Hilti VS Bosch VS Makita Rotary Hammer Drill [Full Comparison]

Most likely you’re in this article because you’re currently looking for the best brand of rotary hammer drill for your needs.

Good for you because we’ve just found out three of the most prominent brands of hammer drills out there.

Now in this article, we’ll be reviewing HILTI vs. Bosch vs. Makita. These three possess impressive features that no other brands of rotary hammer drills can provide.

If you want to know which one will suit your project needs, then read on!

HILTI vs. Bosch vs. Makita Rotary Hammer Drill Review

1. Hilti 03497788 Rotary Hammer Drill Performance Package, 120-volt

For the most part, HILTI is a premium brand in the industry of power tools. The Liechtenstein-based brand has been established since 1941.

The prominent company manufactures various kinds of products for the construction and mining fields.

Their power tools are usually considered the gold standard all thanks to their exceptional performance within a lightweight package. The HILTI 03497788 Rotary Hammer Drill performance package is no exception.

Now, the very first thing that you’ll leap out of the page when seeking HILTI products is the price range.

There’s just no way around it because the company is a premium brand that charges a little bit higher rates for its impressive features. Their focus is to serve pros by providing them reliable and high-quality tools.

To mention that the HILTI 03497788 is the best rotary hammer drill out there is no exaggeration at all. The specifications point to amazing features and numbers.

Its line is also unrivaled with its predecessors slaying the competition in head-to-head competitions. The main takeaway here is to go for HILTI if you’ve got the money. Surely, you won’t be disappointed.

What Didn’t You Like About This Hammer Drill?

Perhaps the biggest problem with this unit is its high cost. You’d have to pay more than double the price of the regular hammer drill just for owning a HILTI model. The fact that the brand is still here despite its famous pricing for its products says a lot.

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Consumers are seeing the value in their products and are willing to spend a fortune for them. It may cost a little bit more than what the other companies deliver but the increase in productivity and the ease of use can justify the cost. On the other hand, 2nd hand tools are also available for lower prices.

The brand’s products are backed up by a lengthy twenty-year limited warranty that must take care of any workmanship problems and design flaws.

This alone would most likely make the price a little bit more reasonable. Nevertheless, the coverage of wear and tear tends to only last for 2 years.

This implies that problems encountered from the 3rd year and beyond will have to be resolved out of your wallet. Furthermore, the cost of repair will vary per issue with most being just under a hundred bucks.

While their products are usually reliable, there are models that may need frequent repairs and these will cost a notable total.

  • Backed by an excellent wear and tear warranty
  • Covered by excellent warranty offer for the entire unit
  • Excellent power output
  • 3 feet per pound of single impact energy
  • Comes with a reverse switch


  • Very pricey

2. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme – 8 Amp 1 in. Corded Variable Speed Sds-Plus Concrete/Masonry Rotary Hammer Drill

This rotary hammer from Bosch certainly packs a punch much like a lot of the prominent boys on the block.

Crafted sturdy and tough, Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme drills allow you to take a bite out of those big chores and finish sooner.

Bosch’s user-friendly SDS-Plus systems let you change bits conveniently and effortlessly, while its multi-function selector allows you to switch between rotation-only, hammer only, or rotary hammer modes just as conveniently.

Just like a serious Bosch power tool, the 11255VSR comes with exceptional build quality. It boasts a very ergonomic handle which is a D-grip one that lets greater control.

In addition to that, its standard adjustable side handle lets you rotate around the device. Its trigger supports a 2-finger pull, while its special selector button lets fast switching between the model’s operations modes.

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Furthermore, the model’s 7.5 AMP motor, generating 5,800 BPM and 1,300 RPM, gives optimal performance and power.

This hammer drill from Bosch is capable of tackling every task you throw at it including simple anchoring or breaking huge pieces of thick materials.

In terms of speed, this unit is variable and lets more accurate and precise drilling. Other features worth mentioning from this unit are its SDS-plus bit system, the Vario-lock positioning feature, and the integral clutch.

How About the Power?

The 7.5 AMP motor inside the unit comes with an impact energy of 2.2 feet per pound and can achieve the optimal speed of 1,300 rotations per minute.

This makes the tool highly efficient in terms of operations like hammer drilling, chiseling, and drilling and can be utilized by pro contractors.

The unit’s variable speed trigger was very also very responsive. On the other hand, is SDS-plus bit technology, let’s fast change the chisel’s orientation.

The model’s integral clutch is also there to reduce the torque reaction and save the gears from unnecessary harm.

All in all, we think that this unit from Bosch is a great purchase for contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Remember that it’s not engineered to be able to smash out a patio or a concrete driveway, for smaller tasks, it is a perfect tool to have around.

For drilling, we’d absolutely recommend this to anyone, though it’s a little slow compared to its bigger competitors, it will surely save your arms at the end of the day. At its price range, you certainly cannot go wrong.

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  • Perfect for both home use and heavy construction
  • Well-built and easy to operate
  • Variable speed reversing trigger makes for real precise bit starting
  • Its integral clutch is a real wrist saver
  • The design of the handle makes for easy downward and overhead drilling


  • If the brushes need to be replaced you need to actually open up the drill case
  • Not really the fastest drill on the market but still drills at a decent speed
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3. Makita HR2475 1-Inch D-Handle SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

This rotary hammer drill from Makita boasts a pretty much powerful 7.0 AMP motor that makes quick work of concrete by reaching the optimal speed of 1,100 revolutions per minute.

It can be utilized in 3 separate modes of operation namely; hammering with rotation, hammering, and rotation, on which they are controlled through the easy-to-operate variable speed trigger.

At only 6.2 lbs. the Makita HR2475 is a lightweight unit, which makes operating it really convenient. The comfort is also further improved by the addition of 2 ergonomic handles, with the frontal one being 360 degrees rotatable and giving the user full control over the operation.

The model also comes with an integrated torque limiter, so there’s no getting anxious about dangerous disadvantages. All of these make the model perfect for anchor setters, sign hangers, installers, electricians, plumbers, masons, and many other professions.

Design Factor

With its weight at only 6.2 lbs. the Makita HRD2475 is certainly among the world’s lightest rotary hammers out there.

Of course, this makes the unit more user-friendly, particularly in terms of those long drilling sessions that are bound to induce painful hand fatigue and cramps.

Similar to many other rotary hammer drills out there in the market, this one also boasts dual handles. The back one is rubberized and gives a great fit, while its frontal one can be rotated around the unit, giving extra control over the device.

The variable speed trigger is huge and very easy to use, which is normal when talking about Makita power tools. Talking about its design, we must also mention that HR2475 doesn’t vibrate as much as its rival companies.


  • User-friendly and very lightweight
  • Incorporated with extended life brushes
  • Integrated with Makita Motor Advantage Technology
  • Powerful amp motor
  • Comes with ergonomic D-shaped handle with a rubberized soft grip for improved control and comfort


  • Quite light, making it only suitable for light tasks and projects
  • Slower in its reverse mode
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What Are the Differences between HILTI vs. Bosch vs. Makita Rotary Hammer Drill?

For all we know, HILTI products are meant to be utilized by seasoned pros. They have high expectations in terms of equipment and the brand never fails to provide.

Projects that would take a while for consumer-grade devices can be completed within minutes with this rotary hammer drill.

This lets the professionals stick to strict schedules and keep their clients happy. With that said, even do-it-yourself enthusiasts can use this product for their renovation projects.

It is also light enough to be carried around without inconvenience. Its operation is relatively easy all thanks to its intuitive controls and the vibration reduction delays the tool’s onset fatigue.

On the other hand, the Bosch hammer drill boasts the same color amalgamation similar to other Bosch power tools out there and comes with an ergonomic design.

Along with its standard D-grip handle on the back, it also comes with a removable front handle.

Similar to many other rotary hammer drills, its handle can be rotated around the unit and then locked in place, giving users exceptional control over the whole operation.

Its trigger is also large enough and can be covered by two of the users’ fingers.

The Bosch 11255VSR also comes with a depth stop. It follows the conventional approach of restricting the unit’s optimal drilling depth – once its tip touches the working surface, its bit will reach the desired depth.

The depth stop is made out of a metal material and looks very durable, and that’s another plus for the Bosch 11255VSR. In addition to that, it is also important to mention that this hammer drill has a very good weight.

It won’t put a strain on the user’s arms and is a perfect option in terms of working on vertical surfaces.

And lastly, similar to many other Makita engines out there, Makita HR 2475’s 7.0 AMP motor inside this rotary hammer has been designed with the Makita Motor Advantage Technology.

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This includes stuff like field core interlocking steel laminations, dual-ball bearing armature, and copper commutator bars.

It makes its motor very durable and highly efficient, which implies that you will not have any problems with even the hardest materials out there.

Additional performance features include the torque-limiting clutch which disengages the model’s gears when the bit binds and the sequential impact timing which reduces the overlapping of the bit impacts.

Furthermore, the drill works with the SDS-PLUS bits and can be utilized in 3 separate modes, which makes it very versatile.


All in all, we think that all of the brands of rotary hammer drills we featured in this review offer excellent value for the money since they are all packed with advantageous features and gives a solid performance, particularly in terms of masonry projects.

We were actually very impressed with the power and design that they deliver. In addition to that, their extra features including the sequential impact timing and the torque-limiting clutch are also very beneficial.

To sum it up, HILTI, Bosch, and Makita rotary hammer drills we featured here are all exceptional choices for pros and do-it-yourself enthusiasts out there since these brands deliver their users’ excellent efficiency and power to get done every project in a very timely manner.

They are all highly recommended, though, on a side note, HILTI is just highly suggested if you have the money.

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