DuroStar vs. DuroMax Portable Inverter Generator [A Simple Guide]

The DuroMax brand is all about affordability and the power to exceed the expectations of the buyers.

When you buy a DuroMax generator, you do not expect it to perform as good because it is a lot cheaper than the Honda counterparts. However, it is amazing by just how much power you can get.

We will consider two generators from the same brand to see how they compare against each other considering their power difference is not much.

The two generators in question are the DuroStar DS4000S and the DuroMax XP4400E generators.

What to Look For

Generator Noise

Whether it is a generator that you will use at home or at a campsite, the noise level is always an important consideration.

The last thing you want to make noise that makes your neighbors uncomfortable.

Let us say you are running a loud generator at night to power your home, it is easy to see that your neighbors are likely to complain.

The generator manufacturers will always list the generator noise so that you know what you are buying.

If the noise level is below 65 dBA, then it will be a great choice for a low noise application.

Sometimes you can check out what other users are saying about generators to fully understand its noise levels. If you can get a quiet generator, then it would give you peace of mind while at the same time get the right power that you need.

The Power Output

The power output of a generator is an important consideration to determine where best to use the generator.

You will get two important figures in the description talking about the power of a generator. They include the starting watts and running watts.

The starting watts is what you get as the peak wattage that the generator delivers. The running watts is the rated wattage of the generator when it is running continuously.

Always keep in mind the running watts to ensure it can meet your power needs depending on the electrical load you want to run.

You also need to look at the THD value of the generator. If it is <3%, then the generator will be ideal for powering your sensitive electronics. This is important so that you do not end up damaging your electronics with unstable power.

Fuel Use

Under fuel use, you will be considering the fuel type and the fuel efficiency.

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Many generators in the market will run on gasoline, diesel, and propane. There are some that run on two types of fuel thus referred to as dual-fuel generators.

Most people would choose the gasoline generator for home or portable applications. If you want more brute power, then you might have to settle for diesel models.

The dual-fuel generators are still good in terms of providing you more runtime to ensure you handle more applications before refueling.

As for fuel efficiency, you want a generator that can run for longer without requiring you to refuel.

Depending on the model that you choose, look at its overall runtime. Some models will run for 7 hours while other 20 hours. This is mostly dependent on how much load is connected to the generator and its fuel tank capacity.


The portability is always an important consideration for anyone who wants the best generator too.

If you plan on using the generator in your RV or different work sites, then the portability is crucial.

The portability is often affected by the size, design, and weight of the generator. It is why you need a compact and lightweight generator for it to be regarded as portable.

Some models will come with wheels and folding handles that come in handy to move the generator to the designated location. If you intend to use the generator in demanding outdoors, then consider getting one with wheels.

Outlets and Ease of Use

The outlets are important to determine just how many devices you can connect at any given time.

The type of outlets will also determine how easy it would be to connect the generator to your house or RV.

Always look at the various outlets available. There are some that might need an adapter which is often not a big deal.

You should also consider the ease of using the generator. The last thing you need is to keep referring to the manual just to handle some of the generator features.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism varies from one generator model to another. It is why you need to get yourself the best generator having the right starting mechanism too.

The common starting mechanisms include electric start and recoil start.

The electric start is often preferred as you simply press a button and the generator starts. The recoil system is not bad either. You will get most models requiring only one or two pulls of the cord and they start running.

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There are some models that would have a key fob for starting the generator. It is a new feature that is slowly getting popular among manufacturers.

Let’s Compare

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

The DuroStar DS4000S generator stands out for being easy to use and powerful for the price. Many people often use it for light duty emergency backup applications and powering their RVs too. The aim is to provide you with enough power and an affordable price too.

Here is why you need a DuroStar DS4000S model in your life.

Run Time and Power

Just like any other generator, you always have to consider the power and respective run time you get out of the generator.

This generator is powered by a 208cc engine that delivers peak wattage of 4000W and running wattage of 3300W.

From the power rating figures, it is easy to see why someone would decide to pick this generator. This is because you will have enough power to handle several electronics and appliances at the same time.

How about its run time? The generator has a run time of 12 hours when the load capacity is 50%. With its 4-gallon fuel tank, it can go even for longer when the load is reduced.

Looking at its THD value, we find that it is <12%. This value makes the generator not to be ideal for those who may want to run sensitive electronics.

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Noise Level

The model comes with a noise level of 69 dBA, which is not too much for a generator.

Since it is a generator, we expect it to make noise, but this one is quiet on overall.

Many people find it easy to have a conversation around the generator even when it is running. As a result, it can be great for a campsite too. You should end up with enough power for your electronics while outdoors.


Looking at the outlets, we find that the model is good on overall for having several outlets for you to use.

You will get 3 AC outlets for connecting different devices to the generator.

We must point out that the generator is not RV ready. However, you can easily connect it to the RV by using L5-30P to TT-30R adapter. This ensures you get to power your RV with ease.


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The overall portability of this generator is not bad at all.

It comes with the dimensions 23 x 18 x 17.5 inches that make it a portable generator for most people. Having the open frame design also allows for ease of lifting the generator off the ground. Many people also find the design ideal for demanding outdoor use.

Having a dry weight of 94 lbs. is still another reason to get the generator. This weight allows for ease of carrying the generator to the preferred location.


One thing that can make a person choose a generator is its usability features.

This generator comes with a nicely laid out control panel. The panel is equipped with a voltmeter to help you understand the power output of the generator.

There are light indicators to help you know if the oil levels are enough or not. The last thing you want is to run the generator on low oil levels.

There is also the built-in fuel gauge. This is crucial so that you know when it is time to refuel the generator.

The low oil shutdown mechanism is important to protect the generator from damaging itself while running low on lubrication. There is also the overload circuit protection to prevent any further damage in case of an overload.

The manual of the generator is comprehensive and easy to understand. You will find it easy to start using the generator right out of the packaging.

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP4400E stands out for its features that make it a worthy investment for most people. They will find it being ideal to handle different applications whether at home as a power backup source or out there in the wild.

So, what is the generator all about? Let us find out below.

The Power Output

One thing that gets people excited about this generator should be its power.

The model generates 3500 rated wattage and 4400 starting wattage from a 208cc engine. This kind of power is enough for most people to handle their power backup applications. Even a refrigerator can easily run on this generator.

If you want to start the generator, you simply press a button and it starts running. Yes, the generator comes with an electric start.

In the event the electric start fails, you still have the recoil start mechanism. It will be easy to start it by one or two pulls of the cord.

Some might be wondering, what kind of run time is available with its 4-gallon fuel tank? Well, the manufacturer claims that the generator can run for 11 hours when the load is at 50% capacity.

Noise Level

The noise level is also a concern for some people. It is worth noting that the noise level is 69 dBA, which is not the loudest compared to other generators.

Its noise level makes it an ideal choice for overnight use. Even your neighbors will not complain much about the generator noise. The same applies to those who might want to use it at a camping site.


The generator has 3 AC outlets and 1 DC outlet.

With these many outlets, the generator is an ideal choice for those who want to power several devices at any given time.

The model is also transfer switch ready. This makes it easier to connect the generator to the house breaker box to power your electronics. It generally stands out as an easy to use generator.


This generator comes with an open frame design with dimensions 24 x 17 x 17 inches. For most people, the open frame design provides for ease of carrying it around to different places and raising it off the ground.

The design also makes it an ideal choice for rough environments or any other demanding outdoor use.

It weighs 125 lbs., which can make moving it around a bit challenging for a single person. We would recommend that you get someone to help with moving the generator.

Luckily, the generator still comes with a wheel kit and a folding handle. The wheels make it easier to move the generator around.

Ease of Use

For many people, a generator is only good if it will be easy to use also.

Looking at its control panel, we find it being easy to use and clearly labelled. You will always know what each knob or button does on the panel.

There are several light indicators that help you to understand how the generator is working. Sometimes the oil level might be low, but you have no idea. When you get the low oil level alert, then you know it is time to add more oil to the generator.


What is the difference between the DuroMax and DuroStar generators?

The major difference between these two generators is the design and portability. You will find most DuroMax generators having the wheel kit and folding handles that helps with moving the generator. The DuroStar will offer the handles for carrying. They are lightweight in most cases too.

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Can you get a quiet generator?

Many people would be wondering if there is something like a truly silent generator. Well, all generators make some noise while operating. What is important is that you know just how much noise the generator is making. Go for a generator whose noise level is below 70 dBA for it to be less irritating to you and the neighbors.

Who makes the DuroMax generator engines?

These generators are manufactured by DuroPower based in California. The result is that you end up with high quality engines that can work for decades with minimal maintenance needs. The generators are also affordable for the power they generate.

What is the warranty period of the DuroMax XP4400E generator?

The manufacturer offers a warranty of 3 years on the generator. Keep in mind that the warranty may be limited and not cover all the generator parts. Make sure to read all the warranty policies to see where the warranty applies.


Both DS4000S and the XP4400E generators above are good in terms of power output. They generate enough electricity for powering your electronics and appliances whether in the house or RV.

They are also good in terms of ease of connectivity. You will not have a hard time hooking them up to your RV or house thanks to the various outlets available.

We would recommend the XP4400E for challenging outdoor terrain because it comes with wheels and folding handles. It is easy to see that you can move the generator around with ease.

Because of the size of the DS4000S, it can come in handy to power your RV. It does not take up too much space and still generates enough power.

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