Greenworks vs Black + Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer

For most people, the Greenworks and the Black + Decker brands are all about affordability. This is because the hedge trimmers from these two brands are always affordable compared to other brands such as DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, and many more.

If you are in the market for high quality hedge trimmers, then the Greenworks 40V hedge trimmer kit and the Black + Decker LHT321FF models are some of the models you will come across.

It is always good to learn more about the different features of these two models to find the right one for you. That is what we look at in this guide.

By the end of this guide, you will have all the information to make an informed decision. Let us look at some buying considerations first before getting into the individual reviews of each hedge trimmer.

What to Consider

Source of Power

You are likely to come across the corded, cordless, and gas hedge trimmers. These are the most common types of hedge trimmers that are in the market each having its own pros and cons. It is best if you know which one would be ideal for your application.

The cordless models are often loved for their performance, versatility, and portability. They might be limited to their battery capacity, but when charged they can deliver the best performance too.

Blade Length

The blade length will determine how easy it will be to reach the different areas of the hedge to trim it better. Depending on the model, you can get some having up to 24 inches of blade length.

It often comes down to your needs. It is why some would opt for the longer blades so that they can trim the hedges faster.

Blade Protection

The hedge trimmer blades can be strong to last for a lot longer. This does not mean that you do not take good care of the blade. Sometimes people end up driving the blade into the wall and fences leading to damage.

Newer models will come with better blade protection against such use. You can always check out the different types of blade protection offered to see if it will be the right one for you.

Blade Sharpening

At some point, you might have to sharpen the blade to keep the hedge trimmer working great. How often you get to sharpen the hedge trimmer blade depends a lot on the type of material used to make the blade.

You are likely to come across terms such as laser-cut, diamond-ground, and more. Such terms mean that the blade is sharp straight out of the box. Also, you will not have to sharpen it more often.

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The Handle Type

The handle type is mostly going to affect the usability and comfort of using the hedge trimmer. We recommend that you look for the wraparound handles or those that allow for rotating.

Having a rotating rear handle ensures that you can hold the hedge trimmer at the right angle for efficient cutting.

Having more options with the handle will always make your hedge trimmer easier and efficient to use.

Let’s Compare

Greenworks 24-inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks for a long time has been known as the budget brand for many people. Even if its products are affordable, they also live up to the user needs that many might have in their minds.

The Greenworks 24-inch 40V cordless hedge trimmer has multiple positive reviews. This can intrigue a person to want to know more about the hedge trimmer. Well, that is what we will be looking at below to help you understand what it is all about.

Let us get into its features already.

Impressive Powerful Battery System

If you are going to buy the best portable hedge trimmer, then the battery performance is a crucial aspect to consider. This model comes with a 40V lithium-ion battery system.

Its battery size makes it ideal for the model to work on different projects for longer. The manufacturer claims that the battery would last up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

Such a runtime of the battery makes it one of the top models in the industry for the money. You will not have to keep recharging the battery while working on a project.

You can always get yourself two batteries so that when you are using one, the other one is recharging.

Ergonomics and Design

The ergonomics and design of the unit also help in boosting the performance of the hedge trimmer. The first ergonomic feature should be its handle position.

The handle is positioned in a way that allows you to comfortably hold the hedge trimmer just as you would want.

The rear handle can also rotate up to 180 degrees. This will provide you with ease of maneuvering of the hedge trimmer through various angles. This is to make it easier to perform the different cuts you want on a hedge.

Looking at the weight, many should find it perfect as it weighs 8.3 lbs. There is no doubt it is going to be a top choice for those who want to handle different projects for longer periods.

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The Blade

Looking at the blade, we find that the model comes with a 24-inch dual-action steel blade. The aim of this design is to help with improving the overall cutting performance. You cannot expect this to work as the single-action steel blade.

The double-blade action is perfect for reducing the vibrations coming from the unit. Overall, you can use the hedge trimmer for longer without feeling fatigue due to vibrations.

Less vibrations will also make it comfortable for those new to the hedge trimmer. This will make it easier to work on their hedges just as professionals would.

Cutting Capacity

Having the 24-inch dual-action blade also means that you will enjoy it more when it comes to its cutting capacity. This is because the longer blade will give you a better reach across the hedges.

You will not have to do so many passes to accomplish a design or handle a large hedge in your compound.

Still, the unit is rated with a 2/3-inch cutting capacity so that it can get through all your hedges and bushes faster. No one wants to be out in the sun the whole day trimming their hedges. So, this will be a great choice for fast handling of the hedges.


As for compatibility, we find that this model is good in terms of working with other Greenworks products.

The first one is the battery. The manufacturer made it compatible with battery models such as the 29462 and 29742. If you ever want to do a replacement, just know it is also possible to do so.

The same applies to the other parts of the hedge trimmer. The manufacturer made it easy to find any replacement parts you might need for the hedge trimmer.

You can always check out the official dealers of the brand to find the parts that you need to repair the hedge trimmer.

Hassle-free Starting

One thing that always stands out for battery-powered hedge trimmers should be the starting mechanism. Many people, they find it to be a hassle-free starting system. All you have to do is press a button and you are good to get going.

This type of starting is better than when you would be using a gas-powered hedge trimmer. The last thing you need is to deal with hard cold starts.

Build Quality

Looking at the various materials used in building the hedge trimmer, it is easy to conclude that it is a durable unit. It is always going to last longer even if you subject it to the tough applications such as cutting thick bushes and hedges.

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The manufacturer gives you up to 3 years of warranty. This goes on to show you that the hedge trimmer is highly durable on overall. As such, it will last for long without necessarily breaking down easily.


Many would want to know what for the money they would be getting in terms of use. Well, the unit is designed to be perfect for yards up to ½ acre. It should then be perfect for working on a large area with so much ease.

For its blade design and type, we also find it perfect for thick bushes and hedges. You can always have an easier time cutting through the different hedges faster and more efficiently.

Black + Decker LHT321FF Hedge Trimmer

The Black + Decker LHT321FF hedge trimmer stands out as a top choice in terms of power delivery, build quality, and so much more. These are all features that a person would want when looking for a hedge trimmer.

The best part is that this hedge trimmer is also affordable. This means that you do not have to spend so much to access a quality hedge trimmer.

Since it is affordable, many might be intrigued to try it out. Below are some of the additional features that make the unit even better. Let us check them out.

Impressive Jam Release

The last thing you need is to have a hard time cutting through a jam. That is not a problem with this unit as it comes with the POWERCUT feature.

This feature allows you to handle the jam and get the hedge trimmer free in seconds. You can now go on cutting the hedge to the way you want after powering through a jam.

Great Battery

You can never go wrong with the Black + Decker battery. This is because the brand has been making such batteries for decades now.

The best part is that you get a 20V lithium-ion battery. Such a battery is going to live up to your needs for performance and overall power output.

Being a 20V battery, it is able to deliver impressive power for the various trimming jobs that you might have to handle.

Being a lithium-ion battery, you will like the amount of power that it delivers at any instant. It is going to perform better than other battery types you are likely to find in other units.

Still, the battery recharges a lot faster. This means that you can get back to trimming the hedges a lot faster than when you would have to wait for so long for a battery to recharge.

Dual Action Blade

The blade is another top consideration for someone who wants the best hedge trimmer to buy right now.

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This one features a 22-inch dual-action blade. Being a dual-action blade means that it can handle even the toughest and thick hedges with ease. That is something you need when you have to handle different types of hedges.

There are times the hedges might be outgrown, so you need a powerful hedge trimmer to get the job done. Well, no need to go far when this one is available.

Another reason to love the dual-action blade should be its lower vibrations. Many people would always wish for lower vibrations when getting themselves the hedge trimmers.

With fewer vibrations from the blade, you can now handle even larger projects without necessarily finding it irritating.

Ergonomic Handle

Looking at the handle, we find it has some of the best ergonomics that allow it to stand out even better.

Its handle comes with premium soft grips. Such grips will help to improve comfort and control each time you get to use the hedge trimmer.

Even if you have to use the hedge trimmer for hours, such grips will make your job a lot easier. This is a crucial feature for those who might have to use the hedge trimmer for commercial applications.

Still, the micro-texture on the grips will make it easier for you to handle the hedge trimmer a lot better. There is no doubt you will like working on a project when using this hedge trimmer.

Cutting Capacity and Speed

When choosing a hedge trimmer, the cutting capacity is always important. You can never go wrong with this LHT321FF unit.

This is because it comes with a ¾-inch diameter to help improve its cutting capacity. For this size, you will find it easy to cut through even the thick bushes and hedges. As such, covering a large area just got easier.

To make it even better, we find that its blade is 22 inches long. For such length, it is ideal for trimming even the bigger hedges a lot faster than when you would be using other models in the market.

It is easy to see that its cutting capacity will be perfect for anyone who has a lot more to accomplish at any time.

Still, as part of the cutting performance, we find it is able to cut at a speed of 2400 strokes per minute. For this cutting speed, the unit becomes ideal for thick hedges, shrubs, and bushes.

Also, having a higher cutting speed makes it good for leaving you with clean and precise cuts. This allows you to play around with the different hedge trimming designs.

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As for the maintenance part, you will not have to do much because it is a battery-powered hedge trimmer. Unlike the gas-powered hedge trimmer, there are fewer moving parts to worry about.

Those who have used this hedge trimmer claim that they have done less to no maintenance to the trimmer over the years. All you have to do is recharge the battery and get down to trimming the hedges.

Yes, it might need minor maintenance from time to time, but it is not too much to scare you. It should be the reason you get a lot more people going for it.

The blade is made of strong material that can also maintain its sharpness for longer. This means you do not have to keep sharpening it all the time.


Does the Greenworks 40V cordless hedge trimmer vibrate a lot when in use?

No. Since it comes with a dual-action blade, the vibrations are largely minimized compared to if it would have been a single action blade.

Is it easy to maintain the Greenworks 40V cordless hedge trimmer?

Yes. It does not require a lot of maintenance since it is battery-powered. Just follow the product manual when it comes to maintenance.

What is the cutting speed of the Black + Decker LHT321FF hedge trimmer?

The Black + Decker LHT321FF hedge trimmer is rated at 2,400 strokes per minute as the cutting speed.


It does not always have to be hard to get the best hedge trimmer when you have all the information. From the reviews above, it should be easy to pick the right hedge trimmer based on what each model offers.

For those who are still not sure how to proceed, we recommend getting the Greenworks 40V cordless hedge trimmer. It comes with more power to handle the thick hedges and bushes. Still, it has a better cutting capacity to help you handle more cutting needs that users might have right now.

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