Greenworks vs. DeWalt Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Which is Best?

Hedge trimmers are essential to own if you have the hopes of maintaining a clean hedge around the compound. The same hedge trimmer can come in handy for trimming shrubs and bushes to keep them short and presentable.

When faced with the challenge of choosing the best hedge trimmer, you would be looking at models from top brands.

We will focus mostly on Greenworks and DeWalt to see what they are likely to have available in store.

The top models from these two brands are the Greenworks 20V cordless hedge trimmer and the DeWalt DCHT820P1 models. They are within the affordable range for most people to own and they can also stay reliable for longer to remain productive.

To help a newbie to hedge trimmers, we will review both models below so that you know which one would be ideal for you. It does not have to be only newbies, but even professionals need all the help to pick the correct hedge trimmer.

What to Consider

The Power

The type of job that you are likely to handle will determine the decision that you make when choosing a hedge trimmer.

Some trimmers will have more power than others have. So, always go for a powerful hedge trimmer if you need to handle the thick bushes and hedges.

No one wants to keep making several passes just to trim their hedges.

Blade Size and Action

The blade size and how it works in terms of action will also determine its suitability for your applications.

Many would prefer going for the large hedge trimmers so that they can help them cover a wider area faster.

As for blade action, you are likely to get a single or double action blade. The double action blade will always give you the best performance to ensure you do not worry about the vibrations and smoothness of the blade while working.

The Build Quality

The build quality is also important to keep in mind. Do not just get a unit without looking at the materials and workmanship that goes into making it.

If you can get a model with the best build quality, then you are sure that it would last for longer giving you the best value for your money.

Ease of Use

The ease of use will often determine if you will enjoy using the hedge trimmer or not.

Look at the various features that would make it easy to use the hedge trimmer. Such would include intuitive controls, ergonomic and wraparound handles, and much more.

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Compare with other hedge trimmers before making up your mind about which one would be ideal for your application.


The reviews about a hedge trimmer will help you learn more about it based on the experience of other people. Sometimes you do not have to buy the worst hedge trimmer when others say it is bad.

If the model that you like has more positive reviews, then you can get it knowing that it will last a lot longer. At least you would spend your money knowing it is a good product.

Let’s Compare

Greenworks 24 Inch Cordless Hdge Trimmer0

Anyone looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer should consider one from Greenworks. The Greenworks 24-inch cordless hedge trimmer stands out for its durability, ergonomic design, and much more as we will see in the guide below.

Here are some of its features that would make a person feel it is worth getting the hedge trimmer.

The Battery Size

The first thing that makes the unit worth the investment is the 40V Li-Ion battery system. This type of battery system is good for delivering more power for the unit to work optimally.

The battery system will make it good for handling more applications even those including thick bushes and hedges. There is no doubt you will enjoy its capacity since it is better than what you might get with some other battery types in the market.

The package comes with the charger too. It is a fast charger, so it means that you can have the battery fully charged within a short time. This is good so that you can get back to working a lot faster.

The battery has enough power to last you 60 minutes on a single charge. This makes the unit great overall for handling the large hedges and bushes that might need trimming.

Handle Design

Users will also like the handle design as it is all about ergonomics. The manufacturer has made the hedge trimmer have two handles. This allows you to balance the unit in your hand for better control and maneuvering over the hedges.

With the ease of maneuvering, it is easy to see just how you would end up achieving the best hedge-trimming designs.

Still, as a way of improving maneuverability, the rear handle can rotate up to 180 degrees. You can choose the best angle so that you can achieve the correct trimming angle for your application.

Blade Action

Looking at the blade action, we find it to be one of the best in the industry right now. This is because it is a dual action mechanism.

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The dual action mechanism is good for optimal cutting performance compared to when using a single action mechanism.

The same blade action leads to fewer vibrations coming from the blade. With fewer vibrations, you end up with a model that does not easily cause fatigue.

Also, newbies will feel comfortable working with such a hedge trimmer as they know that they have a less vibrating hedge trimmer.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity on the other hand is just what you need. The unit comes with a diameter cutting capacity of 2/3 inches. This is good enough for you to easily cut the different hedges and bushes quickly.

That is not all for the cutting capacity as its blade is 24 inches in length. This further improves the overall reach and cutting capacity of the hedge trimmer.

The best part about the blade is that it does not need too much sharpening all the time. The material is able to remain sharp for longer. As such, the cutting capacity is good and the maintenance needs are even lower.


If you are going to get the best hedge trimmer, then you also need to learn more about its compatibility. For this Greenworks 40V hedge trimmer, we find it to be compatible with different batteries from the same brand.

The same compatibility extends to the battery charger too.

Such compatibility can pay off when you have to replace the battery or any other part of the hedge trimmer.

Most Greenworks dealers would have the spare parts in stock so it should be hard to get the hedge trimmer back to its running state again.

Ease of Operation

When you get yourself a hedge trimmer, you hope that it would be easy to operate. Well, this one is among the easiest to use.

This model is easy to operate because it comes with intuitive controls. Such controls will even help the newbies find it easy to operate the hedge trimmer.

With the wrap-around auxiliary handle, there is increased usability and user comfort. Even if such features might go unnoticed sometimes, they improve the way you handle the hedge trimmer.

Overall Build Quality

Greenworks never fails when it comes to build quality. Many people would be comfortable with the type of build quality that this model has right now.

With its impressive build quality, we find that it is able to last longer so that you do not have to keep buying new hedge trimmers every few months.

Having a three-year warranty goes on to prove that the unit is also durable. Many manufacturers will stand behind their products with such a warranty period if they know it will last for longer.

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Always read the warranty in detail to understand where it is applicable. Nevertheless, the product lasts longer to make you feel it was worth making the investment in the first place.

The Weight

We also have to look at the weight of this unit to see if it is within the best range. For a weight of 8.3lbs, we find it being ideal for most operators.

Its weight will make the model easily portable from one site to another. This is good news for those who might want to use the unit for commercial applications. They will also not find it being too heavy even while in operation.

DeWalt DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

For someone who has more to spend, then there is the DeWalt DCHT820B hedge trimmer. This kind of trimmer has a slim design that is all about keeping the weight down and easily maneuverable.

These are just but a few benefits and features that you will get when you buy the hedge trimmer. Before you can make up your mind, below are some of the important features you might want to learn about the unit.

Powerful Motor

Coming from DeWalt, it is expected that this hedge trimmer would have the best motor for the job. Well, it does not disappoint as it stands out for its overall power being good for handling the thick hedges and bushes.

Also, the high output motor when combined with the ¾-inch cutting capacity, you get such an amazing hedge trimmer. It is able to go through various hedges faster and with ease.

The motor is also built for durability. Unlike other units you might get in the market, its motor does not easily burn out.

High Capacity Battery

Onto the battery, we find this unit having the high capacity 5Ah Lithium Ion battery. This type of battery is all about more power and longer run time.

The runtime will depend on the thickness of the hedges and bushes. If you are going to handle the tough applications then you might have to be happy with a lower runtime.

Most people would be happy with the high capacity battery that comes with this model. If you use it for residential applications, then expect better runtimes.

Those who have to use it for commercial applications, we recommend that you go for two batteries. This will mean that you always have extra battery power whenever you need it to handle a project.

Blade Design

How about the blade design? Does it live up to the user’s needs?

These are some of the questions most hedge trimmer buyers would have in their minds. Many wish to get a unit that can handle more hedge sizes because the blade design and size are good.

This DeWalt model comes with a 22-inch laser-cut hooked-tooth blade design. Such a blade action will leave you with more performance and ease of cutting through the different hedges quickly.

For its size, we find that it would be able to cover a larger area better. If you have to handle several hedges in a day, then this unit will be ideal as it can cut more area at a given time.

Compact and Lightweight

Looking at the product dimensions, we find that it is a lot smaller than what you get with other models in the same price range.

Its compactness makes it possible to carry the hedge trimmer from one place to another. Also, the hedge trimmer will not take up a lot of space in the storage room.

For those that might decide to own one, they should find it easy to get a place for storing the hedge trimmer.

As for the weight, this unit weighs 7.5 lbs. This kind of weight is not much, thus it will leave you feeling all good about using it all the time. It is easy to notice that it is lighter than the Greenworks model above.

High Compatibility

Looking at the compatibility, we find that this hedge trimmer is part of the 20V MAX system of tools. This means that there are various parts that can easily be interchanged when it is time to replace them.

In this case, we mean the battery. If you find yourself in need of replacing the battery, then simply get any that is a 20V MAX battery.

Cutting Speed

Looking at the cutting speed, we notice that it is also among the best in the market. This is because the model can run at 2800 strokes per minute. Such a speed is good on overall to ensure the best performance in terms of cutting capability.

More speed is always good for anyone who needs to end up with clean and precise cuts. That can be a nice thing to have especially if you want to have clean edges on the hedges after trimming.

Having more speed also means that you can handle more projects faster. It is why most people would go for it knowing they can handle various projects a lot faster.

Easy to Start

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Being battery-powered should make it easy to start generally. You would not have to worry so much about the cold starts anymore with such a power source.

For those who might have had issues with their gas-powered hedge trimmers now is the time to make the switch.

You can have peace of mind that the trimmer will always start in any condition. Provided the battery has charged, then that should not be a problem at all.

DeWalt Build Quality

DeWalt as a brand is known for building high-quality products. As a result, when you buy this hedge trimmer, you should end up with one of the best power tools for the money.

The best part is that there are many positive reviews showing that the hedge trimmer can handle even the toughest applications. As a result, you now have a model with the best build quality for durability and performance.


What is the weight of the DeWalt DCHT820P1 model?

It is a lightweight model as it weighs 7.5 lbs. It should be appealing to those looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer.

Is it easy to maintain the Greenworks 20V cordless hedge trimmer?

Yes. Being battery-powered, the model does not need a lot of maintenance. You simply have to follow the manufacturer’s guide on maintenance tips.

How long does the DeWalt DCHT820P1 battery last?

The battery runtime depends a lot on what you are trimming. Being a 5-Ah battery, it should easily outlast most of the trimming jobs that you might have to handle.


Looking at the two models mentioned above, it should now be easy to find one that works for you depending on your needs.

If you are on a budget, then go for the Greenworks 20V hedge trimmer. It might be a budget buy but it will still work great.

Well, the DeWalt DCHT820P1 model easily stands out to be the best value for money. It will give you the best durability, performance, battery, and so much more. It is the reason many would go for it right now.

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