Generac vs. Honda Portable Inverter Generator [For Newbies]

Generac and Honda are commonly in the lists of best generator manufacturing companies. This is because their generators have proven to be highly reliable. As such, you would end up with an inverter generator worth spending your money.

To help us understand more about what each brand makes, we will consider the Generac Gp2200i portable inverter generator and the Honda Eu7000iAT generator.

The two generators mentioned above stand out for their reliability and smooth power delivery. Even though the Generac generator is a lot cheaper, you will still get stable and clean power. The Honda model is not the cheapest, but it is still good in terms of power output.

Let us first check out the buying tips for a portable generator before reviewing the two models in detail below.

What to Look For

Power Output

This is probably the most important consideration you will ever have to make when choosing a generator. Take the time to check out what the manufacturer offers in terms of power output for a generator.

Keep in mind that there will be the rated power and then the starting power. The starting watts is what you get when the generator is starting. The starting power will always be higher than the rated power.

When sizing a generator, focus more on the running watts. This is the power that determines how much load you can connect to the generator.

Parallel Capability

There are chances that you might get that the generator power output is not enough to handle all your applications. In such a case, you might want to consider if the generator is parallel ready.

Parallel capability is when you can connect two generators together to increase the power. In most cases, it would be generators of the same size from the same brand. The result is that you double the power output.

It is a nice feature to consider so that you can enjoy more power when the need arises.

You might still have to get the paralleling cable from the same manufacturer. Make sure that you get the kit when making the purchase. This is because their paralleling kit would be tailored to work great with their inverter generators.


The portability of the generator is a nice consideration too. Since we are talking of a portable generator, this is going to be an important consideration.

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Under portability, you will have to consider factors such as the weight, size, and other features that make portability easier.

You should always consider a lightweight generator if you hope to end up with a portable generator. The last thing you need is to struggle lifting the generator into your RV before heading out.

For a heavy generator, at least it should have wheels for moving it around. Without the wheels, then you would have a hard time getting the generator to the desired location.

Some models would have handles for transportation. The handles allow for you or two people to help each other lifting the generator and getting it to where it is needed the most.

Noise Level

For something that is supposed to be portable, then you should consider the noise level. The last thing you need is to irritate your neighbors with a noisy generator.

Look at the noise rating of the generator before making the purchase. There are some models that will be noisy than others. Just make sure that the generator noise level is below 75 dBA to make it a relatively quiet generator.

There are manufacturers that now use improved muffler designs to help in lowering the overall noise emitted from the generator. This ensures that you end up with a silent generator that can deliver on the best performance too.

Maintenance Needs

The maintenance needs are always going to differ from one model to another. There are those that would require more maintenance than others.

If you hope to enjoy using the generators, then you need one that does not break down all the time. To make this happen, then consider getting one from top brands. The top brands take their time to come up with reliable generators so as to maintain their reputation.

Also, check out the reviews about the generator to see if it is something you would want. There is no doubt that having a top-rated generator gives you the confidence that the generator would last for longer.

Fuel Use

Most models would be running on gas, so you need to consider the fuel use too. Look at what the manufacturer claims to be the rated fuel use of the generator.

The fuel use will be listed in terms of hours the generator would run on a full tank of gas. At this point, you would want a generator that can deliver on more power over several hours.

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Over the years, manufacturers have improved their engines. As such, you can now get engines that are more fuel efficient and can handle all your power needs for long hours.

Power Stability

You should always consider the inverter technology that comes with the generator. One thing is for sure, you want a generator that can give you clean power all the time. The clean stable power means that you can operate all your sensitive electronics on the generator without much worry.

Let’s Compare

Generac 7117 Portable Inverter Generator

The outdoor enthusiasts will love this type of inverter generator as it is able to handle most of your basic electronics and appliances. Even if you are not using it outdoors, the same model can work as a home power backup. It would be able to give you the best power you need in case of a blackout.

Here are some features that should make it a great generator that people like.

Quiet Generator

This is a top consideration for anyone who does not want to have trouble with the neighbors. This is because it is designed and built to be a quiet generator to use more often.

As part of making it quiet, the manufacturer fully encloses its components. You can now have some conversations around the generator without shouting too much.

If you take it on road trips let us say a campsite, then it should not be a problem. You can have it running overnight powering some of the stuff you need without it being irritating to your sleep.

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Clean Power

Having clean power is all you need when you have sensitive electronics. The last thing you need is to fry the motherboards of such appliances. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions of connecting to the generator.

Talking of power, we find that the model can generate 2200 starting watts and 1700 running watts. With these numbers in your mind, you would know what kind of load to connect to the generator. Keep your electrical load below the value of the running watts to avoid overloading the generator.

Compact and Lightweight

You might have chosen this inverter generator because of its power, but also its size and weight make it one of the portable units in the market.

It measures 19 x 11 x 17 inches in terms of dimensions and weighs 46 lbs. This kind of weight and size makes it a compact and lightweight generator.

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Having the handle and being the lightweight will generally make it easier to carry the inverter generator. Even one person can carry the generator to get it where you want.

Performance Adjustability

This should be something else you will like about this inverter generator. It has a smart throttle that will adjust the engine speed depending on the load capacity.

If you add more load, then it would rev higher to deliver enough power for the generator to handle the load. When the load is lower, then the engine revs are lowered to save on fuel and further reduce the noise levels.

The manufacturer claims that the generator can run for 10.75 hours at 25% load capacity on a single tank of 1.2 gallons of gas. As such, it would be a great way of having overnight power for your camper.

Parallel Ready

You might have come across this feature before with other generators. It is good that Generac also made it possible with this model.

With the parallel connectivity option possible, you can now connect two similar generators to double the power. This is where you need more power than what this single generator can provide.

Low-oil Shutdown

There are some people who do not care much about the maintenance of their generators. It is why there is this feature available. It can shut down the engine when the oil level is too low. The aim is to protect the engine from any further damage.

Honda EU7000iAT1 Portable Inverter Generator

You can never go wrong with a Honda generator. This one stands out for its performance, build quality, reliability, and more. It is why more people would be willing to spend their hard-earned money to get a Honda generator.

Here is why you should consider the Honda EU7000iAT1 generator.

Smooth Power Delivery

This is a top choice for those who want smooth and clean power delivery. You can never go wrong with clean power coming from this unit. As such, you can use the generator with all your sensitive electronics.

The manufacturer rates this generator to have running watts of 5500 watts and starting watts of 7000 watts. There is no doubt it has more power output than what you get with the Generac generator above.

Even if it is expensive, you will find that its power is good enough to handle more electronics in your house or RV.

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Quiet Power

Hondas are known for being quiet generators. They would be able to give you the best power that you have always wanted while at the same time having low noise levels.

The generator produces a noise level of 52 to 58 dBA. This noise level is lower than what you make when having a normal conversation. As such, it should be a great source of power for your RV when you are camping outdoors.

Also, your neighbors will not be complaining too much when it comes to the overall noise levels. They can sleep better at night without worrying that your generator makes a lot of noise.


There is no doubt that you have seen reviews about Honda generators. They are known for being reliable. This is starting with the engine to many other parts of the generator.

Over the years, the manufacturer has improved its line of engines to make them reliable for long-term use. As a result, this is a generator you will be using for decades to come with minimal maintenance.

Overload Protection

There are times when the user would easily overload the generator. When this happens, the generator will automatically shut down. This is a safety measure to prevent the generator from destroying its inverter.


When it comes to starting this Honda generator, you get an electric start. This means that with a push of a button, the generator easily starts.

There is also the recoil starting mechanism that acts as a backup. Even the recoil system does not need too many pulls to get it running.

Fuel Efficient Generator

For a generator that runs on gas, you would want it to be fuel efficient. Thanks to the improvement in engine technology, this model can give you the best fuel efficiency than other models.

It can run up to 16 hours on its 5.1-gallon fuel tank. It is easy to see that it will give you the best power for hours to come.

The Eco-Throttle system is also a nice addition to its fuel management system. This is because you can now have a generator that changes the engine speed depending on the load connected to it.


How fuel efficient is the Generac Gp2200i portable generator?

The generator is good in terms of fuel efficiency as it can run for 10.75 hours on its 1.2-gallon tank. This is when the load is at 25% capacity. As such, you should have enough power to handle your applications for hours before refilling.

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What is the economy mode in the Generac Gp2200i portable generator?

This is when the generator reduces its engine speed to reduce fuel use and noise level. The engine will do this when the load significantly drops to a point it makes no sense running the generator at high RPMs.

Is the Honda Eu7000iAT1 generator reliable?

This Honda generator is quite reliable based on the number of positive reviews about it. Many would be comfortable using the generator knowing that it would give them the best power while at the same time help them handle more power-hungry appliances. It is also fuel efficient to keep it running for hours.

Is it easy to start the Honda EU7000iAT1 generator?

The model comes with an electric start. This type of mechanism will make it easier on overall starting the generator compared to some other models in the market. It still has the recoil system to work as a backup starting mechanism.

Can a portable inverter generator handle a refrigerator?

It depends on the rated power of the inverter generator. If it is more than what the refrigerator needs to run, then it will handle it without any problems. Also, the generator needs to deliver clean power that the refrigerator needs to run efficiently.


The Generac Gp2200i inverter generator is for someone who needs just enough power to handle basic electronics and appliances.

With its 1700 running watts, it is best not to connect heating elements to it. You will mostly be powering your TV, lights, computers, and a few more electronics.

If you have no limit to your budget and you need more power, then the Honda Eu7000iAT model is what you get. It generates up to 7000 max watts making it more powerful. It can handle even your power-hungry electronics with ease.

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