energy loads caused by high consumable home items, such as refrigerators and lights.

DuroMax is assured to create a powerful engine to provide more voltage supplies to any appliance.

More than that, XP10000EH gives users the freedom of fuel choice, whether propane or gasoline. Running out of one of the fuel sources cannot stop the generator unit from operating.

It has an additional idle control to be more efficient in using the generator unit. It helps to save up fuel and in reducing noise when the generator is not in use.

This made the unit highly suitable for job sites that need power regularly.

XP10000EH is also equipped with MX2 technology to deliver maximum power for your needs. Users can choose between higher voltages in operating the unit with its full power.

DuroMax added wheels for easy transport and the unit is all-metal construction for durability and longer uses.

It can be brought over any terrain to a downtown worksite because of its portability. The equipment is also a home backup with all of its wonderful features.

3. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

There are many best dual fuel generators in the market that you can lookout. But, here is the last item on this list, a CARB compliant dual fuel portable generator.

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It comes with an electric start that makes turning on the unit a lot simple and easier. No need to pull something to get started.

Wen DF1100T is made up of a four-stroke OHV engine that could run up to 3600 rpm to meet your power supply needs. It can create power for home appliances and other essentials between 120V and 240V and DC 12V.

Using a half load of gasoline can run the generator for less than 9 hours while 3 hours when using propane. Its tank capacity is 6.6 gallons enough for emergency backup for job sites and home uses.

The generator model has circuit breakers to prevent surge damage and also to protect your home devices even better.

Switching the fuel option is possible through a dial switch for more efficient use.

Routine maintenance can be scheduled using the hour meter for the user’s convenience. This keeps the generator unit away from possible defects. It regulates the voltage consumption for overload protection.

For storage purposes, DF1100T has a wheel and handle kit for easy transport. You can simply fold down the handles to save a lot of space during storage.

The wheels help users not to carry the unit from one place to another.

An LPG connection hose is included for a propane tank fuel choice. Other than that, a 2-year limited warranty is guaranteed to protect buyers from getting quality generator units.

Which Fuel Is Most Efficient?

Before you decide which fuel generator to buy in the market, you must identify the most efficient and convenient fuel source for the unit.

Today’s market has claimed that the diesel option can power up a generator with the highest energy efficiency.

It is also affordable and widely available in local areas, making diesel one of the most bought fuel sources for generator units.

However, it could be hard to look for tri-fuel generators that work with diesel. These units use up other energy-efficient fuel options, such as natural gas, propane, and gasoline. They differ in prices and availability that buyers might also keep in mind.

The next thing is to find out which of these three fuel choices is the most efficient. Below is a brief explanation of each option to help homeowners decide.

Which Fuel Is Most Efficient?

Natural Gas

Natural gas enters a generator unit through a flexible hose and a low-pressure generator to begin working.

It is a convenient choice among the fuel sources because refueling can be ignored. Just make sure to have an endless supply of natural gas to keep the generator unit operating.

Hire a professional to build gas lines into the generator unit to avoid harming yourself.

Another advantage of using natural gas on generators is it is safe for the engine. It is a clean-burning fuel but will not leave any residue in the engine as gasoline does.

The fuel source increases the lifespan of the generator’s engine with less maintenance required.

Therefore, natural gas is efficient as well as good for the environment for longer uses. Many people prefer using natural gas despite its efficiency due to the convenience it provides.


Gasoline is another efficient fuel source for tri-fuel generators. The disadvantage is that gasoline is not long-lasting which can be stored for future uses.

It is also not easy to obtain and a bit pricier per gallon than the other fuel sources.

Gasoline can also be smelly during the operation. The emission of gas would be dangerous to human health, as well as to the environment.

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)

This is also called propane. It is believed to be the most efficient of all the fuel sources for generator units.

Propane can be stored for longer periods and is easy to find in most hardware stores and propane suppliers. It is also less expensive but the price may vary in your area, so better check them out.

Homeowners can purchase either smaller or larger tanks depending on their needs. The buying decision will agree on how often you refuel the generator unit.

To go with a larger propane tank is highly advisable because of its extended lifespan.

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Similar to natural gas, propane is a clean-burning fuel that is best for engines. It will surely leave the unit clean that would extend its useful life in delivering a power supply.

How Much Upkeep for Portable Tri-Fuel Generators

Internal combustion systems do require regular maintenance to deliver more accurate services, such as through generators.

The maintenance process will include the fuel delivery, air filter, lubricants, and the engine’s ignition.

There are many other factors to consider on each part, such as the type of fuel, the motor’s age, and the manufacturing.

The maintenance schedule may vary according to the times of use for a generator unit. Those generators that function for intermittent use only will have a different schedule than those frequently used units.

Generators that operate only once a year are more difficult to maintain. There should be a weekly test run cycle to diagnose problems right away over the unit.

Here are the two things homeowners must monitor in conserving a generator unit:

Type of Fuel

Since fuel is subject to evaporation and can eventually emit dangerous chemicals, it is important to store it in a safer place.

Thankfully, most of the generator units are equipped with fuel injection systems that can keep liquid fuels away from evaporating.

One more thing is that liquid fuels may cause some degree of lubrication that requires proper maintenance to prevent rusting.

Gaseous fuel options are less of a problem because of their heavier components.

Unlike liquid fuels, they are not subject to evaporation due to the absence of lubrication properties. Therefore, it demands lesser maintenance costs.


All kinds of engines demand a service. The only difference is that gas-powered engines are expensive in the first place but will require the least maintenance.


It is highly recommended to do a regular test cycle to ensure all parts are working well. If there is a power failure, automatic cut-over can help to sustain the generator unit.

Most generator models also feature automatic diagnostics for a more convenient upkeep process. Generator owners must also change the oil and air filter when necessary to avoid rust.

Gas-powered generators require more upkeep and care than other fuel models. – absolutegenerators.com

Is A Tri-Fuel Generator Right For Me?

Tri fuel generators may be fit for your needs but not for everyone. They are portable and may lack some of the good features of stationary generators.

An example is the power capacity of a portable generator which can be lesser than the standby generator models. It could not accommodate all of the home devices that need power during an outage.

Moreover, tri-fuel generators also demand multiple power sources and so an added cost for homeowners. They are suitable for households who are certain in using not just gasoline to power it.

The tool can be connected to gas lines for more power options. If this is not your primary need in buying a generator, better go for a single or dual fuel generator unit to save up cost.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it all up, a generator unit is one of the most helpful tools during these digital times. We spend so much time-consuming power and when an outage occurs, everything seems useless.

A tri-fuel generator has stepped up the game with all of its unique features. It can run on multiple power sources depending on fuel readiness, unlike single fuel generators. Lastly, it is highly efficient for a wide application.

Find out the best brands and models of dual or tri-fuel generators in today’s market.

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