Festool Router Table vs Jessem [An Ultimate Guide]

Although using a router table may seem to be complicated at first. But eventually, you’ll realize that it is more stable and comfortable to control as compared to handheld models. Serious woodworkers know how vital this tool is in their job.

Router tables are commonly used for trimming and woodwork templates. It also helps carpenters to join grooved pieces together. Moreover, it is an essential tool for cutting and shaping moldings.

These tables are ideal for use on thin, small, and high materials that are difficult to work with using handheld routers. It also gives consistent cuts, which are essential for large volumes of woodworks.

Quick Summary

For almost a century, the Festool company has been manufacturing innovative products. With patents and rewards to boast, it gives consumers quality products for carpentry, cabinetry, construction, and the like.

The Festool router table set is distinguished from other brands by its separate dust shroud. You can easily attach it to the table for a dust-free space.

Meanwhile, the Jessem Mast-R-Lift Excell II is a complete router table system that offers quality product solutions at an affordable price.

A leader in the manufacture of router lift, Jessem takes pride in its ergonomic router table that makes sliding works effortless. It is a must-have in your workshop at home or work, since it can fit most routers that have cylindrical motors.

Let’s Compare Festool vs. Jessem Router Table

Deciding which table router to use may sometimes be too daunting. To help you choose the perfect set for you, we have laid down the distinctive features of these two popular tools.

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Festool Router Table

The Festool router table set is a portable tool that consistently provides precision cuts with no fuss. Its secure height-adjustment system enables you to work effortlessly on any elevation with much-needed control.

It also offers reliable routing results with its two-axis feather board. You can quickly pivot the tool even if you need more space to work on large materials.

Full Adjustment

The Festool table offers a safe bearing-guided bit that continuously provides support as you work. This router table is the perfect tool for a more natural and much safer pattern routing. Depending on your job requirement, it can easily be adjusted to work on small and large workpieces.


If you are looking for a portable router table that provides precision and a lot of functional features, then the Festool CMS-GE is the perfect one for you.

Consistently giving the best results, this table set is compatible with OF1010 and OF 1400 routers.

The set includes a smooth sliding table that provides accurate woodwork all the time. You can effortlessly slide along any material on the tabletop without feeling any friction; thus, resulting in clean and safe cuts.

Less Vibration

The first thing you will notice about this table is that it has little vibration even if you are working on massive materials.

This virtually vibration-free feature is due to the rubber installed under the table’s feet and the small rubber strips you find under the tabletop. The less vibration you get, the more you are able to concentrate on your work.

What We Like

  • Portable
  • Dust Extractor ensures a dust-free workspace
  • Precise adjustments for exact calibrations
  • An integrated system that gives optimum results on every workpiece
  • Three-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users pointed out that the metal bar holding the feather boards is getting in the way while working.

Final Thoughts

Even though some had issues with this table’s metal bar, the Festool 203158 CMS-GE router table set remains to be a dependable tool for most woodworkers.

Some might even say that the extra cost is worth the additional features this system has. And just like any other Festool product, you are assured of a quality product with safety and precision in mind.

Jessem Router Table

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The JessEm Mast-R-Lift Excel II is a router table that offers exceptional accuracy. You can be sure that your routing operations will not be disrupted by unwanted movements with its efficient cam lock that keeps the table steady while you work. Further, even beginners can easily set up this system with its comprehensive instruction manual.

Stable and Low-Friction Tabletop

The tabletop is made from phenolic resin that provides a low-friction surface and multi-dimensional stability. The full top measures 32×24 inches, giving you more space to work around with various materials.

The table is reinforced by the two L-sections screwed on its underside. Its tabletop has a T-track that is compatible with additions for mounting fixtures and feather boards or miter gauge.

Easy Adjustments

With its high-quality design, this product has adjustments that are very easy to work with every time. The anodized aluminum fence is easy to set into position while staying rigid and straight.

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It has large diameter bases that create a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy racking. The lift places the collet above the surface of the table, even when raised to the maximum; thus, making it convenient for users to perform bit changes.

Added Features

This router table has an easy-to-access handwheel located on the table’s right side. It drives the router carriage directly while providing superb accuracy. The ergonomically-engineered handwheel makes you feel comfortable performing every job.

Another additional feature is the dust extraction located on the table top’s underside. It provides a clean workspace for a more precise workpiece.

What We Like

  • Full 32×24-inch phenolic tabletop
  • Includes an aluminum extruded miter track and T-track
  • Extruded aluminum router table fence with adjustable fence faces
  • Robust, heavy-duty steel stand with upper and lower stretchers
  • Easy to assemble with a very understandable user guide

What We Don’t Like

  • Scratches on the phenolic tabletop are evident, which makes the appearance of the table less appealing.

Final Thoughts

Despite its shortcomings, the Jessem Mast-R-Lift Excel II is a high-quality, well-machined router table available in the market. You can say that this product is right on the money being a complete system that is very easy to assemble and use.

Festool vs. Jessem Router Table: Which is Better?

If you want a portable yet functional router table, you must go with Festool. Its durability cannot be questioned, backed by a three-year warranty. However, if you are a little tight on the budget, you might find this set a little bit on the high end of the price chart.

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But, if you are looking for an affordable product, then you must opt for the Jessem router complete table set. An ergonomically manufactured tool, with a superb crank handle, this product is worth every penny.

Then again is not as portable as the Festool model. You might find it challenging to move around this table, especially if it has already been set up. There is a need to disassemble the set if you want to change its location.


Festool takes pride in delivering innovative solutions for woodworkers through their power tools around the world. On the other hand, Jessem has been popular since its invention the router lift and has become a trusted brand in that category.

So, whatever you choose between Festool and Jessem router tables, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product relied upon by many in the woodworking industry.

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