Fender Vs Bumper [With Picture Explained]

Fenders and bumpers are not easy to confuse, but what if you do not know much about them?

Well, the answer to this question is: a fender and a bumper are both key components of the car. The fender is located around the wheels and the side of the car on both sides.

As for the bumpers, they are located in both the front and back of the car for aesthetics and to protect the car from minor collisions.

This guide looks at each part to help you understand each better and how best to use them.

The Difference Between A Fender And A Bumper


What is a Car Bumper

Bumpers are the car’s body parts attached to the front and rear. Their main purpose is to absorb the impacts of minor collisions. Initially, they were built for decoration, but that has changed with time to make them more functional.

The car bumper design has improved a lot since its inception. Right now, car manufacturers focus more on the safety of pedestrians. So, in case you hit a pedestrian, you will notice that the bumper will crumble more than in older cars.

This is to help in dispersing the absorbed energy outside rather than directing it to the cabin where you are seated.

Bumpers are also made using different materials. The notable options include plastic, rubber, and aluminum. It comes down to the manufacturer or makes and model of the car.

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Most manufacturers use aluminum because it is good in terms of durability and lightweight to keep the weight of the car to a minimum.

The most common downside to bumpers is they can spoil the overall look of the car if installed incorrectly.

Keep in mind that it is the face of the car you see first as it approaches. If the bumper is wrong, then it takes away the appeal of such a car.

What is a Car Fender

A fender is the part of a car that acts as the front side panel covering the wheels. You may also come across some materials calling it the quarter panel too. It is the same thing.

The fenders for a long time have given cars the distinct look that people always want. However, newer cars now have fenders designed to be part of the body unlike how it was in the past.

The primary work of the fender is to keep the projectiles from hitting the rotating tires. It is possible that the tires can easily pick up rocks, water, and dust as they move.

With a fender in position, it helps keep all these foreign objects from flying around all the time.

You could also come across fenders on bikes too. However, they would be referred to as mudguards. These help a lot in covering the wheel so that the water and mud do not end up on the clothes of the rider.

Fenders can be made of various materials. The most common ones are metal or high-quality ABS plastic.

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One thing to note is that if the fenders are not properly set, then they can downgrade how the car looks. It is then vital to have proper fittings for the fender in case of an accident.

You may find some people making their cars have oversize fenders. As much as they make the car look cool, they may also increase resistance at high speeds affecting the overall performance of the car.

Fender vs. Bumper: What are the Differences?

From the descriptions above, you can notice there are several differences between the fender and bumper.

We note that both are essential parts of the car, but will have a few differences in terms of where they are installed and functioning.

We see that they are both good at offering protection to the car at different angles and absorbing the impact in case of a collision.

We also see that these two parts are crucial for the aesthetics of the car. That is why they should always be installed correctly.

Bumper vs. Fender Repair

What if you get into a collision? Will the repair process be the same? That is also something we have to consider when looking at bumper vs fender.

During a bumper repair, the area would be cleaned sufficiently to remove debris and dust. The dent is then treated with a heat gun to help get it back to its original shape.

Sometimes the dent does not get to its original shape fully. This is when body filler is used to ensure the bumper is correctly aligned.

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With the body filler dry, it is sanded to create a smooth surface and start the painting process. Proper painting techniques are used to ensure an even color tone and look once the repair is complete.

As for fender dent repair, things are a bit different. The dent can be removed with various methods. It all depends on the extent of the damage.

Sometimes you may have to remove the whole fender since you can no longer use it anymore and just buy another one.

Car Parts Explained🚘[+ Their Function]

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Where do you find the bumper on a car?

Bumpers are located on the front and back of the car. They are key in reducing the impact during minor collisions.

What material is used to make fenders and bumpers?

Most bumpers are mostly made of strong ABS plastic. However, older cars can have bumpers made of metal. Fenders are mostly made of aluminum.

Will bumpers improve the car’s aerodynamics?

The front bumper may improve the aerodynamics of the car. It depends on the design. If it is aerodynamic, it can improve how the car performs generally.

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